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Not to be confused with the live action movie, Like a Dragon (Live Action Movie) or its prequel, Like a Dragon: Prologue (Live Action Movie).

Yakuza: Like a Dragon (龍が如く7 光と闇の行方, Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue, lit. "Like a Dragon 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness"), also known as Yakuza 7 and previously known as Shin Ryū ga Gotoku (新龍が如く, lit. "Like a New Dragon" or "New Like a Dragon"), is a role-playing game (categorized as a "Dramatic RPG" on SEGA's official Ryu ga Gotoku 7 website)[1] for the PlayStation 4.

It has been developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio as the eighth main installment (fourteenth overall) of the Yakuza series. It was released in Japan on January 16, 2020 and is scheduled for a worldwide release in 2020.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is mostly based around the Yokohama district of Isezaki Ijincho, but it will also feature the Kamurocho, Tokyo and Sotenbori, Osaka districts from previous Yakuza titles.[2]


The development of Yakuza: Like a Dragon has been based around new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. This includes the new style of logo, which was made to reflect Kasuga's personality.[3]


In 2001, 24-year-old junior Arakawa Family man Ichiban Kasuga is implored by his patriarch Masumi Arakawa to take the fall for a murder committed by someone else. Kasuga thinks that this is his opportunity to become a Tojo Clan hero, and accepts. However, when he is released eighteen years later in 2019, he emerges to find that no-one remembers him.

Kasuga's search for answers takes him to Kamurocho, where he seeks his former patriarch. When he catches up with Arakawa however, Arakawa shoots him. Days later, Kasuga wakes up underneath a pile of garbage with a crudely-stitched-up wound in his chest. The first person he sees is a man with glasses, who tells him that he is in Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama.


  • Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi appeared at the Yakuza: Like a Dragon conference at Akihabara UDX Theater and the Yakuza: Like a Dragon stall at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 against medical advice, as he had recently had heart surgery and was suffering from broken ribs as a result.[3]
  • This is the first game that serves as a sequel to the Kiryu Saga.
  • This game is on track to be the first main series Yakuza game that is released in English the same year as the Japanese version.
  • This will also be the first game in the series to debut on XBOX ONE/Series X and PC on the same day as it's Playstation 4 release in the west.
  • Like a Dragon is the second game in the Yakuza main series to feature an English Dub and it is the first time in 15 years since Yakuza to have an English Dub in the main series as well.


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