The Fighter's Successor is the 56th substory in Yakuza Kiwami.


Pocket Circuit Fighter is looking for someone who is just as passionate about Pocket Circuit as he is to take over his position. This is because he is looking to leave the business in order to take up a new career so that he will be able to get married to his fiancee. Kiryu agrees to look for a replacement for him. Kiryu heads to the Club SEGA in Theater Square, where he comes across an old acquaintance, Hideki. Hideki suggests that a good replacement might be Takuma. However, he also mentions that things have gotten awkward with him. While walking with Hideki, Kiryu also comes across Mika who recognizes him from the Pocket Circuit Stadium. Hideki seems to still be in love with Mika and challenges Kiryu to a Pocket Circuit race with the stipulation that if Kiryu wins, he will give him some information about Takuma. After the race, Hideki reveals that Takuma pursued a career in F1 racing. However, he could not make it and is currently working as a job as a host at a club on Tenkaichi St..
Kiryu attempts to have a heart to heart conversation with Takuma, however, he is unsuccessful. Takuma refuses to become the next Pocket Circuit Fighter. As a last ditch effort, Kiryu calls him a coward and challenges him to race at the stadium. Upon Kiryu winning the race, Takuma decides to accept the job as the new Pocket Circuit Fighter.



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