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Shangri-La is a soapland located in Kamurocho. It is commonly referred to as a "spa" to avoid direct reference to its actual existence as a brothel.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami[]

Akemi, Shinji Tanaka's girlfriend, works at the soapland. After Shinji's death, Kazuma Kiryu paid her a visit to ask some questions. While he's present, however, the building is swarmed with yakuza goons, and when Kiryu tries to escape, Goro Majima crashes a dump truck through the front doors.

The damage Majima inflicts to the building cascades as he and Kiryu fight amidst the rubble.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

In an effort to look for Daigo Dojima, Kiryu and Kaoru Sayama make their way there. By this point, the establishment is abandoned and homeless people have started to take it over.

Yakuza 6[]

Shangri-La never recovered from the damage inflicted by Majima's reckless assault, and over the following years fell into total disrepair. Big Lo uses the derelict building as a hideout.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

Ichiban Kasuga was born in the establishment. Jiro Kasuga, the then-owner of Shangri-La, raised him there with the help of the soapland's prostitutes. By 2019, the building is still in derelict condition, as Adachi recounted the story of "a lunatic who crashed a dump truck years ago."

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