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This article is about the Okinawa-based yakuza organization led by Shigeru Nakahara. For the Kamurocho-based yakuza organization led by Yosuke Tendo, see Ryudo Family (Yakuza: Like a Dragon).

The Ryudo Family (琉道一家 Ryūdō-ikka) is a small Okinawan yakuza family headed by Nakahara, featured in Yakuza 3. They started off as a minor enemy to Kiryu, but later become his ally for the rest of the game. The Ryudo Family are rivals with the Tamashiro Family.


The Ryudo Family at first attempts to evict the Morning Glory Orphanage, to which Kiryu attempts to negotiate with them with no avail. However, after Nakahara's adoptive daughter, Saki, goes missing, the lieutenant Rikiya asks for Kiryu's help which he instantly agrees to. Although Nakahara suspects that he is doing this to stop the eviction, he is surprised that Kiryu selflessly does this on his own will instead of expecting rewards.

After Kiryu takes back Saki from the Tamashiro Family and allowing her to reunite with her adoptive father, Nakahara swears an oath of brotherhood with Kiryu while Rikiya and Mikio come to respect him. From here and out, the Ryudo Family becomes Kiryu's trustworthy ally and even helps the orphanage they attempted to evict in the first place. Rikiya also accompanies Kiryu on his errand at Kamurocho after Nakahara gets shot and sent to the hospital. The Ryudo Family also defends the orphanage from Mine and the surviving members of the Tamashiro family. After Nakahara is captured, Kiryu wastes no time to go to save him, and Rikiya sacrifices his life in order to save Kiryu from Tetsuo Tamashiro.


Shigeru Nakahara[]


Shigeru Nakahara is the Patriarch of the Ryudo Family. He threatens Kiryu with a sudden eviction notice to give up the land the Orphanage is on. When Kiryu decides to discuss the issue, he turns out to be quite a reasonable and decent guy and is only looking out for Okinawa's economy. But it's when his foster daughter Saki is taken from him that the two get on good terms, and swears an oath of brotherhood to Kiryu when he rescues her.

Rikiya Shimabukuro[]


Rikiya was the lieutenant of the Ryudo Family. His tattoo is a viper, representing his love and passion for Okinawa. He fought Kiryu earlier in the game, but got defeated. He later reappears to asks Kiryu's help to find Saki. After Kiryu saves her, he comes to respect Kiryu and helps him at the orphanage and in Kamurocho. Rikiya also protects the orphanage from Mine and ultimately dies when he sacrifices himself to save Kiryu.

Mikio Aragaki[]


Mikio is the second Lieutenant of Ryudo Family and Rikiya's best friend. He is sometimes seen accompany Rikiya in many occasions and doing some errands together. Mikio also helps the Orphanage with Rikiya and is injured when he protects it from Mine.


  • The Ryudo Family's van has yellow-on-black licence plates. This denotes a Kei car that is also registered as a commercial vehicle.