Saki Kudo (工藤沙紀) is a character in Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō. Saki is a medical assistant at Dragon Heat's underground clinic, working under Amamiya Taizan. After meeting Tatsuya Ukyo, she becomes his trainer and ringside coach.

Personality Edit

Saki has an earnest and low-key attitude. Having grown up with few friends her own age, she enjoys spending time with Tatsuya, dutifully tending to his post-fight injuries and inviting him on frequent shopping errands despite his initial coldness towards her. Her true excitement shows while spectating his Dragon Heat matches, where she cheers and shouts advice from the sidelines. However, she is unflinchingly honest in lecturing Tatsuya or doubting his chances against certain opponents.

She treats Amamiya Taizan as both a mentor and father figure, since she rarely saw her biological father. Despite her good looks, she had a reputation in Kamurocho for leaving men beaten and bruised if they dared to harass her.

Background Edit

Saki is an accomplished aikido fighter with a broad knowledge of martial arts, having won a national tournament in junior high school. After entering high school, however, she failed to win even the prefectural tournament, which shattered her confidence. She questioned her skills and whether she had reached the limits of her potential, eventually dropping out of high school and giving up martial arts.

After meeting Amamiya Taizan, she secretly followed him and discovered Dragon Heat, but was discovered by Kuki Family yakuza. To protect her, Taizan lied that she was actually his assistant, and she subsequently began working at his clinic in Dragon Heat.

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