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Where is the Time Capsule? is the 5th side case in Lost Judgment.


In Seiryo High School, Yagami comes across a group of three men who are caring a shovel and talking about a time capsule that they apparently buried years ago. On their graduation day, the three men were wasted and now as a result can't remember exactly where they buried the time capsule. They give you a vague clue, Memo of the Code, that gives a vague outline of where the capsule is buried. It was based on a game that was popular at the time of their graduation. Head to the location marked on the map. From there enter Observation Mode, and look towards the Ferris wheel. This allows Yagami to see that the nearby tree must be the tree that the group was talking about. Yagami finds the time capsule, but also notices that the shovel was nearby and wonders if this meant that somebody else had been digging recently.

Upon returning the time capsule, the group says that this isn't the time capsule that they remember as their time capsule actually had a lock and key. Yagami conlcudes that somebody else must have taken their capsule by accident. Upon looking at the contents of the time capsule, they realize that the time capsule that they married up belonged to Saya Goto. Saya Goto was a girl from their class. They reveal that she wrote a love letter to Yuta Oikubo who she had apparently a massive crush at the time. Apparently both Oikubo and Goto wrote love letters to each other and the group believes tht this is a sign of destiny. The only lead that they group has in finding Goto is that they know that her parents owned a restaurant in Chinatown. Ogikubo, who is an art teacher, reveals that he doesn't have a photo of her, but that he could likely draw one of how she looked like when she was in high school.

The next move is for Yagami to head to Chinatown and look for Goto based off of Ogikubo's sketch. Yagami then finds a woman who looks like Goto and decides to talk to her. Ogikubo decides to meet up with Goto and to exchange their time capsules. However, before he can show Goto the letter her child Kouta comes out and he asked her if she had gotten married. She says yes. Ogikubo is discouraged, but Yagami and his friends encourage him that now he can live his life in the present. They all then decide to hit up all the bars in Chinatown.


  • Find the "Giant's Wheel" & "Tree With the Most Branches"
  • Hand over the Time Capsule.
  • Confirm the Time Capsule's Content.
  • Look for Goto in Chinatown.
  • Talk to the Woman Who Looks Like Goto.


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