The Tamashiro Family (玉城組, Tamashiro-gumi) is a powerful Okinawan yakuza group and a rival to Nakahara's Ryudo Family during the events of Yakuza 3. They are a distant branch of the Tojo Clan .


The Tamashiro Family was established by patriarch Tetsuo Tamashiro, taking control over the Hatsumachi area in the northern part of Downtown Ryukyu. This pitted them against Shigeru Nakahara's Ryudo Family, who control the southern part of the district, around Ryukyu Boulevard.

Yakuza 3Edit

The Tamashiro Family are dealt a humiliating blow by Kiryu after he rescues Saki from them in their office. They take revenge by demolishing Morning Glory Orphanage,[1] and kidnapping the Ryudo Family's Shigeru Nakahara. This ultimately leads to the death of Tamashiro himself and the ensuing disbandment of the family.

Yakuza 4Edit

The fact that the Tamashiro Family have ceased to exist is established by the fact that the office, which appears in a part of Yakuza 4's story, is now abandoned.



  1. Known as Sunshine Orphanage in the original western localization of Yakuza 3
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