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その時、会長の代理として青山が下した決断は、誰もが想像すらしない「新たな絵図」だった…… Secretary and chairman immediate boss set Aoyama Headquarters Board of Dongcheng

Dongcheng is meeting current chief, person, who is also the secretary of Daigo Dojima is chairman.

Organizational management and strict creed was thorough Shinshohitsubatsu, wield the shrewdness should be a monolith Dongcheng meetings, the most important figures of the current regime.

To promote direct one after another, on the other hand, a pair that caused the scandal such as to excommunicate mercilessly even veteran, a pair that has issued the result pledge allegiance even newcomer, there is surface lacks duty and obligations , there are many who do criticism.

For in the body of the mobsters that easily moved to duty and sentiment, instill discipline, and Aoyama working arm of Daigo.
December 2012. It landed in Fukuoka and accompanied the gang system Dongcheng many meetings for negotiations sake cup, lose sight of the road multiplied by the Board Dongcheng disappearance of Daigo.

At that time, nobody should even imagine Aoyama decision ruled on behalf of the president, was "a new pictorial" ...