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The following is a list of substories in Yakuza 3.

List of SubstoriesEdit

Name Location
Date's Pride Kamurocho
Two Fathers Okinawa
Dotting the Eye Kamurocho
Early Honeymoon Okinawa
Silver Screen Dragon Kamurocho
The Comforting Yakuza Kamurocho
Murder at Café Alps Kamurocho
Another Stardust Kamurocho
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 1 Okinawa
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 2 Okinawa
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 3 Okinawa
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 4 Okinawa
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 5 Okinawa
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 6 Okinawa
The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 7 Okinawa
Instant Ramen Takes Time Kamurocho
Yamashita Treasure Hunt Okinawa
Bottled Love Okinawa
A Boy and his Balloon Kamurocho
Rough Draft Kamurocho
Il in Theater Square Kamurocho
Shisa Shakedown Okinawa
Nonstop Stalkers Kamurocho
Kiryu the Collector Kamurocho
Manga Mania Kamurocho
Rookie's Dilemma Kamurocho
Fast Food for the Heart Okinawa
Out of His League Okinawa
Robbing the Orphanage Okinawa
Reckoning Okinawa
Mr. Try and Hit Me Again Kamurocho
Mr. Try and Flee Me Kamurocho
Mr. Try and Catch Me Kamurocho
Morning Glory Hide-and-Seek Okinawa
The Old Man's Memories Kamurocho
Suspicious Spouses Kamurocho
Catch Those Shoplifters! Kamurocho
Temptation Okinawa
Sea Bream Strongarm Okinawa
Bag That Snatcher Okinawa
The Iriomote Incident Okinawa
Mikio's Munchathon Okinawa
Hit-and-Stop Okinawa
Hor D'oeuvres Kamurocho
Appetizer Kamurocho
Main Course Kamurocho
Dessert Okinawa
Under the Table Okinawa
Riled Riders Kamurocho
I Want to Go to Tokyo 1 Okinawa
I Want to Go to Tokyo 2 Kamurocho
I Want to Go to Tokyo 3 Okinawa
Barking up the Wrong Tree Kamurocho
Ghosts from the Past Kamurocho
Lost and Found Okinawa
The Distiller's Treasure Okinawa
Return to the Dragon Palace Kamurocho
Missed Caller Kamurocho
The Tuna Fund Kamurocho
Chic Snatcher Kamurocho
Walking the Plank Okinawa
Chumming the Waters Okinawa
Thrown to the Loan Sharks Okinawa
The Con Menace Okinawa
The Con Wars Okinawa
Revenge of the Con Men Okinawa
A New Con Kamurocho
Mars Fighters in Tokyo Kamurocho
Bargain Sale Kamurocho
The Returnee Kamurocho
Disconnected Kamurocho
Stealing from the Dragon's Hoard Kamurocho
Anything for Grandma's Love Kamurocho
Lasagna at Large Kamurocho
Your Fortunes Told Here Kamurocho
Watch Out for Renovations Kamurocho
A Lost Key Okinawa
Death Bowler Kamurocho
Last Month's Winner Kamurocho
Kiryu the Pickpocket!? Kamurocho
A Melting Heart Okinawa
As the Rose Balsam Blooms Okinawa
Water Purifiers Kamurocho
Ramen's No. 1 Star Kamurocho
Queen of Kamurocho Kamurocho
Convenient Robbery Kamurocho
Delivery Race Okinawa
High-Tech Peeping Tom Kamurocho
Bouncers Needed Kamurocho
The First Bouncer Kamurocho
The Second Bouncer Kamurocho
The Third Bouncer Kamurocho
The Fourth Bouncer Kamurocho
The Fifth Bouncer Kamurocho
New Dog, New Tricks: Sit Okinawa
New Dog, New Tricks: Turn Around Okinawa
New Dog, New Tricks: Fetch Okinawa
Let's Learn English 1 Okinawa
Let's Learn English 2 Okinawa
Let's Learn English 3 Okinawa
Let's Learn English 4 Okinawa
Straight to the Top! Okinawa
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