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SSR Jo Sawashiro Character Intro
...Heh, things have taken a pretty strange turn. Ah well.
C'est la vie, right?
— Sawashiro's character introduction

SSR Jo Sawashiro (SSR 沢城 丈, SSR Sawashiro Jō) is a character card in Ryu ga Gotoku Online based on Jo Sawashiro.

It is an Attack-type Technique card.

Profile Edit


Captain of the Arakawa Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary. Considered one of the Omi's Four Heavenly Kings.

He possesses overwhelming strength and influence and has demonstrated quick wits as Masumi Arakawa's right-hand man. Having betrayed his old clan and risen to the top of the yakuza world, no one knows what this man truly wants.
— Sawashiro's Profile

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