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Saori Shirosaki (城崎 さおり, Shirosaki Saori) is a supporting character in Judgment and Lost Judgment. She is a defense attorney working at the Genda Law Office.



Saori wears a light grey cardigan over buttoned white scoop-neck shirt, a black knee-length skirt, and a pair of flats. She wears a pair of transparent-frame glasses that are mostly obscured by her long bangs.

She can also be seen wearing at least two different outfits: a standard suit consisting of a black blazer and skirt paired with a white blouse during Kazuya Ayabe's trial, as well as a peach blazer and high-waisted skirt during her time undercover as a journalist.


Saori is a quiet but sharp-witted person. Her demeanor is professional, though she will often throw deadpan quips into conversations. She describes herself as "not very talkative", which may be why she seems to get directly to the point, often coming off as blunt. Despite her outward shyness, she thrives on compliments and flattery, and appears to think quite highly of herself.


A shy and awkward girl in her youth, Saori was bullied by her classmates growing up. Her best friend, Mafuyu was always there to protect her before anything went wrong, however, and she grew to respect and admire her, at first following in her footsteps to become a prosecutor, but ultimately decided that her personality was better suited to protecting rather than prosecuting.

Mafuyu and Saori drifted apart after their childhood, though the two reconnected later in life when they attended the same law school. She worked alongside Takayuki Yagami, Masamichi Shintani, and Ryuzo Genda, and was later joined by Issei Hoshino at the Genda Law Office.


Judgment: 2018-2019[]

Saori primarily serves to provide Yagami with investigation jobs on behalf of Genda Law Office, though she also plays an important role in his investigation of The Mole, working as a hostess at Queen Rouge in order to gather information on Toru Hashiki. While there, she befriends the hostess, Mika, and learns that Hashiki had been her client on the night of his death. She brings Mika back to Bar Tender to speak to Yagami.

Yagami enlists her help again after learning that Dr. Ryusuke Kido, has a certain penchant for perversion, and she disguises herself as a journalist to have an interview with him at the ADDC, the plan being to catch him sexually harassing Saori on video in order to use it as blackmail. He falls for their trap and is lured to Kamurocho, where Yagami, Kaito, Sugiura and Higashi are waiting to capture and interrogate him regarding the AD-9 conspiracy.


  • Saori has a fondness for sweets and desserts, and is easily swayed by bribes involving food.
  • Aside from Haruka Sawamura, Saori is the only other playable female character in the series and the only female playable character any spin-off.
  • Saori was the one to set Mafuyu Fujii up with Takayuki Yagami where she actively encourages their relationship. She tells Yagami that she believed him to be better for Mafuyu than Kunihiko Morita that this led to her introducing the two.
  • Saori's first-person scene in Chapter 7 was modified from the original Japanese version by localization director Scott Strichart in an attempt to "educate men" on the realities of catcalling.[1]