Yakuza 2 (龍が如く2, Ryū ga Gotoku 2, lit. "Like a Dragon 2") is the sequel to the first Yakuza. It was released on December 7, 2006, for the PlayStation 2 in Japan and in September 2008 in North America and Europe. It was later on released on PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 1th, 2012 and the Wii U on August 8th, 2013.

A remake of Yakuza 2 was announced, called Yakuza Kiwami 2 for PlayStation 4 and PC.


The intro of the game starts in the early 1980s, a detective is chasing after somebody and witnesses a murder of a Korean mob boss who says in Korean "Even if you kill me, our organization will live on". And the murderer happens to be Kazuma Kiryu's foster father, Shintaro Kazama(Fuma). After Shintaro Kazama runs off, the mysterious detective checks on the man who tells him in Japanese that his child is in danger just ahead before he dies. The detective heads in that direction and notices a fire and finds the room where a Korean woman is alone with a baby. The woman is contemplating suicide (in Korean) and taking the child with her. However, the detective successfully convinces the woman not to kill herself and the baby.

Then the game comes back to the present and the detective is still in awe at what happened.

The sequel takes place one year after the events of the first game. Since then, the Tojo Clan(tojo kai) has been falling apart and they are on the brink of war against the Osaka based gang, the Omi Family (Omi Rengo), the gang backing Akira Nishikiyama (Nishiki) in the first game. As a last resort, the Tojo Clan requests their former leader, Kazuma Kiryū (4th Chairman) for their help. Kazuma Kiryū and Haruka Sawamura are living a peaceful life and they visit the graves of Yumi Sawamura, Akira Nishikiyama, and Shintaro Kazama. There, the appointed Chairman, Yukio Terada, a former member of the Omi Family, asks for Kazuma Kiryu's aide. However, the Omi Family quickly act and assassinate their former family member Terada in front of Kazuma and Haruka's eyes and Kiryū heads out for Kansai to find a peaceful solution and prevent an all out Japan gang war from happening.

While in Osaka, Kiryū meets his Kansai equivalent and new rival, Ryuji Goda, the son of the head of the Omi Family, Jin Goda. Ryuji also has a nickname that he hates, "The Kansai Dragon." He hates the name because he doesn't like the Kansai part (that he wants to be the Dragon of all of Japan) and that he hates the idea of having two dragons with Kiryū around ("Dragon of Dojima"). Like Kiryū, he has a tattoo of a dragon on his back; his is tattooed in vivid gold with the animal coiling and writhing in flames.

Though enemies, Ryuji seems to hold a genuine respect for Kiryū and holds him in regard as his equal, hence necessary to vanquish Kiryū for there's only room for one Dragon in Japan.



Gamers can expect an expanded stage to explore. Besides the familiar Kamurocho, you can now head to Osaka and experience the realistic atmosphere from the rows of shops and streets to the pedestrians and sense of hustle and bustle. Coming in contact with people on the street could trigger a sub-story as well. There are a variety of restaurants and eateries available, some new and some that are already familiar from the game's first installment.


  • Rush Combo
  • Finish Combo

Heat Action
There are various "Heat Actions" available that makes it an easy victory. One example is by making full use of the 'Extreme Surrounding' and 'Extreme Weapon' Utilization; e.g. table, wall, etc. against the enemy. Another benefit is by picking up the enemy's weapon and so forth. Another collective, all-out effort of "Explosive Heat Action" is possible by using the character's Power, Skill and Spirit. The moment when a long fight's equilibrium is broken, the soul would react to it. From here, you should allow the Spirit gauge to rise to give a strong impact. However, there is only one chance to do this. If you miss and victory slips by, they'll also be danger. On the other hand, the enemy is also capable of this technique, which you'd have to watch out for. The basic would be to deal with it calmly and thoroughly resist them.

Behind the Scenes


Note: This is all based on predictions made based off information on the following page: , and not from first-hand experience.

A notable change in the presentation of the demo for Yakuza 2 is that, right after passing the content warnings, the player can immediately choose what they want to try out:

  • Sample part of the main story, where by Kiryu wanders around Osaka looking for Ryuji (The Dragon of Kansai)
  • Minigames
  • Battle training
  • Battle trial

Unlike the previous demo, this one never saw a US release, not even with a PS bundle disk. In fact, this is the first demo in the series to not get localized.