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Name: EddieHimself AKA: "The Wildcard"
Occupation: Member of the Yakuza Wiki family, a Fandom Clan subsidiary.
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Weight: 120 kg
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About Me[]

My name is EddieHimself. I'm from the land of Brexit and driving on the right side of the road, which is the left. I am on the autism spectrum, which affects my social and communication skills. So by all means if I come across as being rude, arrogant, obnoxious, or in any way disagreeable, assume it is part of my condition.

I'm not trying to excuse myself of the times when I have regrettably lost my temper with people on here through no fault of their own, and I'm sorry for that. Sometimes things just get on top of me and I lash out at people who don't deserve it. I'm trying to be a better person but it's not an easy thing to do. Thank you for your appreciation.

Interesting Stuff[]

These are some observations I have made about Yakuza series and related games, but they are mostly unconfirmed speculation or otherwise don't fit in on the wiki proper, so I'll put them here instead.


  • Ace Attorney. Y'know, that game about attorneys being ace. Anyway, the point is that Masamichi Shintani in Judgment refers to himself as "Genda Law Office's "Ace Attorney." I thought this was an allusion to the game at first, but then Yagami said that maybe Hoshino could become Genda's "ace attorney." It was at this point I figured maybe it's just a term for the number #1 (一番 ichiban) attorney at a law office. Thus, it is entirely possible that the Ace Attorney game series gets its name from this, rather than the other way round.
  • Kamikaze. One of Yagami's abilities in Judgment called "Essence of the Wind God" or something to that effect. The important thing here is that it's a desperation attack. We all know about the infamous "Kamikaze" attacks of the second world war. But the term actually comes from a battle in the 13th century where the Japanese were hopelessly outnumbered by a huge fleet of Mongol ships landing on the island of Kyushu. Just when all hope appeared to be lost, a typhoon came along and wiped most of the "ships" (most of which were never designed for seafaring). This became known in Japan as the "God Wind" or Kamikaze. So, in the same way that Yagami can only use this ability at critical health, the whole idea of "Kamikaze" is that it's something that happens as a last resort. In a moment of drunken madness, I added this to Yagami's trivia section. In the cold light of day however, I realized that having never been on the Japanese version of the game, it's really impossible for me to verify that it does indeed say "Kamikaze." So silly me.


  • Kazuma Kiryu. In Judgment, one of Hamura's men appears to be wearing the same outfit as the legendary Dragon of Dojima, see picture on the right. I'm thinking of putting this either in Captain Hamura's Trivia page or the page for the Matsugane family, but I'm not sure which is more appropriate. I also get the feeling that this dude was like a demo version of Toru Higashi, but then they decided to make his outfit a little more embellished and left this other guy in as a minor Matsugane family member.
  • Pokémon. One of the "Twisted Trio" in Judgment is known as "Ass Catchem." Now I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot like Ash Ketchum from Pokémon. This joke would make sense, given that Pokémon is a rival to Sega's Sonic series.
  • Oomph! well this is one of my favourite bands so I was bound to notice this. Basically Sana-chan in Judgment says to Yagami that she's going to put more oomph into her music performance for him. The use of italics for the word oomph interested me because of course she's a musician, and italics seem to be used to highlight puns in this game's text. Therefore, I feel it's possible that one of the translators added the word in as an allusion to the German industrial metal band. Then again, that could just be a load of crap. If anyone wants to tweet Scott Strichart about this, it would be much appreciated (I myself have unsubscribed from antisocial media...)

Similar Appearances[]

Appearance similarities between characters within or outside the franchise are not such a great idea to mention on pages, because they're almost always coincidental and subjective to the person playing. The obvious exceptions when it comes to Yakuza are the fact that many major characters are modelled after their respective Japanese voice actors. Also, in the Kenzan and Ishin! games, where characters were actually based on modern-day equivalents. Having said that, here are a few occurrences where I think characters look similar:

Random stuff[]

Possible hint of PC Yakuza 6 release?[]

Looking through the PS4 files for the US release of Yakuza 6 was an enlightening experience. The assets for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, which appears as an in-game arcade game, are contained in a folder here. What is highly interesting is that in this folder, there are three subfolders, titled "ps4", "rom" and "w64" respectively. Why is this interesting? Well "w64" is the name they give to assets designed for running on Windows 64-bit. In other words, there is a folder for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on WINDOWS. I mean, it's not got anything in it at the moment, but it highly suggests that they've been planning a Windows release of Yakuza 6 since the game's release in the west on PS4.

Judgment Glitches[]

  • A couple of glitches here, see below:

Funny Pics[]