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Tesso (鉄爪, Tessō) is a supporting character in Lost Judgment. He is an officer candidate for the Yokohama Liumang and the leader of its White Mask Branch.



Tesso is of above-average height with a slim build. He has slicked-back black hair, brown eyes, a mustache and goatee, and two long scars across his face that cross under his left eye.


Tesso wears a black jacket with a large hood, black pants, white socks, and dark kung fu shoes. While on missions, he wears his branch's trademark white mask with a black snake printed on it. His signature weapon is a pair of black leather gloves with red palms and four iron blades that resemble a beast's claws attached to the knuckles. Chains adorn the base of the blades.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

Though he initially attacks Yagami on behalf of Kuwana, Tesso appears to be an honorable and friendly person, calling Yagami his brother and ordering his men to treat him as such.


Lost Judgment: 2021-2022[]

On anonymous instructions from Jin Kuwana to force Takayuki Yagami out of Ijincho, Tesso directs the White Mask to ambush Yagami outside of Plage. When they fail to, he takes matters into his own hands.

He conducts an assault on Yokohama 99 and lures Yagami to Qing Jin to face off against the rumored "kick-ass detective" himself. Impressed by Yagami's abilities in combat, he allows him to leave the restaurant unharmed. However, he cautions him that if his client wants the White Mask to resume pursuit, they will.

Tesso later attacks Yagami on the suspicion he is linked to RK's sudden appearance in Ijincho but is defeated. Once convinced RK is a mutual enemy, he proposes a truce for as long as RK remains in Ijincho and declares himself Yagami's oath brother and aniki. He explains the Liumang will neither harm him nor interfere with his investigation now and that this arrangement will allow them to save face after a string of defeats.

He hosts Yagami and Fumiya Sugiura meeting with Kuwana, whom he is temporarily sheltering at Qing Jin. He reveals he has always known of Kuwana's true identity as a serial killer. After a physical confrontation between Kuwana and Yagami cools down, he treats the three to Tianyou Zhao's cooking as they exchange information and theories surrounding the government's possible involvement with RK.

He suggests Kuwana and Yagami cooperate for the time being to draw RK out but warns against doing anything to lead the enemy into Qing Jin. Following another altercation between Kuwana and Yagami when Yagami goes against Kuwana's wishes, he instructs Yagami to keep physical fighting off the premises, as "it was a bitch to clean up the mess last time."

Despite his efforts to keep conflict out of Qing Jin's walls, RK members raid the restaurant in search of Kuwana. Two junior Liumang members are hospitalized because of the raid, fueling Tesso's determination to drive RK out of Ijincho. To help Yagami evade anyone following him on his way to meet with Kuwana, he leads Yagami to the entrance of a hidden escape route and asks him to let Kuwana know he holds RK solely to blame.

Later, he opens Qing Jin up to Yagami and his allies as a meeting place and permits them to stay the night. During their discussion, he informs them RK has been operating protection rackets in Liumang territory. The next day, he asks Masaharu Kaito to fly the Pigeon above the restaurant. As it is his first time viewing Qing Jin from above, he considers buying his own drone.

He aids the group a final time one month later, commanding his men to prevent the policemen colluding with RK from hindering their vehicle.


Tesso uses his clawed gloves during his fights. He fights in a crouched stance and performs wide slashes that can cause the player to bleed if not dodged. He has access to a few throwing blades that he uses mid-fight. He is seen to be a very athletic and agilitic person as he can improvise during his second QTE against Yagami. During his heat state, his mortal attack involves him quickly charging up an attack and jumping at the player, trying to slash them.



  • The literal translation of the kanji that comprise Tesso's name (鉄爪) is "iron claw."[2]



  1. The given height of 185 cm (6′ 1″) is based on the character model's scaling factor within Lost Judgment's data.[1] For Dragon Engine games, this method is believed to be very accurate (±2 cm). However, this is intended as an estimate, not a substitute for an official statistic.


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