Ryusuke Kido is a character in Judgment. He is a researcher at the Advanced Drug Development Center.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Kido has black hair thinning on the top of his head and thick sideburns. He wears a standard lab coat over white dress shirt and tie, black dress pants, and a pair of dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Kido appears to enjoy his fame among the scientific community, and misuses his power to act inappropriately towards women.

Background Edit

Alongside Shono, Kido worked on the AD-9 drug.


In Chapter 12, Kido sexually harasses Saori Shirosaki as part of a Honey Trap set up against him. She asks him to come to Kamurocho for a date that night after obtaining evidence of his harassment. Yagami, Kaito, Sugiura, and Higashi try to kidnap him in the Yoshida Batting Center, but a group of undercover homeless people working for the Ministry of Health come in and fight them. Kido himself is a (very minor) boss in the ensuing battle.


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