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The Tojo Clan headquarters is a location in Tokyo that is the base of operations for the Tojo Clan. A labyrinthine combination of traditional Japanese and modern western architecture, the building holds many secret rooms and circuitously-laid-out pathways. This was contrived to assist the clan in the event of an invasion.


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The Tojo Clan headquarters were built by the Tojo Clan's first chairman Makoto Tojo. He made sure to incorporate a large traditional Japanese garden, as he was an admirer of them.[1] The location has remained virtually unchanged throughout the years.

Yakuza 0[]

Tetsu Tachibana, Jun Oda and Kazuma Kiryu go to Tojo Clan headquarters and have a deal with second acting chairman Takashi Nihara. Tachibana offers a billion yen to keep Kiryu safe from Dojima Family. Though the deal goes through, Kiryu is given a test by taking down all Tojo headquarters crew and finding way out.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami[]

Kazuma Kiryu first visits the Tojo Clan headquarters to attend Masaru Sera's funeral. He manages to find Shintaro Kazama[2] in a back room, but Kazama is shot by a sniper. Futoshi Shimano bursts in afterwards and suspects Kiryu of the shooting. Kiryu then has to escape. At the end of the game, Kiryu has his combined inauguration-retirement ceremony as Tojo Clan Fourth Chairman in the headquarters.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2[]

After Yukio Terada's death, acting chairman Yayoi Dojima agrees to let Kiryu look for her son with a view to him being sixth Tojo Clan chairman. She informs him of a secret room in which a number of weapons and other useful items are kept for emergency purposes. The location and contents of this room are different in Yakuza 2 and its remake.

In the Majima Saga of Yakuza Kiwami 2, Goro Majima causes an upset in the boardroom by dragging in a wheelbarrow of money, usurping Akinobu Uematsu as first-in-line for clan captain based on family profits.


Mitsugu Matsugane's funeral is held in Tojo Clan headquarters


Yakuza Kiwami[]

Yakuza Kiwami 2[]


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