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Ryuzo Tamiya (田宮 隆造, Tamiya Ryūzō) is a character in Yakuza 3. He is a member of the ruling Citizens' Liberal Party[1] and the Minister of Defence.



Due to his age, he has a number of wrinkles and his hair appears to be greying.


He wears a navy suit over purplish blue shirt and a striped tie, with matching pair of dress pants. His suit has the Japanese National Diet lapel pin.


While not a particularly idealistic politician, Tamiya is a smart and cunning one, being able to orchestrate a complex scheme to fish out Black Monday. He also appears to be patriotic, even if the way he expresses his patriotism displeases his constituents.


Tamiya used to work as a police officer in the Foreign Affairs Division of the National Police Agency's Security Bureau alongside Joji Kazama[2] before becoming a politician. Due to his brother Shintaro's status as a yakuza, Joji is forced to resign from the police, and he moves to America to become a CIA agent. Meanwhile, Tamiya resigned from the NPA to become a politician with the Citizens' Liberal Party. By the beginning of 2009, he is the Minister of Defence, one of the top positions in Japan's cabinet. There is even speculation that he might become prime-minister.


Yakuza 3: 2009[]

Tamiya launches a plan to expand an airbase in Okinawa for the purpose of testing a new Ballistic Missile Defence system. Minister Suzuki opposes this plan, submitting a resort proposal instead. The B.M.D. project is actually fake, and is part of an anti-criminal plot in conjunction with the CIA against a group of illegal arms dealers named Black Monday. Tamiya explains all this to Kazuma Kiryu and Makoto Date in his office at the National Diet Building. He then says that in return for the information, he wishes for a favour. His former secretary Shoyo Toma is on the CIA's hit-list due to his knowledge about the military base scheme being fake. Tamiya urges Kiryu to stop CIA Agent Joji Kazama from taking Toma out.




  1. Known as the Democratic Party of Japan in Yakuza 3. The name was retranslated in the localization of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.
  2. Known as Joji Fuma in the original PlayStation 3 version of Yakuza 3