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Saaya best girl

Heya, I'm Ada/Satan (yeah, Literally). I'm trying to get this wiki back up to snuff again. I'm your resident fact checker and writer.

It's not necessary, but if you appreciate the work I do for the wiki, support me on Ko-fi!

Current total playtime across all games (including Ishin and Dead Souls) is over 700 hours. Judgment clocks in at 79+ hours on top of that.

I translate karaoke songs because I love them a little bit too much.

I run the wikifixers discord. It's used for requests, updates/fixes, and discussions on how to improve the wiki further.

Favourite Characters:

Ichiban, Kiryu, Haruka, Majima, Kaoru, Rikiya, Saejima, Yagami, Kaito, Sugiura, Higashi, SaoriMakoto, Shinada, Saaya, Ai, Rina, and Yuki.

(not in any particular order because I love them all)

Favourite games, ranked:

Yakuza 7, 5Ishin, 0, Dead Souls, Judgment, 36, K2Kiwami, and finally 4

(fuck 4 and those damn rubber bullets)

I've played all of the games (original release AND remasters) aside from Kenzan and the two Kurohyou games.

YouTube Channels:

General/Main Channel

Gaming/Clip Channel

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Character Name (Name in Kanji) is a (occupation) in Yakuza. (Short description here).

Hostess Email Template:

Message Contents Response 1
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Response 3 +♥

Dialogue Tree Template:

Question 1 Response 1 -♥
Response 2 +♥
Response 3 +♥♥

Template Here for Dialogue Tree.

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