'Takumi Someya' (染谷巧 Someya Takumi ) is the quartenary antagonist somewhat anti-villian in Yakuza 6. He is the Tojo Clan patriarch of the Someya Family and an associate of the Yomei Alliance.

Appearance Edit

He wears a white pinstriped suit over light purplish blue shirt, blue tie, matching white suit pants and a pair of black dress shoes. He doesn't have a tattoo on his back. Someya claims that tattoos aren't that important for modern-day yakuza.

Personality Edit

In the past, Someya appears to be a selfless person to a point where he's willing to free Kiyomi from her previous debt. Later on, he appears to be somewhat blinded by his own ambition to rise within the ranks of the yakuza.

He holds a degree of respect towards Kiryu.

Background Edit

Before the events of the game, Someya met Kiyomi Kasahara in Tokyo. At that time, Kiyomi worked as a hostess, and was indebted after one of her customers forced her to take loans. Someya, who was also one of Kiyomi's customers, freed her from the debt. Some time later, Someya and Kiyomi got married and had a daughter. However, their marriage was damaged by Someya's yakuza background.

Yakuza 6Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Someya is a proficient swordsman, and his signature weapon is a katana. But even unarmed, Someya is still a good fighter. He punches and kicks frequently, and even tackles opponents to the ground.

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