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Yakuza "The Dragon's Path" is an interactive comic series lasting ten chapters, that cover the stories of the main series games (Yakuza 0 to Yakuza 6). It explores and expands upon the perspectives of different major characters. It has been made available as part of the Yakuza experience website.


  • Chapter 1: Pride of Kamurocho
  • Chapter 2: Showdown at Serena
  • Chapter 3: The Murder of Dojima
  • Chapter 4: A Twist of Fate
  • Chapter 5: The Golden Palace
  • Chapter 6: Days Gone By
  • Chapter 7: The Dragon's Protégé
  • Chapter 8: Old Haunts
  • Chapter 9: The Ties That Bind Part 1
  • Chapter 10: The Ties That Bind Part 2