Ryu ga Gotoku 0 ~ 80's Hits! Collection ~ (龍が如く0 誓いの場所 ~80's Hits! Collection~) is a Japan-exclusive CD album published by Ariola Japan and released on March 4, 2015 as a tie-in for Yakuza 0. It includes various Japanese Pop and Rock hits from the '80s. The first edition contains two bonus covers of ANGEL and Runner performed by the voice actors of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima respectively, while later editions have them omitted.

Tracks Edit

There are 10 tracks in the standard edition, with 2 bonus tracks in the first edition (marked *). Note: English artist names are taken from Discogs.

Track # Song title Artist
01 SOMEBODY'S NIGHT 矢沢永吉 (Eikichi Yazawa)
02 ANGEL 氷室京介 (Kyosuke Himuro)
03 DIAMONDS プリンセス プリンセス (Princess Princess)
05 2億4千万の瞳 -エキゾチック・ジャパン- 郷ひろみ (Hiromi Go)
06 フレンズ Rebecca
07 目を閉じておいでよ Barbee Boys
08 Runner 爆風スランプ (Bafuku-Slump)
09 Return to Myself 〜しない、しない、ナツ。 浜田麻里 (Mari Hamada)
10 恋人も濡れる街角 中村雅俊 (Toshinobu Kubota)
11* ANGEL 氷室京介 (Kyosuke Himuro) feat. Takaya Kuroda (as Kiryu)
12* Runner 爆風スランプ (Bafuku-Slump) feat. Hidenari Ugaki (as Majima)

Trivia Edit

  • The album includes a code that was able to be used in the Japanese release of Yakuza 0. When used, an in-game Walkman item is unlocked, which lets the player replace in-game background music with songs from the 80's Hits! Collection.
    • As of March 31, 2016, all codes from the album are no longer valid.
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