Toughness is a series of recovery items that recover only health. These series of items are found throughout many stores, rewarded by defeating enemies and finishing substories. These items can also be found through long battles. The historical equivalent of these in Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! is the Vitality Pill.

List of "Toughness" Items Edit

  • Toughness Light
  • Toughness Z
  • Toughness ZZ
  • Toughness Emperor
  • Toughness Infinity


Use the following tables to select the correct icon for store pages.

Yakuza 5/Yakuza 0Edit

Icon Name
Y0toughlite Toughness Light
Y0toughzed Toughness Z
Y0toughzedzed Toughness ZZ
Y0toughemp Toughness Emperor
Y0toughinf Toughness Infinity
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