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Shusuke Kenmochi (剣持 秋介, Kenmochi Shūsuke) is the secondary antagonist of the Lost Judgment DLC, The Kaito Files. He is the frontman of the organized crime syndicate Crimson Lotus.



Kenmochi has a well toned and muscular build, strong enough to rip a lamp post secured by concrete from the ground. His lower body having more mass, specifically in his thighs in contrast to his upper body. He has a large flame-like tattoo extending from his right elbow to the entirety of his right upper torso, back and neck.

He has a half shaven hairstyle with similar pattern to his tattoo imprinted on his right side. The other half of his hair being lightly bleached blonde with the rest remaining dark brown. He has stubble facial hair that covers his lower face.


He wears a low cut red t-shirt showing off his upper chest and a gold chain necklace, white sweatpants with red stripes on the sides, bright orange sneakers, and a big black fur coat. He also wears dark gray underwear with a red waistband that has the text "CRAZY POWER" repeated along the waistband,

On his business card he is seen wearing a grey suit and blue tie.


Prior to the incident with the Natsume family, Kenmochi was a typical fraternity university student: aggressive, brash, loud-mouthed and had a passionate love for partying. His natural tough-guy appearance made him popular with his peers and led him to become the frontman for Rhizome, the event planning group formed by him and many of his classmates. When the group eventually became little more than a gang, thanks to the influence and finances of Kyoya Sadamoto, Kenmochi quickly adapted to becoming a petty thug, gleefully enjoying getting into fights to further his crew's interests.

After the murder of the Natsume family, Kenmochi became so overcome with grief that he became an alcoholic. Despite his constant intoxication to cope with his guilt, Kenmochi still saw vivid hallucinations of Maho Natsume and her parents almost every day, which frequently led to him having emotional breakdowns and crying fits when in private.

As the leader of Crimson Lotus, Kenmochi is quite proud of his gang and considers all of its members to be his friends, whom he frequently invites to hang out on their free time and treats to meals and gifts.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for The Kaito Files follow. (Skip)

When Kenmochi was in college he started up an event club called Rhizome who he made with nine other members. Unfortunately due to its unpopularity it was set to fail, until Kyoya Sadamoto appeared and appointed himself as their advisor and helped bring them to success. He later created the syndicate Crimson Lotus as an expansion from Rhizome.

He established a real estate brokerage after college and was very successful, even knowledgeable about the value of many properties including the Natsumes' property. Kenmochi had also participated in underground fighting rings.

In an effort to gain the wealthy Natsumes' property for a deal, Sadamoto ordered Kenmochi to burn down their residence, telling him the Natsumes were on vacation. In reality, Sadamoto had lied and the Natsumes had died in Kenmochi's fire, and the guilt haunted him when he found out, likely leading to his alcoholism.



The Kaito Files: 2022[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for The Kaito Files follow. (Skip)

Kenmochi first appears at Shirakaba's clinic, alcohol in hand and drunkenly stumbling upon Nishio and the Crimson Lotus members who went ahead to find Mikiko Sadamoto and were subsequently beaten by Kaito. Seeing his men defeated by Kaito's hands he drinks the remainder of his booze and challenges Kaito to fight, proceeding to rip a lamp post out of the ground with his bare hands as he prepares to fight Kaito.

Kaito manages to defeat Kenmochi and prepares himself when Kenmochi drinks another full bottle of booze, but instead of another fight he begins to vomit, disgusting Kaito. Nishio and the members, showing their concern for Kenmochi's wellbeing, decide to retreat and take the incapacitated Kenmochi with them.

With Kenmochi being Mikiko's next target, he arranges for a woman to appear to be his escort in order to have Mikiko tail him. Kenmochi ends up having Kaito and Jun tail him as well once he leaves his brokerage. Upon arriving at the love hotel as planned, Kenmochi has his colleagues take Mikiko and her disguised accomplice. He knocks Mikiko out and takes her to his room, where he strips down to his underwear and arranges the scene to make it look like he took advantage of her while she was unconscious, but in reality does not violate her.

Kenmochi begins to provoke Kaito into fighting him once the detective barges into his room. He mocks Kaito's failure to protect Mikiko to rile him up, and Kaito's display of anger arouses Kenmochi. After Kenmochi is again defeated, he weakly tries to drink a bottle of wine but falls to the ground and begins vomiting. In his vulnerable state, he begins to cry and lament that he 'never meant to kill anyone' while seeing phantoms of the Natsumes, leading Kaito to realize Kenmochi was their unknowing killer. He begs Kaito to keep hurting him to make him forget about the pain, with Kaito obliging by kicking him in the face, knocking him out.

Kenmochi later reaches the rooftop of Hotel Grande Blu Marino after capturing Jun and handing him over to Sadamoto, Kaito revealing to him it was Sadamoto who had been killing the founding members of Crimson Lotus and framing Mikiko as the murderer, as well as the fact that Sadamoto purposefully lied about the Natsumes being away the night of the fire. Sadamoto coldly confirms and adds that he had gifted the Natsumes high-quality Bordeaux wine to celebrate Maho's birthday, which was laced with sedatives, meaning the family 'went painlessly'.

Before Kenmochi can properly react, he vomits blood as a result of having drank poisoned wine in the banquet at the hotel. He collapses, with the other guests falling shortly after, as Sadamoto ensured they all drank his poisoned wine. After Kaito defeats Sadamoto, although pale and on the verge of death, Kenmochi is able to stand up and strangle a defenseless Sadamoto to death after Kaito defeated him in combat, expressing remorse for the Natsumes all the while. Once he snaps Sadamoto's neck, Kenmochi succumbs to the poison while sitting atop Sadamoto's corpse.


Fighting Style[]

Kenmochi's fighting style is slow but powerful, and he frequently stops to chug from his bottle in the middle of fights. During his drinking period, he can be hit by attacks, but will not flinch, as he has super armor. As a result of drinking, however, he may also stop in the middle of battle to vomit, allowing Kaito to hit him.

In his first fight, he is armed with the lamp post that he ripped straight out of the ground, handling it like a club as he carries it over his shoulder. He attacks with wide swings, including a jumping overhead swing, winding up and doing two wide swings around him, and a heavy thrust into an upwards swing that causes the fear status on hit. Furthermore, if he is attacked, when not in an animation, he has a chance to roll forward and hit Kaito with his lamp while doing so, stunning Kaito in the process.

In his second fight, Kenmochi is unarmed, although he still uses the stance from his first fight, as if he is carrying something over his shoulder. His attacks here are also slow but powerful, but not as extreme as his first fight. Here, he will use attacks such as a jumping double hammer fist, a spinning jumping back kick, a heavily telegraphed running knee, a slow but strong jumping uppercut, and two three-hit combos involving a right hook, a left hook, and then a right roundhouse kick, and a left gut punch, a right haymaker and a left roundhouse kick. On occasion, Kenmochi will begin swinging wildly, flailing his arms around before collapsing onto the ground, looking up with a panicked look on his face, before pulling himself back together, most likely a result of his hallucinations. His Mortal Attack is a tackle followed up by him biting Kaito's arm.

His heat aura is bright red, likely a nod to him being the leader of the Crimson Lotus.


The Kaito Files[]