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Takumi Someya (染谷 巧, Someya Takumi) is a major character in Yakuza 6. He is the patriarch of the Someya Family, a subsidiary of the Tojo Clan. He acts as the right-hand man to the clan's Acting Chairman during the events of the game, Katsumi Sugai.



He has black, slicked back hair and an extremely muscular build. His face is clean shaven.


He wears a white three-piece pinstriped suit over light blue silk dress shirt, purple patterned tie, matching white suit pants and a pair of black dress shoes. He doesn't have a tattoo on his back. Someya claims that tattoos aren't that important for modern-day yakuza.


In the past, Someya appears to be a selfless person to a point where he's willing to free Kiyomi from her previous debt.

Later on, he appears to be somewhat blinded by his own ambition to rise within the ranks of the yakuza. He is also very business like with an emphasis on wealth, power, and status. This is evidenced by his refusal to get a back piece tattoo as he considers it a relic of the past. He holds a degree of respect towards Kiryu.


Before the events of the game, Someya met Kiyomi Kasahara in Tokyo. At that time, Kiyomi worked as a hostess, and was indebted after one of her customers forced her to take loans. Someya, who was also one of Kiyomi's customers, freed her from the debt. Some time later, Someya and Kiyomi got married and had a daughter named Hiromi. However, their marriage was damaged by Someya's yakuza background. Someya was physically abusive to Kiyomi, but he ended up taking primary custody of Hiromi while Kiyomi moved to Onomichi, Hiroshima.

In the lead-up to the events of Yakuza 6, Katsumi Sugai, who is ultimately a puppet for the Yomei Alliance's Heizo Iwami, becomes the Acting Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Someya acts as a right-hand man to Sugai.

Yakuza 6[]

Due to Sugai and Someya's partnership with the Yomei Alliance which Kazuma Kiryu is in conflict with most of, Kiryu constantly finds himself in conflict with Someya. The two fight twice; first in a large mansion during a meeting between the Tojo and the Yomei, and later in Shangri-La when the two of them are pursuing Big Lo. The top brass of the Tojo and Yomei have Someya become oath brothers with Kanji Koshimizu, but this is stalled due to Kiryu refusing to act as a witness to the ceremony. Someya also develops a rivalry with Tsuyoshi Nagumo due to the latter's past relationship with Kasahara, and is devastated when he learns that Someya has a daughter with her. It is revealed that Kiyomi has been unable to see her daughter due to Someya's safety measures.

Someya's final fight with Kiryu is in the top floor of the Millennium Tower. Sugai, Koshimizu and Iwami all appear via video conference, and order Someya to kill Kiryu, but he prevails over the Someya Family patriarch once again. Afterwards, they reveal that they are holding Kiyomi at gunpoint, having promised Someya she would be returned had he been able to defeat Kiryu. Sugai commands that Kiryu kill Someya, else Koshimizu will execute Kiyomi. Kiryu is unable to go through with it, so Someya stabs himself in the stomach to try to have them spare her. Someya's final words to his ex-wife are that he never raised a hand towards Hiromi and always treated her like a princess. Despite Someya's sacrifice, Koshimizu shoots her anyway, causing Someya to be devastated in his final moments before he dies.

It is later revealed that Koshimizu actually spared Kiyomi, and had loaded the gun with blanks behind Iwami and Sugai's backs, and the Hirose Family men speculated that it may be thanks to Someya's sacrifice, meaning that Someya's sacrifice ultimately saved her. Hiromi was later raised by her.

Fighting Style[]

Someya is a proficient swordsman, and his signature weapon is a katana. But even unarmed, Someya is still a good fighter. He punches and kicks frequently, and even tackles opponents to the ground.



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