SORA is a hostess in Yakuza 6.

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This foreign beauty is from Taiwan, but she moved to Japan and fell in love with their culture, specifically manga, anime and games. She even loves to cosplay whenever she can. She is definitely a unique hostess to talk with.

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Sora was born in Taiwan and moved to Japan more than ten years prior to the events of Yakuza 6. Her mother is Taiwanese, but her father is Half-Japanese, It was her father who taught her Japanese.

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Yakuza 6: 2016 Edit

Sora is the fifth hostess at club shine and is a very cheerful woman. She wishes to spend a lot of time with Kiryu.

When Kiryu gets Gold Rank with Sora, he can take her on dates to Karaoke and Darts by calling her using his phone.

Once reaching Diamond Rank, head to Theater Square and talk to her, from there she will ask you a few questions, one of those regarding marriage.

After this is done, you share a cutscene with her in where she kisses Kiryu on the lips and tells him that he should finish what he's currently doing and then see her again once things have calmed down.

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  • She is a fan of anime.
  • Her father taught her Japanese.
  • Her favourite song is Fork in the Road.
  • She wants to buy a sewing machine to sew her own cosplay clothes.
  • She also loves anime and Taiwanese songs.
  • She once accidently brushed her teeth with a face cleaner.
  • She loves ramen and glass noodles.

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