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West Park is a location in the first two chronological Yakuza series games: Yakuza 0 and Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami. It is located in the northeast corner of Kamurocho.


When plans for West Park were being drawn up, the head planner at Tokyo's Bureau of Construction accidentally wrote its name as "West Park" on the map, despite being in the north-east of Kamurocho. By the time someone notified them of the error, the park had already been open for four years, and as there were no other similar parks in the area to confuse it with, the name stuck.[1]

West Park was originally intended to be a public green space, as well as Kamurocho's subway access point. By 1988 however, the subway station had closed. This meant that the park had also fallen into disuse, becoming a makeshift village for Kamurocho's homeless population. In the years between 1988 and 2005, a disgraced former police officer known only as The Florist of Sai decided to start employing West Park's homeless as agents for his new clandestine information-gathering business. Its headquarters and base of operations were set up in a secret pleasure district known as Purgatory, in West Park's disused subway station. Additionally, the original entrance was sealed off and replaced by a secret door in a toilet cubicle.
Between 2005 and 2006, Majima Construction demolished West Park to make way for Kamurocho Hills. The homeless population were forced out, and moved to Dragon Palace, as well as a number of underground sewers.

After Kamurocho Hills was demolished following the events of Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2, the name West Park was once again given to the former construction site. However, the homeless had not moved back in, and the area was made up of little more than a concrete pad with a builder's hut and the entrance to Purgatory. This is because West Park was still under control of the Majima Family, who were using it as a hideout. Construction of Kamurocho Hills would resume in 2009, after the events of Yakuza 3.

Yakuza 0[]

Kazuma Kiryu takes refuge in a homeless man's shelter in West Park when Dojima Family members are prowling Kamurocho looking for him.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami[]

Sotaro Komaki's training takes place in West Park. During the game's closing stages, Kiryu and Haruka Sawamura use a ramshackle cabin in the park as a safehouse whilst Kiryu, The Florist, and Makoto Date plot to storm Shangri-La.

Yakuza 3[]

Kiryu comes to see Majima in West Park. He sees the lone builder's hut, which has a Majima Family sign on it. He enters to find nothing but a chair and table with a rotary-dial telephone on it. Next to the table is a note telling visitors to dial 007. Apparently not receiving a reply, Kiryu steps out to find the hut now surrounded by hundreds of Majima Family men, along with the patriarch himself. Majima invites him into Purgatory. When Kiryu returns to the surface, he unlocks the builder's hut as a hideout, as well as a store run by a Majima Construction worker near West Park's entrance.


Yakuza 3[]

Note that the names and descriptions are taken from the Yakuza 3 remaster. Details for the original version of the game may vary.

Image Name Price (¥) Description
Y0staminanx.png Staminan X 1,000 A popular after-work drink. It charges up your Heat and health a little.
Y0tauriner.png Tauriner 300 One of our most popular products. It'll charge up your Heat a bit.
Blackumbrella.png Black Umbrella 1,000 You like that black umbrella? You could probably use it for a weapon. Hell, my pops was a beast with one.
Tatteredscarf.png Tattered Scarf 100 This smells so bad, it might save your ass in a fight. Just leave it behind when you go to the club!
Y3bloodycloth.png Bloody Cloth 100 I thought this bloody cloth might come in handy for something, so I set it aside. Kinda gross though, isn't it?
Y3smallhydraulicsuspension.png Small Hydraulic Suspension 5,000 Not sure what this tiny suspension is for.
Y3mysteryliquid.png Mystery Liquid 100 Someone from my clan brought this stuff in, but the bigger mystery is how he got it.
Y3oldbell.png Old Bell 100 An old, rusty bell. Its melancholy sound brings people down a little when it rings.
Y3wornoutpillow.png Worn-Out Pillow 100 Not much to say about this worn-out pillow, except that it makes a pretty good cushion.
Y3ragesack.png Rage Sack 500 Ah, the Rage Sack. Push the button, and it'll scream obscenities. Great for parties.
Y3largeblowupdoll.png Large Blow-Up Doll 2,500 Kind of an odd looking blow-up doll. I'm sure you know what it's for...
Y3brokenradio.png Broken Radio 500 Might be able to use this thing if I can get it fixed. The circuit board it uses is hard to come by.
Y3smallkettle.png Small Kettle 1,680 This small kettle's only good for boiling a little water at a time. Some married man brought it in. Said it used to be his lucky charm.
Y3bluefluorescentbulb.png Blue Fluorescent Bulb 1,230 A weird-looking, blue fluorescent bulb. Probably not something you'd use for most lights.
Y3oldmagazine.png Old Magazine 100 That old magazine? You wanna read the comics or something? Take it.
Y3mysteryresin.png Mystery Resin 100 This resin can be used for a lot of things, but I have no clue where it came from. It hasn't killed anyone yet, though, so it's probably safe.
Y3specialalloywire.png Special Alloy Wire 4,200 This special alloy wire can be used for a number of things... in construction, at least.
Y3magnetizedmetal.png Magnetized Metal 100 This chunk of metal has some serious magnetic pull. Maybe you can use it for something.
Y3dropper.png Dropper 100 It's a dropper. What else can I say?
Y3artificialbouquet.png Artificial Bouquet 1,450 This is an artificial bouquet. I tried to give it to a woman, but she hated it. I guess it's no substitute for real flowers.
Y3oldsuspension.png Old Suspension 100 This is an old suspension we ripped out of a car. It's old, but it's still pretty damn nice.
Y3shardoftemperedglass.png Shard of Tempered Glass 100 This shard of tempered glass came from a car. It's actually bulletproof. Good luck blocking anything with it, though.
Y3alloyspring.png Alloy Spring 3,100 This alloy spring is a good product. Great for fixing upholstery.
Y3supperresilientresin.png Super Resilient Resin 2,300 I thought this Super Resilient Resin would sell well to counter all that "low-resilience" crap you see everywhere. Boy was I wrong...
Y3rainbowalloy.png Rainbow Alloy 100 Shines with all seven colors of the rainbow. Nice, right? I'll sell it for cheap.
Y3superresin.png Super Resin 3,200 What's so "super" about it, you ask? Well, use it and you'll find out.
Y3rubberhose.png Rubber Hose 1,100 Oh, the rubber hose. That dumbass Nishida thought we needed it to clean up, but now it's just sitting there rotting.


Yakuza 0[]

Yakuza 3[]

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  1. Homeless man in Yakuza 3.