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The Shibusawa Family (渋澤組, Shibusawa-gumi) is a subsidiary of the Dojima Family and second-tier Tojo Clan yakuza group that appears in Yakuza 0



The Shibusawa Family is the Dojima Family subsidiary operated by Lieutenant Keiji Shibusawa. According to his fellow lieutenant, Hiroki Awano, the Shibusawa Family are in charge of the "paperwork" of the Dojima Family's operations; dealing in financial crime, investment scams and insurance fraud.

Despite the largely white collar focus of the Shibusawa Family's work, their men are still highly trained in combat and carry firearms and weapons while on the job.

Yakuza 0[]

In 1988, the Shibusawa Family becomes the dominant faction within the Dojima Family after Hiroki Awano and his Taihei Association fail to capture Kazuma Kiryu and Tetsu Tachibana, prompting those two to seek help from the Tojo headquarters. After Chairman Takashi Nihara reproaches Patriarch Sohei Dojima and forbids him from harming Kiryu, an angered Dojima puts Shibusawa in charge of procuring the Empty Lot for him and disposing of Kiryu and Tachibana. This is due to Shibusawa having covertly managed to do what neither Awano nor Daisaku Kuze had been successful in doing: He'd tracked down the Empty Lot's owner, Makoto Makimura.

While Kiryu and Jun Oda are driving Makimura from Osaka to Tokyo to meet with Tachibana and sign over the Empty Lot to him, Shibusawa and his men attack them while on the highway, forcing them to hide in a deserted construction site after briefly losing them. However, Oda had secretly made a deal with Shibusawa to turn over Kiryu and Makimura in exchange for his life and Tachibana's being spared. Kiryu and Makimura manage to injure a gun-wielding Oda and flee from him, but end up having to also fight their way past several of Shibusawa's men, whom Oda had called to their location.

Later on, Shibusawa's men manage to kidnap Tachibana from his hideout in Little Asia with the help of Sohei Dojima's assassin for hire, Lao Gui. Tachibana is handed over to the Kenno Clan so he can be tortured into revealing Makimura's location, but he dies form his injuries before giving her up, since she is his younger sister.

Shibusawa eventually manages to get his hands on Makimura, since she turns herself over to him, in exchange for her friend and protector, Goro Majima being spared. Regardless of Shibusawa's promise, he sends a squad of assassins led by one of his lieutenants, Yoshihara, to kill Majima. Unfortunately for Shibusawa, Majima manages to beat Yoshihara and his goons and gets Makimura's location out of him. However, Majima is too late to save Makimura from being shot by Lao Gui on Patriarch Dojima's orders. Regardless, Makimura is saved by the arrival of Masaru Sera and the Nikkyo Consortium, who take Makimura to an underground clinic in their base in Shibuara Wharf and save her life.

After Shibusawa is made the new captain of the Dojima Family, he decides to consolidate his position by eliminating his rivals, the Kazama Family and the Nikkyo Consortium. While the Kenno Clan are given the task of taking out Kazama's men, Shibusawa personally leads his family in an attack on the Nikkyo's Shibaura base, with the intent of killing President Sera and Makimura. However, his attack is thwarted by the intervention of Kiryu, Akira Nishikiyama, Osamu Kashiwagi and several Kazama Family men. Shibusawa and Kiryu have a one-on-one battle on the deck of the Nikkyo's yacht, which Kiryu ultimately wins.

After Shibusawa is arrested and the the Dojima Family loses control of the land for the Kamurocho revitalization project, the Shibusawa Family is disbanded and their members are absorbed into the Kazama Family and the main Dojima Family.

Notable Members[]