aka Lammy

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on October 1

Hi folks! Edit

I'm Lammy. I discovered the Yakuza series in February 2019 when I looked at what I had yet to play from my PlayStation Plus catalogue and decided to install Yakuza 4. I enjoyed it enough to give Yakuza 5 a go and that's when I fell in love with the series. Fast forward some time and here I am contributing to the Wiki!

This is the first wiki I've contributed to and I mostly pick up things by looking at the source on established pages. Trying to run before I can walk is pretty common for me. I like making tables and lists as they're relatively easy but I'm starting to tackle things like substories and character pages. I'm mostly focused on updating and/or creating pages for RGGO, as well as the PS2 & PS3 titles. 

If you're in need of images or footage from any of the PS2-PS4 games then ask away. I'm fairly new to game capture and image/video editing so requests mean experience and improvement.

Current Wiki Tasks Edit


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