Tsukimino (月見野, Tsukimino) is an area of Sapporo, Hokkaido that appears in Yakuza 5. It is based on the real-life Susukino red-light district of Sapporo, Hokkaido.


Yakuza 5Edit

Taiga Saejima comes to Tsukimino after escaping from Abashiri Prison. He can take a taxi from here to the Mountain Village, where his hunting sidequests take place.



Ice sculptures

Tsukimino has a number of notable locations including:

  • Sapporo TV Tower
  • Main Street Public Park. At the time Yakuza 5 is set, the snow festival is in full swing and there are a number of gigantic snow sculptures on display.
  • Ramen village, a narrow alley of ramen restaurants leading to a backlot in which IF8 can be played.
  • North Little Street, a lengthy covered shopping area.
  • Polaris, an abandoned, run-down bar.



Café Alps Tsukimino.


Entertainment and NightlifeEdit


  • This area can only be visited by Taiga Saejima.
  • There are a number of actual Sapporo restaurants here; the interiors of these are made up of photographs made into background sprites.
  • Sapporo TV Tower is a real-life landmark.
  • The Nikka Whisky advertisement is a real landmark in Sapporo. Its significance was such that the developers decided to include it despite the fact that Nikka is owned by Asahi Group Holdings, main rivals of the then tie-in drinks brand of the game Suntory.
  • Like Downtown Ryukyu, this area features moving cars along streets that the player can cross, but here the player is restricted to going across at pedestrian crossings.


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