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SSR Daigo Dojima (Patriarch) (SSR 堂島 大吾(親父), SSR Dōjima Daigo (Oyaji)) is a character card in Ryu ga Gotoku Online based on Daigo Dojima.

It is a Defense-type Body card.

Profile Edit

Stats Edit

3,600 (Lv. 1) 21,366 (Lv. 100)
632 (Lv. 1) 3,859 (Lv. 100)
776 (Lv. 1) 4,630 (Lv. 100)
202 (Lv. 1) 274 (Lv. 100)
Values at Lv. 100 are calculated after all Breakthroughs and Awakenings have been unlocked.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill Edit

Leader Skill
Let's Go Together
(俺と共に行こうOre to Tomoni Ikou)
Increases the defense of all allies by 20%.

Donpachi Skill Edit

Donpachi Skill
Patience Formation
(忍耐の陣Nintai no Jin)

Battle Skill Edit

Battle Skill
Patriarch's Trust
(親父の信頼Oyaji no Shinrai)
Gives the 3 allies with the lowest remaining HP an additional HP bar that negates an amount of damage.
Level Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5
Additional HP 8,000 11,000 14,000 17,000 20,000
Cooldown 20s

Heat Action Edit

Heat Action
The Extreme of Encouragement
(鼓舞の極みKobu no Kiwami)

Passive Edit

Passive Ability
Unbound Will
(不縛の意志Fu Baku no Ishi)
Passive Ability
Technique of Bonds - Body
(技巧の絆・体Gikō no Kizuna・Tai)
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