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Saori Shirosaki (城崎 さおり, Shirosaki Saori) is a supporting character in Judgment and Lost Judgment. She is a defense attorney working at the Genda Law Office.



Saori wears a light grey cardigan over buttoned white scoop-neck shirt, a black knee-length skirt, and a pair of flats. She wears a pair of transparent-frame glasses that are mostly obscured by her long bangs.

She can also be seen wearing at least two different outfits: a standard suit consisting of a black blazer and skirt paired with a white blouse while performing her duties as a defense attorney, as well as a peach blazer and high-waisted skirt during her time undercover as a journalist.


Saori is a quiet but sharp-witted person. Her demeanor is professional, though she will often throw deadpan quips into conversations. She describes herself as "not very talkative", which may be why she seems to get directly to the point, often coming off as blunt. Despite her outward shyness, she thrives on compliments and flattery, and appears to think quite highly of herself. Saori has a fondness for sweets and desserts, and is easily swayed by bribes involving food.


A shy and awkward girl in her youth, Saori was bullied by her classmates growing up. Her best friend Mafuyu Fujii was always there to protect her before anything went wrong, however, and she grew to respect and admire her, at first following in her footsteps to become a prosecutor, but ultimately decided that her personality was better suited to protecting rather than prosecuting.

Mafuyu and Saori drifted apart after their childhood, though the two reconnected later in life when they attended the same law school. She worked alongside Takayuki Yagami, Masamichi Shintani, and Ryuzo Genda, and was later joined by Issei Hoshino at the Genda Law Office. Saori was the one to set Mafuyu up with Yagami because she believed him to be better for Mafuyu than Kunihiko Morita, which led to her introducing the two.


Judgment: 2018-2019[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Judgment follow. (Skip)

Saori primarily serves to provide Yagami with investigation jobs on behalf of Genda Law Office, though she also plays an important role in his investigation of The Mole, working as a hostess at Queen Rouge in order to gather information on Toru Hashiki. While there, she befriends the hostess, Mika, and learns that Hashiki had been her client on the night of his death. She brings Mika back to Bar Tender to speak to Yagami.

Yagami enlists her help again after learning that Ryusuke Kido has a perverted side, and she disguises herself as a journalist to have an interview with him at the ADDC, the plan being to catch him sexually harassing Saori on video in order to use it as blackmail. He falls for their trap and is lured to Kamurocho, where Yagami, Kaito, Sugiura and Higashi are waiting to capture and interrogate him regarding the AD-9 conspiracy.


Lost Judgment: 2021-2022[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

Saori and Hoshino are the defendants for Akihiro Ehara during his sexual battery trial. They instruct him to behave but he acts nonchalant and reveals the murder of Hiro Mikoshiba, a fact which should not have been known to him, causing chaos in the courtroom. Sensing a link between the sexual battery and murder cases, she contacts Yagami to investigate into the case and notes a two week limit to file an appeal.

After some investigating and visiting Ehara at the detention center, she feels he is guilty of murder, but wants to find more proof. With Yagami's suggestion that there may be more to the groping case they missed, she and Yagami visit the victim, Yui Mamiya. Mamiya's statements lead them to believe a video of Ehara murdering Mikoshiba that was uploaded recently is fake, but they discover that Mamiya, Sawa, and spies sent after Yagami are all linked to Kurokawa Academy, where a bullying-related suicide attempt took place. The bully was Shinya Kawai and the victim was Mitsuru Kusumoto.

While Yagami investigates Sawa, Saori meets Mari to investigate Kawai, who was being searched for by RK. She dresses up and the two are able to get some information from RK thugs, but a slip-up from Saori causes them to suspect her. Before they can cause any harm, Higashi arrives to save them, stunned to see Saori in her getup. Saori calls Yagami to tell him what she learned, but he does not pick up the phone, which Higashi notes is strange. She calls Kaito, who in turn calls Tsukumo, who is able to locate Yagami and stage a rescue, after which she fills him in.

Mamiya later confirms the theories of the groping being staged. Saori later calls Yagami to visit Ehara at the detention center to convince him to file for an appeal, where Ehara reveals Jin Kuwana approached several parents with an offer to avenge their bullied children. Though Ehara agrees to the appeal, they are still lacking sufficient evidence to convict him for murder. She calls Yagami, to inform him of her suspicion that Kuwana may have approached Reiko Kusumoto with the same offer, meaning Kawai would potentially be leverage against her if she accepted.

To get close to Daimu Akutsu, Saori once again dresses up and works at Queen Rouge, receiving a wireless earpiece to communicate with the others when needed. Yagami sends Hoshino and Genda to support her sales performance, much to her chagrin. Her sales are high enough to where Akutsu calls her over, but he is aware of her true motives. She calls over Yagami, Higashi, and Kaito to beat up the RK thugs, and they are led to believe RK's leader Kazuki Soma is an undercover agent for Public Security before Akutsu is shot. She requests Mafuyu station police officers outside Genda Law Office in case any RK members target the lawyers there.

At another meeting with Ehara, he confirms he is intending to humiliate the law by using a sexual battery charge as an alibi. She requests Yagami work alongside her as defense in Ehara's retrial. When the appeal trial commences in 2022, Saori and Yagami are able to overturn Ehara's verdict and have him confess to Mikoshiba's murder. Back at the office, the lawyers discuss the resulting high-profile arrests.


The Kaito Files: 2022[]

Per Kaito's request, Saori collaborates with Hoshino to gain incriminating evidence against the Bato Detective Agency. She hires Bato detective Shiro Senda to investigate Hoshino, then dresses up and goes to a love hotel with him to make Hoshino look like he is cheating on her.


  • Saori is one of the few playable female characters across the series, directly controllable by the player in both Judgment and its sequel, Lost Judgment.
  • Saori's first-person scene in Chapter 7 was modified from the original Japanese script by localization director Scott Strichart in an attempt to "educate men" on the realities of catcalling.[2]



Lost Judgment[]


  1. The given height of 160 cm (5′ 3″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within Lost Judgment's data.[1] For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±2 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.


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