Summer Memories is a karaoke song appearing in Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls. It is sung by the hostesses Saya Unten, Shizuka Muto, Rina Sakurai, Hiyori and Yuria Hayashida.

Romaji LyricsEdit

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Official English LyricsEdit

As the summer fades away
I look back and I see
you smiling right at me
the way you used to do

Over the years
some things change
Some stay exactly the same

But finally I understand
What's really important to me

Ten years from now
or even a hundred more
These moments with you won't leave my heart
Summer memories

Into the future
through the dark, baby
Whenever crying turns to tears
don't give up the fight
Let the waves wash them away

Lift your head up
get up and go, lady
If you don't face your fears
then you won't be free to fly
Open your wings and soar with me

Come on
whoa yeah
Right now
whoa yeah
Let's go
whoa yeah
You and me


Sound FilesEdit

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