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Tsukasa Sagawa (佐川 司, Sagawa Tsukasa) is a major character in Yakuza 0, serving as the primary antagonist to Goro Majima's story. Oath brother to the Tojo Clan's Futoshi Shimano, Sagawa is a high-ranking member of the Omi Alliance, serving as the patriarch of its Sagawa Family.



Sagawa has short gray hair. His face is wrinkled and he sports scraggly facial hair. He has deep, heavyset bags under his eyes and always appears skeptical. He appears to be in his early 50's to mid 50's.


Sagawa wears a brown suit with tan pinstripes, off-white dress shirt, and a deep red tie. After getting shot in the hand, he wears bandages on it for the rest of the game.


Sagawa is a calm and tenacious man, no matter how deadly the situation he's in.. He also has a penchant to occasionally make sarcastic quips and acts extremely uncomfortable and invasive towards Majima.

Just like his oath brother Shimano, Sagawa has fixation with exerting authority over others and, it is heavily implied, that this desire stems from being raised by abusive parents.


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When Sagawa was 10 years old, he found an injured sparrow on the street and took him home to take care of it, despite the fact that his parents forbade him from keeping pets. He named the bird Mametaro and nursed him back to health behind his parents' back, growing to care deeply for the little animal. However, his parents eventually discovered the bird and, as punishment for disobeying them, they fed Mametaro to their cat right in front of a horrified Sagawa. In retaliation, Sagawa killed the cat. Since then, Sagawa has grown obsessed with imposing his will over others just as his parents did to him; gleefully punishing any subordinates who defy him.

Sagawa is given custody of Majima by his oath brother, Futoshi Shimano, after Majima spent a year in "the hole" for defying direct orders during the Ueno Seiwa Clan incident of 1985. Sagawa forces Majima to be the manager of his cabaret, the Grand, and promises to convince Shimano to have him back in the Tojo Clan if he can earn 100 million yen.


Yakuza 0: 1988[]

Majima requests Sagawa to private room to chat..png

Sagawa has Majima work as the general manager at Cabaret Grand. Sagawa has Majima under constant surviellance using his men, making sure that he does not betray the Tojo Organisation again. He originally claimed to reinstate Majima into the Tojo Organisation once he made 100 million yen - which Majima made in a year. Due to this, Sagawa raised the requirements to another 500 million yen or take on another job from him. Majima threatens to punch him because of this but Sagawa scoffs it off, telling him that he'd go in the hole again if he followed through the act.

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Sagawa, via Shimano's instructions, gives Majima the opportunity to become reinstated into the Tojo Clan by completing a hit on a person named Makimura Makoto. His plan goes awry when Majima refuses to kill Makoto when learning that Makoto was not an evil man exploiting young women, but rather a blind girl who was targeted by the Omi Alliance for reasons unknown to her and Majima.

He meets with Majima shortly after Majima hides Makoto away, asking if he's completed his hit yet. Majima blatantly lies, telling him he'll get the job done. Sagawa, however, notices he's lying and pretends to fall for the lie.

After Homare Nishitani kills the young woman who resembled Makoto, Sagawa shows up in Majima's office right after Nishitani causes a scene in the Grand Cabaret. He says it's peculiar that Makoto's body was found in the river, with her face beaten in and her fingertips melted off by acid. He toys with Majima, pretending to be ignorant of what really happened. Majima, becoming anxious and fearful, returns to the warehouse he kept Makoto in through a secret passage. Sagawa was tipped off by Wen Hai Lee's former ally, a Chinese doctor who told him where Makoto was being held. He sends his men to the warehouse to try and stop Majima.

While Majima and Makoto escape with Lee, however a car bomb placed inside the van triggers and kills Lee, Sagawa walks calmly forward and points his gun to Majima, saying how hurt he was that Majima would betray him like that. He is shot by Masaru Sera, in the back and in his right hand. Sera takes Makoto and knocks out Majima for the blantant display of violence with nothing to show for it.

Shortly after answering to the chairman for his actions, Sagawa tortures Majima, hitting him several times with a bat and even going as far as to punch him with his injured hand. He tells Majima the story of the injured sparrow he found when he was a child. He talked about how he cared for the poor little bird, even going as far as to affectionately name it Mametaro. But one day he came home from school only to find that his parents had fed it to the family cat. In retaliation, he killed their cat. He tells Majima that children shouldn't hide thing from their parents, and lets Majima go, this time while telling him he would kill him if he disobeys him again. He then learns that Nishitani has his own interests in mind and directs Majima to the office.

Majima heads to the jail where Nishitani is being held, leaving Sotenbori. Once he comes back, Sagawa chokes him and tells him he can't leave his cage without telling him, reminding him that he's not a free man. Majima tells him where he heard Makoto was being held, and the two drive to Camellia Grove where the Nikkyo Consortium are. He and Majima make it to the top of the castle-like building, coming face to face with Sera. Sera reveals he gave Makoto to a Kazuma Kiryu, and Sagawa shoots him in revenge. He tells Majima he's free to go to Kamurocho to seek out Makoto, and Majima does.

He's invited by Shimano to come visit him. There, with Majima, Shimano explains to Majima what the plan was from the start, basically using Majima to get the Empty Lot for Shimano so he could become the third Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Sagawa would get something out of this deal too, landing the Omi Alliance a footing in Tokyo with the Empty Lot.

Later on, Sagawa finds Majima beating up three thugs who beat him up earlier, and begins asking him on his progress on finding Makoto. When Majima informs him she's been shot, Sagawa becomes angered and demands Majima to explain. However, Majima defiantly tells Sagawa he no longer cares about orders or his conseqeunces as he heads off to the Dojima Family Headquarters to avenge Makoto. Impressed, Sagawa does nothing to stop Majima as he remarks that he "finally got out of the cage."

In the aftermath, Sagawa is seen smoking outside of Shimano's office, while Shimano is eating dinner with the head of the Omi Alliance, before meeting Majima again. Majima tells him Makoto sold the Empty Lot to the Nikkyo Consortium, and that the Omi Alliance had no room in Tokyo to squeeze in. Sagawa accepts the news, before pointing out Majima holding a gun, thinking Majima will kill his sworn brother. As Majima leaves to confront Shimano, Sagawa comments how it was quite a ride for the two men.

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His last appearance is at the end, where he tells Majima that his snakeskin jacket is tacky. Majima tells him it's him being true to himself, and that he's going to have fun and live as crazy as he wants. Sagawa jokes that he didn't see Majima as that kind of person, but he approves of his new outlook. He tells Majima to contact him should he visited Kansai region. Majima says if he never sees his face again, he'd be happy. Sagawa agrees before Majima peacefully parts ways.

Immediately after, three Omi Alliance men arrive, and Sagawa, resigned to his fate, makes one last sarcastic quip before he's killed.



  • Majima is the only staff member at the Cabaret Grand who knows that Sagawa is the owner.
  • Nishitani seems to have a low opinion of Sagawa, referring to him as a "braindead chimpanzee" when he is proposing his plan to fake Makimura's death which he believes Sagawa will never catch on to. Ironically enough, Sagawa still realizes he's been duped when he noticed Majima hadn't called him after the supposed hit.
  • According to an offhand comment, Sagawa has drank urine.
  • When men from the Sagawa Family fight Majima, the game simply refers to them as "SOTENBORI MEN", rather than saying "SAGAWA FAMILY".