The Saio Triad (祭汪会) is a Chinese mafia organization prominently featured in Yakuza 6 . During the events of the game, it is led by Big Lo, who has led the organization since 1986.

History Edit

Saio Triad's track record in Japan dates back before World War II; its then-chairman, who was Big Lo's father, had a close relationship with Takeru Kurusu. However, the bond between both parties froze after the war, but negotiations picked up during the early days of Big Lo's chairmanship 30 years before. The Triad's business back then was smuggling heihaizi (undocumented children who were born outside China's one-child policy) to Japan, specifically Onomichi.

During the events of Yakuza 6, the Triads are on the hunt for the yakuza and anyone who has a connection to them.

Notable figures Edit

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