Souta Kume (久米 颯太, Kume Souta) is the leader of Bleach Japan's Yokohama branch. He is one of the supporting antagonists of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He is enthusiastic about the philosophy of the organization and is willing to take radical measures for his goal.




Yakuza: Like a Dragon Edit

Despite being only a branch manager of Bleach Japan, Kume has a blind faith of the organization and does not think about Ryo Aoki's true intentions or the underlying facts about the organization. At the end of the game, after realizing the fact about Aoki's true identity, he arrived in Shinjuku and went to the Shinjuku station's coin lockers, and stabbed Aoki before leaving, realizing that he has been used by Aoki all along to reach his own goals. His whereabouts after the stabbing is left unknown.



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