Wette Garden is an eatery found within Kamurocho.



Image Name Price (¥) SP Description
Wette Burger 550 Fresh lettuce ad chili sauce are balanced perfectly in Wette Kitchen's signature hamburger.
Wette Egg Burger 650 A thick, heavy hamburger topped with an egg fried sunny-side up.
Onion Rings 350 A side order of onions sliced thin and deep-fried to a golden brown.
Tomato Onion Soup 300 A rich soup made by slowly simmering tomatoes and onions at a low temperature.
Wette Original Coffee 200 A cup of Wette Kitchen's house roast, made by blending the highest-quality coffee beans.
Iced Lemon Tea 200 A popular Wette Kitchen soft drink that delights the senses with a whiff of fresh citrus.
Wette Special Burger 800 A special hamburger made with great care. It's the new standard of Wette Kitchen.
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