Stardust is a Party chat found in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.


Character Text
Joon-gi Han Eyes.png Long time no see, Stardust.
Kasugaeyes.png Hm? You know this place?
Joon-gi Han Eyes.png Yeah, it's a host club I used to run.
Kasugaeyes.png You owned a host club?
Joon-gi Han Eyes.png Well, I should say the real Joon-gi Han did.
Joon-gi Han Eyes.png But I did entertain our clients as his body double from time to time.
Kasugaeyes.png He must've been popular with the ladies.
Joon-gi Han Eyes.png Being popular was just part of the job.
Kasugaeyes.png Haha. Funny how you don't deny it.

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