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The Survive Bar is a karaoke and snack bar located in Isezaki Ijincho.


Osamu Kashiwagi opened the bar some time after recovering from his wounds received via helicopter attack in 2009. He named the bar "Survive" after surviving that encounter and gaining a newfound appreciation for life. He prefers to run the bar as a hobby than a business.

Feeling a bottle of high-end liquor would look good in his bar, he took an empty bottle of fabled whiskey known as Legend Malt and filled it with cheap liquor. On the rare occasion that someone requests it, Kashiwagi tells them a false story of a lost love the bottle was meant for, which dissuades the would-be customer from buying it and learning it is fake.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

Iroha Yanagi works here and Koichi Adachi is one of the customer's few regulars. He introduces Ichiban Kasuga and Yu Nanba to the place and they use it as their primary gathering location. Eventually the later companions Saeko Mukoda, Eri Kamataki, Joon-gi Han, and Tianyou Zhao join in.

When Kasuga runs against Sota Kume in the elections, the bar's exterior is defaced by the latter's supporters.

Lost Judgment[]

As of 2021, Cold Noodles have been added to the menu after a customer witnessed the bartender eating some.


Image Name Price (¥) Description
Martini 700 The undisputed king of cocktails. Uniquely dry, and an unmistakably distinct flavor.
Red Snapper 700 The fusion of gin, tomato juice, and its secret ingredient-hot sauce-gives this cocktail charm and depth.
Margarita 700 A tequila-based cocktail with salt on the rim of the glass. Sour, refreshing, and easy to drink.
Daiquiri 700 A fresh-tasting cocktail with the scent and sour notes of lime juice spreading throughout
Cold Noodles 980 Chilled noodles the owner made for himself. After a customer witness him eating it, it was added to the menu.


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