Takumi Midorikawa is a minor antagonist featured in Yakuza 4.

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In 2010, Yasuko Saejima has, on orders from Isao Katsuragi, started covertly murdering members of the Shibata Family who knew the truth about the Yoshiharu Ueno hit of 1985 . The Shibata patriarch, Kazuo Shibata, becomes desperate to capture the woman who's been killing her men. After Yasuko is seen going into Sky Finance to seek a loan from its owner, Shun Akiyama, Shibata orders one of his lieutenants, Hatsushiba, to get a hold of the company's debtor ledger, in the hopes that it would have information that could lead them to Yasuko.

Hatsushiba sends Midorikawa to steal the ledger from Sky Finance and, in the process of doing so, he also kidnaps another Shibata man, Takeshi Kido, since he is Akiyama's friend and could have information on Yasuko. When Akiyama finds out about this, he tracks down Hatsushiba and Midorikawa to their offices underneath Millenium Tower and, with the help of the local homeless living in the surrounding subway tunnels, he fights his way past Hatsushiba's goons. When Akiyama reaches the main office, Midorikawa attempts to coerce Yasuko's location out of him and, when Akiyama refuses, Midorikawa attacks him with a chainsaw. Ultimately, Akiyama defeats the Shibata sergeant and recovers the ledger and Kido from a cowering Hatsushiba.

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