Susumu Gondawara is one of many minor characters in Yakuza 2 and its remake, Kiwami 2.


Gondawara is encountered in the substory Be My Baby. His thugs block off Pink street after he rents out the By My Baby building for his own use. They are taught a harsh lesson by Kazuma Kiryu, and are rebuked by Gondawara for attempting to pick a fight with the legendary Dragon of Dojima, before offering Kiryu a "mind blowing special service" as compensation.

Kiryu is shocked to find that the service involves putting on a diaper, acting like a baby and being doted on by women roleplaying mothers, with Gondawara among the adult babies there. Kiryu politely refuses and goes to leave, but Gondawara takes offense, and he and his men attack Kiryu.

After the battle, Kiryu admonishes Gondawara, telling him that not everybody shares the same kink as Gondawara does.

Gondawara can later be found on the streets of Kamurochoa nd recruited for Clan Creator.

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Underground ColiseumEdit

After completing his substory, Gondawara can appear as an opponent in the Purgatory coliseum. He once more wears a diaper and his fighting style revolves around acting like a baby.


A yakuza who got really hooked on infant play. Shows no mercy to anyone who fails to recognize him as a baby.

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