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The Yakuza stage play is a play based on the story of Yakuza, with cameos from characters from Yakuza 2 such as Ryuji Goda. The play is 2 hours 29 minutes long.


The Yakuza stage play is largely based on the story of Yakuza, with a few key changes. Ryuji Goda is featured in the play, first being introduced to Akira Nishikiyama through Yukio Terada. Goda later replaces Terada in his role in the conspiracy to capture Haruka Sawamura.


The Yakuza stage play, sponsored by Sega, was produced by Raynet, a Japanese theater group. The play was directed by Takahiro Tamura, who collaborated with Takashi Itō in writing the script.[1] The play was a part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the release of Yakuza.[2]


The Yakuza stage play premiered on 24 April 2015 at the Akasaka ACT Center in Tokyo. The play ran from 24 April to 29 April. S seats cost 9,500 yen, while A seats cost 8,000 yen. Actors were announced for the play in the weeks leading up to its premiere.[1]

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