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SSR Jo Sawashiro Character Intro
...Heh, things have taken a pretty strange turn. Ah well.
C'est la vie, right?
— Sawashiro's character introduction

SSR Jo Sawashiro (Final Battle) (SSR 沢城 丈 (決戦), Sawashiro Jō (Kessen)) is a character card in Ryu ga Gotoku Online based on Jo Sawashiro.

It is an Attack-type Heart card.

Profile Edit


Captain of the Arakawa Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary. Considered one of the Omi's Four Heavenly Kings.

Faced with an opponent worthy of unleashing his full might against, his body is overflowing with fighting spirit.
You or me—let's find out who deserves to pass through the Dragon Gate, shall we?
— Sawashiro's Profile

Stats Edit

3024 (Lv. 1) 18,279 (Lv. 100)
840 (Lv. 1) 4,973 (Lv. 100)
640 (Lv. 1) 3,902 (Lv. 100)
196 (Lv. 1) 268 (Lv. 100)
Values at Lv. 100 are calculated after all Breakthroughs and Awakenings have been unlocked.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill Edit

Leader Skill
Show Me Your Best
(本気を見せてくれHonki wo Misetekure)
Increases the attack power of all allies by 10%.

Donpachi Skill Edit

Battle Skill Edit

Heat Action Edit

Passive Edit

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