Touto University Hospital, also known as Toto Hospital, is a medical facility in Tokyo that serves the Kamurocho area.

Yakuza/Yakuza KiwamiEdit

In 1995-6, after Kazuma Kiryu's incarceration, Akira Nishikiyama comes to Touto Hospital on a regular basis to visit his sister Yuko and try to get her treatment by any lengths. After he discovers the doctor that he believed to be her last hope was in fact a fraud and had cleared out, he breaks down in front of the hospital's entrance.

Yakuza 3Edit

Tojo Clan Sixth Chairman Daigo Dojima is an inpatient here after being shot by Joji.

Yakuza 6Edit

Haruka Sawamura is rushed to Touto Hospital after being run over. A nurse insists that Shun Akiyama, who is once again living as a homeless man at the beginning of Yakuza 6, leave the building as he is an infection risk.


  • The finale to Yakuza 3 shows that the Touto University Hospital's tower has considerably more than 25 floors, due to Kiryu's long elevator ride to the rooftop after visiting floor 25. The tallest hospital building in real-life Japan only has 26 floors, and that was not completed until August 2009, 5 months after the game is set.


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