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Yakuza 4 (龍が如く4 伝説を継ぐもの Ryū ga Gotoku fō: Densetsu o Tsugumono, lit. "Like a Dragon 4: Successor of the Legend") is an open-world action-adventure video game developed and published by SEGA exclusively for the PlayStation 3. While still set in the city of Kamurocho, Yakuza 4 differs from other games in the series as players experience the storyline through four separate characters: Shun Akiyama, Taiga Saejima, Masayoshi Tanimura, and Kazuma Kiryu.

A remaster for the PlayStation 4 console was launched on January 17, 2019, in Japan. It will be released worldwide on October 29, 2019, as a free unlock for the existing Yakuza Remastered trilogy download. It will also be available in the limited-edition Day One physical release of the trilogy, which will be available on February 11th, 2020. The remastered version runs at 1080p (cropped to 1850x1040 on the standard PS4) and 60 frames per second.


Yakuza 4 is the first and only game in the main Yakuza series since the original Yakuza (and its remake) not to feature an open-world playable city district outside of Kamurocho. However, extra depth has been added to Kamurocho. Besides the usual streets, newly-accessible locations include back alleys, rooftops, and underground areas e.g. Car parks, sewers, and tunnels.

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This is the first game in the main Yakuza series to feature multiple player characters, and each one has a different fighting style. Akiyama relies almost entirely on his legs for attacking. Tanimura uses Taiho-jutsu, a martial art style developed for the Japanese police. Saejima utilizes his large build for brute-force and professional wrestling style moves. Finally, Kiryu returns with his familiar "Dragon of Dojima" style, although he is able to embellish it with abilities picked up from the other three player characters. In terms of the battle system itself, an ability added into this game is being able to prevent a character from using a Heat Action by holding down L2. This means that characters can maintain their Heat level whilst still being able to attack using triangle.


As with other games in the series, Yakuza 4 has many minigames to choose from, ranging from Darts to the new BOXCELIOS 2 in Club SEGA.

Cabaret Girls

A minigame involving seven cabaret characters, it is possible to date the cabaret characters, as well as clear several events leading to their sub-story. 





New songs are added to the Karaoke list, these include:

Batting Center

A new course has been added to the Batting Center.

Massage Parlor

Game Center

The AnswerxAnswer quiz game returns, and with an addition of topic modes and content. The familiar UFO Catcher also returns. The popular arcade shooter BOXCELIOS returns, along with a sequel, BOXCELIOS 2.


New stages are added, and A 'Golf-Date' is also possible here.


A new fishing spot in the Tokyo Bay has been added, including day & night scenarios.

Chapters Edit

There are 17 chapters in this game, divided into 5 parts:

Part I: Shun Akiyama

Part II Taiga Saejima

Part III Masayoshi Tanimura

Part IV: Kazuma Kiryu


List of shops Edit

Kamurocho's Choice (for dates)

Usual shops

Trivia Edit

  • Many of the restaurants and shops in the game are based on real-life counterparts
  • This would be the last game in the mainline series to feature the Love-in-Heart Massage Parlor as a playable mini-game.

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