Saeko Mukouda (向田 紗栄子, Mukōda Saeko) is a character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. She is a member of Ichiban Kasuga's battle team.

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Saeko was born as a twin. Despite having a relative, Saeko spent much of her life away from her family, especially after her mother passed away. She was later discovered by Nonomiya, who gave her a place to live and work as a hostess.

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Ichiban's first encounter with Saeko happened just outside a cabaret club, where the club's manager was found hanging on a noose. Saeko overheard the team talking about Nonomiya, the club's manager, who they thought to be diligent and delicate. She told them otherwise before she introduced herself.

Saeko told the team that she discovered that her father was hospitalized at a yakuza-run hospital from Nonomiya, which made her think that Nonomiya couldn't have committed suicide, but the cops treated his death as suicide. She also mentioned the name "Laoma", which Adachi figured is a nickname for a certain member of the Chinese triad.

The team then made their way to a members-only hostess club, where Saeko offered herself to work at the club to help the team; she managed to get hired at the club as a VIP hostess, enabling the team to gain access and talk to Tei.

Later on, Saeko and the team managed to find employment at a Chinese triad-owned business, where Saeko's employed as an accountant. Saeko discovered that the commodities are sold at break-even point, which makes her suspicious about the company's account book.



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