Saeko Mukoda (向田 紗栄子, Mukōda Saeko) is a character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

She is the mama of a hostess bar, and joins Ichiban's party in Chapter 5.



In her first encounter, she wears a funeral attire consisting of a black blazer over black blouse, a black skirt, a pair of black leather heels, and a pearl necklace. Her normal attire consists of a white blazer with black inserts over black blouse with matching white short skirt and a pair of black leather heels.


Saeko is a shrewd businesswoman, shown by Nonomiya trusting her to run her own bar with her own personnel. As a party member, she is sassy, likes to toy with her fellow party members, and can occasionally be blunt, going as far as scolding Ichiban, Adachi, and Han at one point. However she does care dearly for her party members, and despite her clear distaste for Nonomiya, she cried when Kume mocked his death during one of his Bleach Japan rallies.


Saeko spent much of her adult life away from her family after her mother passed away, as her relationship with her father and twin sister Nanoha Mukoda was tumultuous. She worked as a hostess in a bar owned by Nonomiya, eventually working her way to be mama of the place.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2000-2019

Ichiban's first encounter with Saeko happened just outside Ijincho's funeral home after Nonomiya's funeral, allegedly dying from hanging himself. Saeko overheard the team talking about him, who they thought to be diligent and delicate. She told them otherwise before she introduced herself and revealed that she's Nanoha's twin sister. Before the introduction, the team mistook her for Nanoha, and were surprised to see her lighting a cigarette and telling them how they "don't know her."

Saeko told the team that she discovered that her father was admitted to a yakuza-run nursing home from Nonomiya, which made her think that Nonomiya couldn't have committed suicide, but the cops treated his death as suicide. Just before his death Saeko was talking to him on the phone, and heard as people suddenly came into Otohime Land while repeating the name "Lao Ma", before she lost contact with him.

The team then made their way to a Chinese members-only hostess club, where Saeko offered herself to work at the club to help the team; she managed to get hired at the club as a VIP hostess, enabling the team to gain access and talk to Zheng. However, while in the VIP room, she gets harassed by Zheng (with him trying to lick her armpit) and runs out from the room, which prompts a fight between him and Ichiban's party.

Later on, Saeko and the team managed to find employment at a Liumang-owned business, the Yokohama Trading Company, where Saeko became employed as an accountant. Saeko discovered that the commodities are sold at break-even point, which makes her suspicious about the company's account book.


  • In the English version of the game, Saeko's sister, Nanoha, is voiced by Cherami Leigh. This may be a deliberate reference to Persona 5, as Leigh and Elizabeth Maxwell also portrayed sisters in that title (Makoto and Sae Niijima respectively).
  • Some of her movesets are based on Boxercise, a real-life high-intensity training regimen based on boxing.


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