Ryota Kawamura is a new character introduced in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Personality Edit

He's a little careless, but otherwise a sociable person.

Background Edit

He is a new member of the Majima Family, he serves as Majima's personal aide throughout the story, entrusted with driving and taking care of Majima's personal belongings.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Edit

Kawamura was introduced as a member of Majima's own yakuza family, entrusted with small-time tasks. His significance in Majima's saga rises when Majima paid a visit to The Florist's office in order to gain information about Uematsu's death in exchange for Majima taking care of Purgatory. With the deal done, The Florist showed him a CCTV footage from near the Uematsu Family office and found that Kawamura entered the office and ran away shortly before Majima paid a visit to Uematsu's family office. Upon knowing that, Majima intended to return to his office at the Kamurocho Hills construction site only to be tipped that Kawamura had skipped town and bound for Sotenbori.

In Sotenbori, Majima headed to Cabaret Grand to dig for more information. A local hostess told him that Kawamura was debt-ridden with the local yakuza, and that an old acquaintance told him that he was addicted to mahjong.

Another lead from a local massage clinic said that Kawamura was once a regular at said clinic, but a therapist said that she hasn't seen him for a year and that he may have cleared his debts.

After the visit, Majima confronted Kawamura at the Grand, where it was revealed that it was Kawamura who murdered Uematsu and now headed straight for his patriarch, only to fail and got murdered by someone else.


Trivia Edit

  • In Majima Saga, one of the hostesses at Cabaret Grand was once his old friend.
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