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The Tamashiro Family (玉城組, Tamashiro-gumi) is a powerful yakuza group based in Okinawa which is prominently featured in Yakuza 3. They are a distant branch of the Tojo Clan.



The Tamashiro Family was led by its patriarch, Tetsuo Tamashiro, and it operated primarily in the Hatsumachi district of Downtown Ryukyu. This pitted them against the smaller Ryudo Family, who control the southern part of the district, around Ryukyu Boulevard.

The Tamashiro Family also owns and operates a bullfighting ring on the outskirts of Ryukyu.

Yakuza 3[]

In 2008, the Japanese government's ruling party intended to pass a bill which would expand a US military base in Okinawa and would reserve land for the construction of a tourist resort. Before they could do this, however, they needed to acquire the land needed for both projects. Towards this aim, they secretly commissioned the Tojo Clan to persuade or force the local land owners to agree to the sale of the land without legal challenges. In turn, the Tojo higher-ups tasked the Tamashiro Family with persuading local land owners to sell the land to the government by any means necessary.

Eventually, Patriarch Tamashiro realized that some of the needed land was owned by Patriarch Shigeru Nakahara of the Ryudo Family. To ensure Nakahara would sell the land, Tamashiro seduced the birth mother of Nakahara's adoptive daughter, Saki, and then used her to lure Saki into a trap, where she was kidnapped by Tamashiro and his goons with the intent of ransoming her back to her adoptive father in exchange for the sale of the land.

Unfortunately for Tamashiro, Kazuma Kiryu was alerted of Saki's disappearance by Ryudo Lieutenant Rikiya Shimabukuro, and he set out to find her, eventually tracking the girl to the Tamashiro Family office. Kiryu then burst into the Tamashiro Family offices, fought his way through all of the family's men to reach the Patriarch's office and then defeated Patriarch Tamashiro in a fight; rescuing Saki.

Soon after, Tojo Chairman Daigo Dojima was alerted to the fact that Kiryu's orphanage was being threatened by the land acquisition, so he withdrew Tojo support form the deal and instructed the Tamashiro Family to stay away from Kiryu and the Ryudo.

The next year, in 2009, the Tamashiro Family partnered with Yoshitaka Mine and his Hakuho Clan to make a renewed attempt to acquire the land for the government deal. Acting with Mine's support, the Tamashiro kidnapped Nakahara, critically injured his lieutenant Mikio Aragaki and demolished Kiryu's orphanage with a bulldozer. After being told about the attack by Rikiya, Kiryu travelled to a bullfighting ring owned by the Tamashiro,

There he found Nakahara in the ring; surrounded by angry bulls, and Patriarch Tamashiro looking on nearby. Patriarch Tamashiro revealed to Kiryu that Mine had hired them to keep Kiryu away from Tokyo for as long as possible while he finished tracking down the comatose Daigo Dojima. A brawl would then ensue between the Tamashiro Family and Kiryu, Rikiya and Nakahara. Ultimately, Nakahara would fight off the bulls and get out of the ring safely and Kiryu would beat Tamashiro and his men. Nonetheless, Patriarch Tamashiro would end up fatally shooting Rikiya before being fatally shot in turn by a newly arrived Joji Kazama.

Yakuza 4[]

In 2010, its revealed that the Tamashiro Family has either been disbanded or has been driven out of Downtown Ryukyu, since their former offices are now abandoned.

Notable Members[]


  • The Tamashiro Family crest was changed for Yakuza 3 Remastered, presumably due to its similarity with the rising sun flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.