Title Match GP

One of the tournaments available at the Coliseum. Only available for Taiga Saejima to enter. The regulars on this tournament appear on their strongest form, more stronger, vicious and with much more health than their regular version. Single round.

Difficulty level: ******

Note: If you ever break the win streak upon being defeated, before you can enter the Title Match GP again, you will be required to win the Maximum GP first.

Yakuza 4Edit


A fight to determine the best of the best. The winner of this will hold the title belt for the Underground Coliseum! No excuses allowed. This is a mano-a-mano, knock-down-drag-out fight!


Ivan Ibrahimovic

Kaname Ginga


Hanya Kurokawa


Romeo Nishikawa

Akira Yamaoka

Rei Himuro


Valery Garrett

Mike Berheart

Shoji Yonashiro

Inzen Hozoin

Sotaro Komaki


Fukushi Ochiai

Makoto Otokita

Masataka Watanabe

Mammoth Tatsu

Note: I must point out that this list was made based on a fifty winning streak. I only encountered the weapons wielders and Jaon once.