I don't need friends. All I need...is power.
— Tatsuya Ukyo, Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō

Tatsuya Ukyo (右京龍也, Ukyō Tatsuya) is the main protagonist of Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō and its sequel, Kurohyō 2: Ryū ga Gotoku Ashura hen. Formerly a rebellious street youth, he becomes involved with the Tojo Clan as a top fighter in their underground coliseum, Dragon Heat, earning him the ring name, "The Mad Dragon of Kamuro" (神室の狂龍, Kamuro no Kyō Ryū). 

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Tatsuya is rude and short-tempered towards most people, only smiling in the presence of his friends or after winning in a fight. He generally ignores others, and due to his time in juvenile detention, harbors a resentment towards adults and authority figures, save for his older sister Saeko.

Amamiya Taizan once described Tatsuya as a "wild beast"—preying on those weaker than him, while fleeing from anyone stronger.  He is extremely confrontational, particularly when anyone treats him like a child or suggests he is weak. Despite this, he is aware when he is outmatched, and attempts to flee from both the Chinese mafia and the Kuki Family until he is cornered and forced to fight for his freedom in Dragon Heat.

In school, Tatsuya was a violent bully who fought with both his classmates and teachers. He displayed sadistic and abusive tendencies, gloating over beaten foes and lashing out at anyone who irritated him, even his closest friends. This leaves him a misanthropic loner by the time he runs afoul of the Tojo Clan.

As Dragon Heat pits him against those he's wronged in the past, Tatsuya matures as both a fighter and a person, learning to atone for his mistakes and sympathize with the struggles of others. Along with befriending the Dragon Heat staff, he reconciles with his sister Saeko, his best friend Tenma, and his fellow fighters. He also begins to enjoy the fame and spectacle of Dragon Heat, and learns to find meaning in martial arts beyond just fighting to win.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tatsuya has a lean, muscular build from a life fighting in the streets of Kamurocho, having had no formal martial arts training save for judo classes and punching bags. He has an undercut hairstyle slicked backwards, with bands shaved onto the sides.

Tatsuya's street clothes consist of a black track jacket with no undershirt and matching bottoms, featuring golden side decals along the sleeves and pant legs, and a pair of gold trainers with black soles. His jacket includes an oversized hood, which he pulls up when hiding or in disguise.

Initially, his Dragon Heat ring attire was simply his normal outfit without a jacket, but following his match with Tomoki, he began wearing black shorts with metallic gold trim and a white dragon emblem on the right leg, a pair of black grappling gloves with gold-lined straps, and bare feet.

Background[edit | edit source]

At eight years old, Tatsuya was orphaned in a fire that broke out in Kamurocho's Champion District. He was raised by his older sister Saeko the following nine years, eventually becoming a violent delinquent and bully. After leaving a classmate hospitalized and comatose in a schoolyard fight, Tatsuya was arrested by Shozo Takenaka and sent to juvenile detention for a year. Following his release, he dropped out of high school and became a street thug, doing part-time jobs and picking fights with other gangs.

Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Mark of Murder

On September 22, 2010, Tatsuya and his two friends Yusuke and Tenma enter Kamurocho in a plot to rob a Chinese mafia hideout. However, after Tatsuya attacks them in a violent outburst, they abandon him, and he resolves to proceed alone. He accosts the Chinese posing as a Tojo Clan enforcer, but discovers Naoki Toda, a Kuki Family captain, is there as well. Unable to escape, Tatsuya defeats them all and viciously beats Toda, accidentally killing him, then flees with their cash.

Tatsuya heads home, leaves the money with his sister Saeko, and prepares to flee the city, but is subdued and captured by Kuki Family yakuza, who bring him to their patriarch, Ryutaro Kuki. Kuki reveals he recorded footage of Tatsuya's robbery, and introduces him to 'Dragon Heat', the Kuki Family's underground fighting circuit. He gives Tatsuya an ultimatum: earn his freedom by winning ten consecutive matches in Dragon Heat, or be turned over to the police to face life in prison.

Later, while adjusting to his new surroundings and situation, Tatsuya stumbled upon what looks like a medic room. He heard a girl's voice who she is probably a teen. She blindly introduced herself that Tatsuya doesn't seem injured. He asked what is this place, and that this place is the Emercency Room. The girl is surprised to find that the guy that at the door is Ukyo Tatsuya. Tatsuya wondered what they are doing to the guy resting on the bed. The girl said that he cannot go to a regular hospital, she said that "he" will call the police. Then, she finally introduced herself to be Saki Kudo. And she introduced to the other guy who is in charge of the room, Taizan Anamiya. Saki checked Tatsuya's muscles saying he hasn't been getting exercise, but it's not bad. Tatsuya tells Saki to not touch him, and she responds saying that he's got attitude. She reminds her of Tomoki, a fighter who came to Dragon Heat to test his strength. But Tatsuya said that he doesn't care about fighting. Saki didn't care much and told Tatsuya to get ready and change in the lockeroom.

Later, Tatsuya is sitting on a bench smoking. He sees a yakuza pointing a gun at him (guess to put it in a more kind of saying to get ready). Tatsuya says that yakuza and cops watching behind his back, he won't have a good chance of running away. He took off his parka and begins to walk to the arena saying that he has no choice but to fight. The announcer announced on the head is Ukyo Tatsuya, the "Crazy Dragon." Kuki stated that they just randomly name Tatsuya that, but he likes it. And on the tail is the "Monster of Karate," Tomoki. The bets are in place and stated that Tomoki is going to win. Tomoki said to Tatsuya that he's going to win, but Tatsuya doesn't know what he's talking about. Tomoki then said that he will teach Tatsuya some manners and show what a real fight is. And the two got in their stance and braced for each other. Although Tomoki put up a good fight, Tatsuya wins by kicking him in the face while showing the dragon's spirit. Then the crowd started to go crazy and that one of the people in the audience say the Tatsuya is number one. Tatsuya said "I'm...number one?" And he got so proud of himself, he roared in victory.

Kuki, talking to Tatsuya now, said that the people loved his performance. But he warned Tatsuya that this is different from fighting in the streets. Kuki then revealed that if Tatsuya wins 10 battles in a row, they will forget about him killing Toda and erase the video. Kuki stated that Toda is like smoke and all evidence that points to his murder are burned away. Tatsuya said that what if he loses. Then Kuki, again, stated that they will send the footage to the police and he will be sent to jail. He reminds Tatsuya that this is the only place for him to be. As he is walking out, Tatsuya saw a fighter with a woman. He said that it was a stupid fight and he is just a kid. Tatsuya is infuriated and tries to counter back saying that he still won. Then the woman, who's name is Yudika, told him to get out of here. Then the announcer announced on the head is the mysterious fighter, Sho Hyuga, the "legend" of Dragon Heat. Yudika reminds Hyuga that he's up, and Hyuga said to her that he will but up the best show ever. Yudika then said to see how Hyuga is strong right now. Before Hyuga can get on the stage, he tells Tatsuya that in order to get a good babe, you need to get her on the same day. Hyuga tells Tatsuya that he will tease him and kill him, but until then he tells Tatsuya to not die when they get a chance to fight each other.

Later, after getting patched up by Saki, she tells Tatsuya that he's lucky he won. Tatsuya asked who is Hyuga? Saki tells him that he's the famous fighter in Dragon Heat. Tatsuya wondered if he's strong, Saki explained that the fighters here in Dragon Heat are trained in Judo and other fighting styles. But Hyuga is different, he learned to fight here and learn different ways. He is a master of all fighting styles and knows how to please the audience. This got Tatsuya discouraged and asked how many battles Hyuga won. But Saki tells him that he wins at least 70%. Tatsuya is wondering that he's not that strong. But Saki told him that's not what she means. The only thing Hyuga values are the strongest. But this raised Tatsuya's confidence a little bit, saying he will crush him, kill him. But Saki is telling that Tatsuya doesn't understands on what she tries to say. Taiza arrived and questions Tatsuya on how much did he learned from Tomoki? He stated that he has to learn something from fighting. If Tatsuya can't learn anything from fighting with Tomoki, then he won't be able to beat Hyuga.

Chapter 2: The Strongest Proof

Later, Tatsuya has got some time before his next match. So he got advice to watch the next match. The announcer brought two fighters which are: Ricardo of Brazil who does a Brazilian fighting-style, and Hyuga Sho himself. So Hyuga took off his robe and tells Tatsuya before the match that he will show him what it takes to be the strongest. The battle began and the Ricardo is doing well at the start. However, Hyuga finished him by kneeing him in the face. Back to the sidelines, Saki told Tatsuya that he's got power and skill just like Taiza told her, but that's why he'll never win. Tatsuya acted by grabbing Saki's wrist and he tried to talk back by saying that he's been fighting in the city his whole life, no one can beat him. But Saki said that he still doesn't understand, that he's missing something. Later, Tatsuya is seen inside the bathroom washing his face. Then a man came inside and asks Tatsuya what's going on. Tatsuya knows that man, he is the announcer or, DJ-Rikuoh. DJ asks Tatsuya if he's worried about Huyga. But DJ tells him not to worry since he's not going to fight Hyuga for a long time. Tatsuya is asking DJ in an ill-mannered way if he's scared. But DJ says that he's only joking, he tells Tatsuya not to get mad. DJ asks Tatsuya if he wants to hang out with him to the fight party, he asks Tatsuya if he can pay for something. But Tatsuya asks why does he have to pay for him? But DJ says it's fine, he says that he will wait for Tatsuya at a club call "Jewel." Tatsuya says that DJ is a fool and doesn't feel like going out. But he decided to go, because he believes DJ knows more about Dragon Heat.

Tatsuya was walking down to Jewel, until he ran into a thug or street punk. The street punk says that he knows that face somewhere before. He already realized that it's Ukyo Tatsuya. Tatsuya wondered who is he. But the street punk said to Tatsuya that he can't be serious, He said if Tatsuya really forgot about him. He said that Tatsuya broke his right leg once. Tatsuya didn't care and told the street punk to get out of here. But he is still angry at Tatsuya for breaking his right leg and that he can't move. The street punk said that if he wants to get through then he's going to have to beat all of them. Eventually, Tatsuya defeated them all, including the street punk. But the street punk told Tatsuya that he's going to die soon. Tatsuya grabbed him and asked how. Then the street punk said that there's a man named Detetive Takanaka, saying that he's looking for him. Tatsuya is shocked and surprised to know who it is. A flashback played seeing the man Takanaka with a dead body while it was raining. Tatsuya is seen running away, and Takanaka is waiting for him saying that he will not let Tatsuya go this time. That was then, Tatsuya remembered and how he spent 1 year in jail because of a murder. The street punk said that he doesn't know what's going on, but he said that Tatsuya should've stayed in jail for the rest of his life. Tatsuya started to wonder if he found out about the murder of Toda. But he doesn't think so, after all, he's still under "their" care.

Tatsuya arrived at Jewel with DJ, that is calling for more alcohol, food, etc. While DJ is enjoying the women's company, Tatsuya's woman is saying that it's awesome that he's a fighter. She said that she likes him. DJ said to Tatsuya to not worry, after all the Tojo Clan got a hold of the place. Tatsuya said that he's not worried at all. But DJ said to Tatsuya that the Kuki are expecting from him, this shocked Tatsuya. DJ keeps going on that everyone has a reason to fight, like for money. He's suggesting that Tatsuya has a reason to fight as well. Tatsuya asked again what will happen if he loses. DJ said in his calmly way that the Kuki may give Tatsuya a second chance to fight, but if he has no reason to be there, then he's dead. Tatsuya tells DJ to be serious, but he said that nobody knows and told Tatsuya to not worry about losing. Tatsuya started to grab DJ and tells him that he will win and never lose no matter what. While walking out of the bar, Tatsuya said to himself that the only place he can return to is the ring. But then, Hyuga showed his face. Hyuga is surprised and wondering why Tatsuya is here, after all this is none of his business. Hyuga keeps threating by saying that Tatsuya is nothing more than a street-punk. This got Tatsuya enraged and decided to charge into him. Luckily DJ is there to stop him and told Tatsuya to calm down. Hyuga still keeps on threatening Tatsuya by saying that does he really want to fight him? That he's got no sense of pride. Tatsuya's rage consumed him again and that cause him to break the DJ's control and attempt to punch Hyuga. But Hyuga blocked Tatsuya's punch, but Tatsuya decided to counter with an uppercut, but Hyuga evaded that. Hyuga wonders if that's everything Tatsuya got. Then Tatsuya decided to punch him again, but this time a security guard pinned him down. Hyuga decided to take his leave, Tatsuya yells if Hyuga's running away. But Hyuga said no, just that someday on the ring, they will fight.

Later, Tatsuya met up with Kuki again, talking about happened at the club. Kuki said Tatsuya will be fighting Hyuga in tomorrow's match becaause of that. Kuki then scolds Tatsuya that he may not be the guy he's looking for and reminded him again to not even think about running away. Tatsuya told Kuki to shut his mouth, but ignores and Kuki told Tatsuya to never underestimate their power.

At the day of the match, Tatsuya is seen sitting on the bench again, and wonders if he can win against Hyuga. Saki asks Tatsuya is he's scared, seeing how he's trembling. Tatsuya refuses to accept he's scared, but Saki tells him he must accept the fear he's feeling now. Tatsuya is confused, but Saki claims he's afraid of Hyuga. She even said Hyuga has something Tatsuya doesn't have. But Saki said to Tatsuya to not worry, that he will learn something from it.

DJ announces the two fighters and both Tatsuya and Huyga met up in the ring. But as they met, there are cries from the crowd of how Tatsuya won't win and encouraging Hyuga to win against him. Tatsuya got enraged and told them all to shut up. Hyuga proclaims he will finish off Tatsuya is 30 sec. With that, the battle begins.

After a length of fighting, Hyuga seems to be wearing down a bit, and said to Tatsuya he's nothing to him. Tatsuya questions Hyuga why does he want to be strong, why does he want to win. Hyuga said that he once lost everything, money, fame, and women. But he all got it back in Dragon Heat. But Hyuga shouts back that it's none of Tatsuya's business, and that he must win in his way. Tatsuya lashes back that it doesn't matter how Hyuga wins. Hyuga then tells Tatsuya to come at him, and he will since there's no point in talking any further. As Hyuga threw a punch, Tatsuya dodged and in return, whipped up a flurry of punches. He then deafeats Hyuga by ending him with an uppercut.

As the crowd cheers for Tatsuya, he roars out in victory once again. But he then realizes Hyuga smiling and he wonders why. Meanwhile, Kuki saw the outcome and says Tatsuya proves to be more than he thought he'd be.

In the medic room, Saki says Tatsuya's hurt and is lucky to still be standing. Tatsuya said of course he's be, since Hyuga wasn't that strong. Saki sighs, questions if Tatsuya still hasn't learned anything in that fight. Tatsuya is confused again, and Saki repeats the same thing. Taiza told Saki to stop, and told Tatsuya Hyuga wasn't a precise fighter. He wonders what happened if Tatsuya fought Hyuga next time, which Tatsuya said everyone will think he will win. Taiza said that it won't happen, that Tatsuya may have won, but many didn't think he's strong. Taiza said what Hyuga values most are the strongest so he can be the strongest. That being stronger doesn't just mean to take a fight, but to have a strong belief of how you would win. Taiza asks Tatsuya what is his philosophy for fighting, which he responds that it's to win. But Taiza said everyone will lose someday and wonders how Tatsuya will feel when he loses someday. Tatsuya said of course he would be sad. Saki said that even Hyuga loses sometimes, but everyone still loves him because of how the way he fights. Tatsuya asks Taiza what's Hyuga's philosophy, but he doesn't know, other than having a past that convinced him to have his own way of thinking. Taiza then sees Tatsuya starting to learn, which is good.

While Tatsuya was walking, he encounters Yudika. Tatsuya said to Yudika that her "boyfriend" lost, but Yudika said that he's not her boyfriend, only her best friend. Yudika asks Tatsuya is Hyuga was smiling, which he said yes. Tatsuya asks who does she know that, but Yudika instead congratulates Tatsuya. But Yudika said it didn't seem like Tatsuya won the battle, seeing how Hyuga was smiling and he wasn't. Yudika wonders why, with Tatsuya having to say nothing.

Chapter 3: Meaning of Violence

Tatsuya was first seen throwing his alarm clock, since he couldn't stand the noise. Tatsuya then started to think back on what he has done, killing Toda and about what Taiza said earlier. As Tatsuya stares at his fist, he wonders about his experience and his "philosophy".

Tatsuya is seen talking to Kuki, who he said that the detective is looking for him. Kuki wonders what detective he's talking about, which Tatsuya told him about Detective Takanaka. Kuki doesn't know what he's talking about and wonders if this detective is good, which Tatsuya said yes. Kuki laughs that cops are now watching over him. Tatsuya then said he doesn't trust Kuki yet, that someone is getting more money than he was receiving. On top of that, Tatsuya believes that even if he does win 10 battles, he would be turned in anyway. But Kuki countered by saying Tatsuya beat Hyuga and that even he did give him more money, he would run away. However, he said he will give more money to Tatsuya next time. Kuki then received a call, which Tatsuya asks what it is, but Kuki said it's none of his business. Kuki then said to Tatsuya if he wants more money, then they have a job for him to do. That there's a store that needs cleaning, but Tatsuya said he won't do that.

Later, Tatsuya met up with DJ again in a restaurant. Tatsuya said he's hungry, but DJ said he will take him to somewhere to eat since he's the main fighter. As they are enjoying some beef bowls, Tatsuya suddenly gets down after seeing Detective Takanaka walking by. The DJ asks Tatsuya who was he and asks if the boss can help him. After Tatsuya got up, he said he can't do that and has his own reasons.. Then he left the restaurant.

While walking by, a strange man approaches Tatsuya. Tatsuya realizes the guy by the name of Yuki Masumi, his teacher and the one responsible for calling Takanaka and putting Tatsuya in prison for a year. Tatsuya asks what does he want, which he stated Takanaka was looking for him. Tatsuya grabs Yuki and demands to know what he told him, which he said that he's his tudent and haven't seen him for a while. Tatsuya warns him if he ever speaks about him stealing money again to Takanaka again, he'll beat him up. Yuki says he won't, but wonders what's up with Tatsuya since he looks afraid. Tatsuya didn't say anything and just left the scene.

While Tatsuya was walking, a car stopped by and a man inside gave a piece of paper. It was from Kuki, who said in the paper is his next match, Yuki. Tatsuya wonders if it's a girl, but the man said girls cannot fight.

When Tatsuya got back in Dragon Heat, he's surprised to see the fighter, Yuki, who's actually the man he spoke with earlier. While Tatsuya was sitting on the bench, Saki asks if Yuki was Tatsuya's teacher. Saki said it was indeed strange when she checked on Yuki's body, that he never broke any bones in his body. Tatsuya was about to say not really, since he was beaten up in the past, but Saki thinks he's protecting something. According to Taiza, Saki said Yuki was a master of aikido and karate, so it was easy for him to protect his body. Saki wonders if Tatsuya's scared, but Tatsuya shouts back in rejection, saying if Yuki's a fighter, he will beat him up.

While DJ was announcing Yuki, Kuki states Tatsuya on how much he hates that teacher and caused him to go into juvenile. Kuki said that Yuki had to leave Kansai because of his of teaching and came here to let his stress out. Kuki asks Tatsuya what's going to do, and that he says he's going to kill him.

As Tatsuya and Yuki meet in the ring, Tatsuya asks is Yuki was a fighter, why didn't he bother to hit back. But Yuki said Tatsuya wouldn't understand. After Tatsuya said how Yuki was scared in being terminated from work because of that, Yuki slammed his wooden sword, saying how Tatsuya didn't learn anything from juvenile. Yuki then said he will be the one to fix Tatsuya up with his fist.

In the end, Tatsuya won and roared in victory once again. Tatsuya then said to Yuki he's a good fighter, but wonders why he hide it. Yuki said back when he was young, training in karate, the students used to beat him up. But then he found something, and that every fist is different from everybody. He thought by using his fist, young people would be able to grow and understand, but he was wrong. That was how he got fired, because people denied his teaching and using his fist. As Tatsuya tries to bring out more question, Yuki got enraged that people like would never understand. Yuki then threw punches at Tatsuya out of rage. But as Tatsuya tell him to stop, he sees Yuki crying and allowed him to hit him. Kuki orders his security to stop Yuki, but Taiza stops them. After Yuki stops punching, Tatsuya seems to understand a bit, saying he may have won, but it didn't feel like he did. Yuki chuckles and started thanking Tatsuya for understanding, but Tatsuya said he didn't let Yuki hit him to endure, but Yuki's fist taught him something. He may have gotten fired from school, but Tatsuya said he might be right.

In the medic room, Saki commented that may have been the toughest battle yet, but told Tatsuya that he has to plan his battles, otherwise he won't win. Tatsuya tells her to stop preaching to him like a teacher, and Saki left, saying she was worried about him. As Taiza came in, he questions Tatsuya why didn't he defend himself against Yuki. Tatsuya said it was because of Taiza, about what he said before to have a philosophy to be the strongest through experience. Taiza agress that's one of the things Tatsuya was missing. He explains further that there are two choices, attack or running away. Like Saki said, Tatsuya must have a plan. Not only that, Taiza stated Tatsuya must also find a purpose in fighting, just like how Yuki did.

Later, Tatsuya met up with Yuki again, saying he wants to learn the guard in aikido. Yuki said it will be hard and Tatsuya will have to pay him, which he will. Tatsuya asks if Yuki's coming back to Dragon Heat, which he planned to, but changed his mind since he doesn't have a reason to come here anymore. Yuki tells Tatsuya to come to his house and he'll teach him.

Chapter 4: A Fugitive

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō[edit | edit source]

Befitting of a MMA fighter, Tatsuya eschews the use of weapons in heat actions in exchange for a variety of fighting techniques learned throughout his journey in the Dragon Heat. With the help of Komaki, he was able to refine the skills he learned from his peers. Due to the nature of the Dragon Heat and on the streets of Kamurocho, he does not hesitate to fight dirty as many of his moves would violate rules in a legal match.

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

  • Street Brawler - An unrefined but brutal fighting style, this moveset allows Tatsuya to gain heat quickly to deliver brutal finishing moves against his opponents

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent by the hair and delivers a powerful punch to the face.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya performs a spinning back-kick in the air.

  • Boxing - Learned from Taizan, Boxing is his secondary style that he learns that offers fast and clean punches as well as improved footwork that lets him dodge blows easier. However, kicks and grapples are notably weaker.

Blue Heat Gauge: The opponent tries to punch Tatsuya, but he dodges by slide-stepping to the right. Then he delivers a double punch and ends it with a powerful reverse punch.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya gets on top of the opponent while he's on the ground, and punches him four times on the face and performs a powerful right hook on the fifth.

  • Muay Thai - Taking notes from his brawling and boxing experience allows Tatsuya to use the Muay Thai style, giving him the powerful fist attacks of boxing while combining it with devastating kicks.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya he clinches the opponent, and then hit with his right knee. Then he performs a two legged hit on the face, which knocks the opponent to the ground.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya knees the opponent two times with his right knee, hits with his left knee, hits in the face with his left elbow, and finishes off with a rear-leg round-house kick.

  • Karate - A kick focused style with some good grapples, Fujimoto teaches Tatsuya these skills as a favor to him upon learning the truth of his son's incident and training Tatsuya in the north most park. However this style has mediocre abilities in catching the blows of his enemies.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent with his left hand and tilts it to the side. Then he hits the groin and follows it up with a spinning round-house kick.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya punches the opponent in the face, then to the body before delivering a crippling blow to the groin.

  • Jiu-Jitsu - A grapple heavy style that focuses on catching the blows of the opponent and crippling them in counter blows or landing blows to the torso and head depending on the grappling position. This is taught by Saki in anticipation of his encounter against Amaki, a prizefighter hired by Isamu to kill Tatsuya.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya gets the opponent in an arm bar position, then leans forward and back (like he's pulling something) and breaks the opponent's arm.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya gets on the opponent's back and wraps his arms around the opponent's neck in a rear naked choke position, and twists his neck.

  • Professional Wrestling - After defeating Hyoga in a proper rematch, Hyoga teaches Tatsuya this style. A moveset that allows Tatsuya to endure blows and unleash devastating grapples in combat. However, the fighting style inhibits quickstepping in combat, relying on enduring blows to win a fight.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya raises the opponent in the air with his arms and slams him face-first to the ground.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent's legs and carries it by spinning around in a circle, then he lets go and the opponent's body fell hard to the ground.

  • Ancient Martial Arts - Similar to Jiu-Jitsu, this grappling style has multiple grapples with a surprisingly versatile series of combos. This move is taught by his former teacher during a rematch. (Translated to Koryu in the fan translation)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya rolls over the opponent's back and hits the opponent in the face with his left knee.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent's left arm and pins him down on the ground by dragging him to the side. He then gets on his back and pulls the arm towards him, breaking it.

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

  • Lucha - Unlocked after Professional Wrestling Lvl 3 alongside Weapon Enthusiast. An upgraded version of Pro Wrestling focusing on grabs and boosting your endurance.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya lays the opponent on the ground and pulls their neck snapping it.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya pins the enemy on the ground pulling the left leg and neck of the opponent.

  • Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts - Unlocked after Karate Lvl 3 alongside Chinese Kenpo. Acts as a better version of Boxing focusing on punches, however, unlike Boxing, it provides a boost to kicks as well. (Translated to Martial Arts in the fan translation)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent and unleashes 3 kicks to their face.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya knees the opponent on the stomach twice and finishes them off with an elbow to the neck.

  • Bajiquan - Unlocked after Jiu-Jitsu Lvl 3 alongside Mixed Martial Arts. Boosts punches and counters.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya places the enemy on a head lock and punches them 3 times.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya gets up close to the opponent and grabs their neck, he then pull it down and then pushes them up, following it by jumping up and landing a punch while coming down on their head.

  • Mixed Martial Arts - Unlocked after Jiu-Jitsu Lvl 3 alongside Bajiquan. Prioritizes grapples as its main source of damage.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya throws the opponent on the ground, then he gets on top of them and unleashes a series of blows.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya gets on top of the enemy and knees them on the head repeatedly.

  • Weapon Enthusiast - Unlocked after Wrestling Lvl 3 alongside Lucha. A fighting style that is similar to Street Brawler. Focuses on boosting use of weapons you find on the ground.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya lifts the opponent up by their head and proceeds to bash their head on the ground.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya repeatedly stomps on the enemy's face.

  • Chinese Kenpo - Unlocked after Karate Lvl 3 alongside Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts. Acts as an improved Karate focusing on kicks.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya rolls over the opponent's back and hits the opponent in the face with his left knee.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya hits the opponent with the back of his fist, then follows it up with a jump kick knocking them down.

Tier 3 (Extreme Styles)[edit | edit source]

  • Extreme Arms - Fully utilizes the punch stat. Gains a super damage buff to your punches and prevents your arms from further injuries with the exchange of disabling kick attacks. (Translated in the fan translation to Strong Arm Mastery)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya slaps the opponent twice and finishes them off with a punch to the face.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya punches to the opponent's torso twice.

  • Extreme God-like Legs - Fully utilizes the kick stat. Gains a super damage buff to your kicks and prevents your legs from further injuries with the exchange of disabling punch attacks. (Translated in the fan translation to Divine Leg Mastery)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya clinches the opponent, and then hit with his right knee. Then he performs a two legged hit on the face, which knocks the opponent to the ground.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya does a low kick on the opponents shin, then does a jumping knee kick on their face.

  • Extreme Jiu-Jitsu - Fully utilizes the grapple stat. An evolved form of Jiu-Jitsu that also adds Aikido throws to your arsenal. Gains a huge damage buff to your grab attacks and parries. (Translated in the fan translation to Soft and Hard Mastery)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya lays the opponent on the ground and pulls their neck snapping it.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent with his left hand and tilts it to the side. Then he hits the groin and follows it up with a spinning round-house kick.

  • Extreme Fortitude - Fully utilizes the vitality stat. It grants Tatsuya more stamina leading to more resistance from exhaustion and body injuries. (Translated in the fan translation to Fortitude Mastery)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya places the opponent on a leg lock.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent by their neck from the back and punches them on their back, lugs them over his shoulder, and drops them on their head.

  • Extreme Dynamism - The best style for fast combos since it coordinates punches and kicks swiftly. (Translated in the fan translation to Wild Dance Mastery)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya hits the opponent with a right hook and then knocks them down with an uppercut.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya deals 2 blows to the opponent's torso, knees them on the head, and finishes them off with a roundhouse kick.

  • Extreme Awakening - Fully utilizes the Heat stat and boosts the use of weapons. (Translated in the fan translation to Rousing Mastery)

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya Tatsuya grabs the opponent and bites them on their shoulder.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya pokes the opponent in the eyes, stunning them, and follows it up with a kick to the groin.

  • Extreme Man - The ultimate fighting style that specializes on punches, kicks, throws, parries, fast combos, has an exclusive ability that completely nullifies exhaustion and home to the most powerful heat action of the game. This style harnesses all the abilities from all the other fighting styles.

Blue Heat Gauge: Tatsuya grabs the opponent hand and goes past them twisting their shoulder, then pulling them to the ground.

Red Heat Gauge: Tatsuya unleashes a rush of blows.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to Tatsuya's age, hostess clubs will only serve him non-alcoholic drinks. 
  • Tatsuya Ukyo's appearance is modeled after Japanese actor Takumi Saitoh. Saitoh also portrayed the character in the live-action TV adaptation of Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō.
  • Japanese designer DressCamp produced a tracksuit based on Tatsuya's in-game outfit in 2010.
  • Tatsuya's appearance was likely inspired by the character Genji Takiya from the Takashi Miike film, Crows Zero. Miike also directed Like a Dragon, a live-action adaptation of the original Yakuza.
  • Tatsuya is currently the only protagonist in the entire Yakuza series, spin-off or otherwise, who's never fought a member of the Amon Clan.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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