Yakuza 5 (龍が如く5 夢、叶えし者Ryū ga Gotoku faibu: Yume Kanaeshi Mono, lit. "Like a Dragon 5: Fulfiller of Dreams") is an action-adventure/beat-'em-up game originally released for the PlayStation 3 on December 6, 2012 in Japan and on December 8, 2015 worldwide. The game was developed by SEGA as the fifth main installment (ninth overall) of the Yakuza series.

A remaster of the game was released in Japan on the PlayStation 4 on June 20, 2019. It was released worldwide on February 11, 2020, both as an automatic unlock for the Yakuza Remastered trilogy digital download and a physical release of the trilogy. The remastered version runs in 1080p resolution (cropped to 1850x1040 on PS4) and 60 frames per second.

Story Summary[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

In 2012, the Seventh Chairman of the Omi Alliance is terminally ill with lung cancer. Fearing that a newly installed Eighth Chairman might seek war with the Tojo Clan, the Tojo's Sixth Chairman, Daigo Dojima, has been traveling around the Japan to form alliances with smaller yakuza families from around the country, in the hopes of dissuading the Omi from war.

After his latest business meeting with Tadashi Madarame, Patriarch of the Fukuoka-based Yamagasa Family, Daigo leaves behind his bodyguards and gets into a cab being driven by his mentor and former Fourth Chairman of the Tojo, Kazuma Kiryu. He relays his fears about the coming alliance talks and the possible war to Kiryu, seeking advice. Kiryu, however, tells him he must forge the path ahead on his own.

Part I - Kazuma Kiryu[edit | edit source]

Ch. 1 - The Wanderer[edit | edit source]

For the sixth months preceding his meeting with Daigo, Kazuma Kiryu had been living in Fukuoka under the alias of "Taichi Suzuki", working as a taxi driver for the Nagasu Taxi Company. Kiryu had left behind his life running the Morning Glory Orphanage in Okinawa, since his adoptive daughter, Haruka Sawamura, had begun a career as a rising pop star, and he feared that her career would be ruined if the public discovered she'd been raised by a former yakuza.

On the night of his meeting with Daigo, after his shift is over, Kiryu goes out drinking with his boss, Youtaro Nakajima, and ends up having to save him when he gets into a fight with two Yamagasa Family thugs who'd been disturbing the hostesses at the club where they'd been drinking. After dropping his boss back at his home, Kiryu returns to his apartment and spends the night with his girlfriend, a local hostess named Mayumi.

Ch. 2 - Uninvited Guests[edit | edit source]

A few days later, after taking a few fares and dealing with an illegal gang of street racers, Kiryu is confronted outside the taxi company by two Tojo Clan soldiers, Yu Morinaga and Masato Aizawa. Both men know of his true identity and demand to speak with him. Despite initially refusing, Kiryu acquiesces when both men reveal that Daigo Dojima went missing after his talk with Kiryu.

The two Tojo men question Kiryu about his encounter with Daigo. They also warn him that the Chairman's disappearance has caused a rift between the Tojo and the Yamagasa Family, and war is threatening to break out between them, since the Tojo's interim chairman, Minoru Aoyama, suspects the Yamagasa may have kidnapped him. Kiryu insists that he does not know what became of Daigo, but neither one of the men believes him. Morinaga and Aizawa attack Kiryu to try and get more answers from him, but are unable to beat him. Kiryu insists that he does not know any more than they do and leaves.

Ch. 3 - The Plot Unfolds[edit | edit source]

A couple days later, Kiryu is stopped in the street by Detective Kazuhiko Serizawa of the Osaka Prefecture Police. Serizawa claims to be in town to keep tabs on Masaru Watase, Patriarch of the Omi Alliance's Watase Family, who inexplicably travelled to Fukuoka a few days before Daigo's disappearance. He suspects that Watase may have kidnapped Daigo to sabotage the Tojo's alliance with the Yamagasa so he can court the Yamagasa into joining forces with the Omi instead. He warns him that two Tojo soldiers, Morinaga and Aizawa, suspect the same and may make a move on Watase, which could spark a war.

Despite hesitating in intervening, Kiryu seeks out Watase at a local hostess club and confronts him about Daigo's vanishing. Watase recognizes Kiryu and claims that he came to Fukuoka to seek him, not Daigo. Watase is certain that he will be the next chairman of the Omi Alliance and wants to go to war with the Tojo Clan, but he wants the Tojo to be led by somebody he considers a worthy rival: Kiryu. Watase tries to goad Kiryu into a fight, but Kiryu refuses and departs.

Outside the club, Kiryu is confronted by Morinaga and Aizawa, who were also seeking Watase. Kiryu tells them that he does not believe Watase is responsible for Daigo's disappearance, but instead that interim Chairman Aoyama is probably behind it, since Watase also revealed that Aoyama had been secretly feeding him information on Kiryu and Daigo's movements prior to his arrival.

The trio travel to the Yamagasa Family headquarters, where Aoyama is meeting with Patriarch Madarame. As it turns out, Kiryu's suspicion was correct. When the group arrives to the meeting room, Aoyama shoots Madarame, his guards and Morinaga. He reveals that he intends to take over the Tojo Clan, go to war with the Yamagasa and take all their territory so they can have enough resources to defeat the Omi Alliance. When more Yamagasa men arrive, Aoyama frames Kiryu for Madarame's shooting and uses this as an opportunity to escape. Kiryu fights the Yamagasa Captain, Yahata, along with all his men, while Aizawa gets Morinaga to the hospital. After escaping from the Yamagasa headquarters, Aoyama sets off a bomb he'd left behind, destroying the building but failing to kill Kiryu, since he'd already escaped.

Ch. 4 - Destinations[edit | edit source]

A battered Kiryu returns to his apartment, where another surprising revelation awaits him: His girlfriend, Mayumi, reveals that she'd been spying on him this whole time for her father: Patriarch Madarame. She takes him to meet with her father, who survived Aoyama's attempt on his life. The Yamagasa Patriarch reveals that he'd had his daughter keep an eye on Kiryu since he arrived to Fukuoka to ensure that he wouldn't cause trouble. Madarame also reveals that Daigo has not been kidnapped, but rather that he fled the city with Madarame's help and has gone into hiding, since he knew traitors within the Tojo Clan were plotting against him.

Tha Patriarch tells Kiryu that he intends to dissolve the Yamagasa Family, since a war with the Tojo is one they cannot win and he wants to keep his men from being killed needlessly. However, Kiryu dissuades him and proposes a different solution. Afterwards, Kiryu tracks down the Yamagasa Captain, Yahata, and tells him of his meeting with Patriarch Madarame and his plan to stop the war between his family and the Tojo. At Kiryu's request, Yahata calls Aoyama and goads him into a confrontation between Tojo and Yamagasa forces the following night.

At the appointed time, the Yamagasa and Tojo forces meet for battle at the Fukuoka docks, with Yahata, Aoyama and Watase all present. Before the fighting can begin, Kiryu intervenes and, as a living Tojo Chairman, orders the Tojo's forces to stand down, threatening that any of them who refuse to surrender will have to fight him instead of the Yamagasa. Though most of the Tojo's forces are intimidated by Kiryu's legend and stand down, several dozen refuse and attack him.

After an extended battle, Kiryu manages to defeat fifty of the Tojo's men all by himself. A horrified Aoyama tries to shoot him, but Watase stops him, since he refuses to allow Kiryu to be killed before he can fight him. While Kiryu beats him, Aoyama lets slip that somebody else had instructed him to go to war with the Yamagasa Family. However, before he can reveal his backer's identity, he is shot in the head by Morinaga, who is revealed to also be a traitor. Kiryu tries to question Morinaga, but Morinaga manages to flee, only revealing that he'd also killed Aizawa, since he'd discovered the truth about Morinaga's betrayal.

Two days later, Kiryu is once again stopped in the street by Detective Serizawa. The Detective has learned of what happened at the docks and asks if Kiryu will go to Tokyo to aid the Tojo Clan. When Kiryu claims he won't, Serizawa tells him that he's learned something that might change his mind: His old friend, Goro Majima, has been killed in Sapporo and now the Tojo Clan is without either of its major leaders.

Part II - Taiga Saejima[edit | edit source]

Ch. 1 - Ends of the Earth[edit | edit source]

Two years prior, after the events of the previous game, Taiga Saejima agreed to return to prison and serve out the remainder of his term for the attempted murder of the Ueno-Seiwa Clan's leadership, despite the objections of his sworn brother, Goro Majima.

In 2012, Saejima is awaiting parole at Abashiri Prison in Hokkaido with his cellmates: Himura, a corrupt former police detective; Heihachiro Oshima, a professional thief; and Shigeki Baba, a member of the Sapporo's leading yakuza, the Kitakata Family. Despite being model inmates, Saejima and his cellmates are constantly harassed by Hiroshi Kugihara, another prisoner who has an inexplicable bone to pick with them.

Tensions escalate when Kugihara frames Baba for an attack on one of his cohorts. After Saejima, Himura and Oshima find proof of the set-up, they confront Kugihara and Saejima gets into a fight with him. After being beaten, Kugihara lets it slip that somebody instructed him to hound Saejima and goad him into fighting so that he would be denied parole.

Further bad news reaches Saejima soon after. When he and his cellmates are reading a newspaper, the top article informs them about the death of Goro Majima during an alliance negotiation with the Kitakata Family in Hokkaido, seemingly on the orders of the Family's patriarch, Taizo Kitakata.

Ch. 2 - The Way of Resolve[edit | edit source]

A couple days later, Saejima is called to see the prison's warden, Seiji Kosaka. Kosaka informs him that, despite the fight with Kugihara, Kosaka still intended to recommend Saejima for parole, but unexplained orders came directly from the Ministry of Justice to deny Saejima's parole request. Not only that; an unusually large amount of yakuza inmates from other prisons were transported into Abashiri during the previous days. Kosaka suspects that somebody may be trying to make an attempt on Saejima's life. The warden, not wishing to allow assassins to carry out their dirty work in his prison, covertly passes Saejima a key to a snowmobile outside the prison, leaves Saejima's cell unlocked and encourages him to break out.

That night, Saejima makes a break for it with the help of his cellmates, taking Baba with him, since his connection to the Kitakata Family could help him find out the truth about Majima's murder. However, their escape is hindered by Kugihara and the dozen new yakuza inmates who, as Kosaka correctly deduced, were transfered in to kill him. After an extensive battle, during which Kugihara is killed by Himura, Saejima and Baba manage to break out of the prison and flee into the wilderness with one of the guards' snowmobiles.

Ch. 3 - Frozen Roar[edit | edit source]

While fleeing across the snowy mountains, Saejima and Baba crash their snowmobile and are attacked by a gigantic bear. Saejima manages to beat back the beast and the duo are saved from the snow storm by a wandering hunter, who stumbles onto them while on a hunt and leads them back to his village.

After resting up for a couple of days, the pair continue to Sapporo.

Ch. 4 - Reckless Encounter[edit | edit source]

Saejima and Baba arrive in Sapporo and go into hiding in an abandoned Kitakata Family bar that Baba used to help run, since the police are out searching for them. After a bit of research, the duo discover that Patriarch Taizo Kitakata will be attending the city's snow festival as a guest of honor and determine that this is their best opportunity to confront him about his role in Majima's death.

During the snow festival celebrations, Saejima and Baba kidnap Kitakata and takes him to an abandoned building. Kitakata reveals that he didn't kill Majima, but rather that he helped Majima fake his death so that he could go into hiding, since he and Daigo are covertly trying to ferret out traitors within the Tojo Clan. Before Kitakata can reveal who the suspected traitors were, Baba suddenly shoots him and flees.

Saejima chases down Baba and confronts him about his betrayal. Baba reveals that he was never a part of the Kitakata Family and that he'd been conspiring with Kugihara against Saejima the whole time: Their master wanted them to convince Saejima to return to Tokyo, where a trap awaits him. However, after Saejima treated him so kindly and saved him from the bear in the mountains, he couldn't bring himself to continue betraying him. Baba shot Kitakata to keep him from saying anymore, since he knew Saejima would not be dissuaded from returning to Kanto if he knew the full truth. Baba attacks Saejima, trying to injure him so that he'll have to return to the prison, but Saejima manages to defeat him.

The brawl between them attracts police attention and both are arrested. While in custody, Saejima is confronted by Detective Serizawa, who had now come to Sapporo to investigate Majima's alleged death and its possible connection to the yakuza war brewing in Kansai. After Saejima tells the Detective about Majima's survival and this mysterious conspiracy to get him to travel to Tokyo, Serizawa tells Saejima about Morinaga's plot to kill Daigo in Fukuoka. The detective releases Saejima and tells him to travel to Kamurocho to discover the truth.

Part III - Haruka & Akiyama[edit | edit source]

Ch. 1 - Backstage Dream[edit | edit source]

A year before the game's events, Mirei Park, President of the Dyna Chair Talent Agency, visits the Sunshine Orphanage to make Kiryu a proposal. Park had seen Haruka perform a small, amateur show at a bookstore and had become impressed with the girl's singing and dancing. Believing she has the talent to become a pop idol, she's offering to become her manager. However, since being connected to a former yakuza could be ruinous for her if the public knew about it, she requires that Kiryu leave his post as caretaker of the orphanage. In exchange, Park will help finance access to higher education for all the other kids at the orphanage. Though initially refusing, Park eventually convinces Kiryu.

In the present, Haruka is living in Sotenbori, Osaka, regularly performing shows, appearing on TV and practicing for the upcoming finals of the Princess League talent contest, which will earn her a major label record deal if she wins. Helping her are Ms. Park; her vocal coach, Misa Yamaura; her publicist, Hiroshi Horie; and her dance instructor Kan Ogita.

Haruka participates in the first round of the Princess League finals against T-Set, a pop duo made up by Mai Sanada and Azusa Osawa, who are signed onto the rival Osaka Talents Agency. Despite having less experience than T-Set, she narrowly manages to beat them on the first round.

A few days later, Ogita is fired as Haruka's dance instructor after repeatedly complaining to Park that he doesn't have enough time to properly train Haruka for the dance-heavy second round of the finals. Needing a quick replacement, Ms. Park sends Haruka and Horie to seek out Christina, a famous dance instructor who'd recently arrived in Osaka and who only trains pupils he thinks have potential. The two locate Christina and, after Haruka auditions for him, they convince him to join the company as her new teacher.

Ch. 2 - Hope Lives On[edit | edit source]

The next day, after a show, Haruka and Horie go out shopping. Haruka finds a broche that she wishes to gift Ms. Park as thanks for all her help, but after she buys it, she is confronted by the girls from T-Set. The duo bully her because of how she defeated them and damage the broche she'd just bought. However, they are stopped by Ms. Park's arrival. The manager reminds them that they are in public and that people are watching, so being seen bullying another idol could be disastrous for their careers, which convinces the girls to leave.

Ms. Park is grateful for Haruka's gift and treats her to dinner and a night of playing games at the nearby arcade. On a taxi ride home, Ms. Park tells Haruka that when she was younger, she'd also been a pop idol with dreams of performing in the Japan Dome, the country's biggest stage. However, her career had not worked out and the stress of it all had ended her marriage. Nonetheless, she says that her ex-husband had sent her a letter after he saw Haruka win the first round of the Princess League, asking her to come meet him in Tokyo after Haruka wins her debut, since he wants to see if they can work things out. Haruka congratulates Ms. Park and promises to make her proud by winning the contest so that she and her ex-husband can celebrate it together.

The next day, Haruka awakens to a distressed call from Horie, telling her to come to the office immediately. When Haruka arrives, she is given terrible news: Ms. Park is dead, having seemingly committed suicide by throwing herself off the office rooftop.

Ch. 3 - Closing In[edit | edit source]

Nearby, Shun Akiyama is working on opening a Sotenbori branch of his company, Sky Finance, when he receives word about Ms. Park's suicide. Akiyama had loaned 300 million yen to Ms. Park, so he travels to Dyna Chair's offices and meets with Horie and Yamaura. He says he will not collect, since he'd given the loan to Park personally and the company is not directly involved. However, he says he wants to meet the young up-and-coming idol that Park had been training, since Park had gotten the loan to help finance her career. Akiyama is quite surprised when he discovers that his friend Kiryu's adopted daughter Haruka is that idol.

Haruka asks Akiyama for help. She says she doesn't believe Ms. Park actually killed herself, especially given her plans to meet her ex-husband in Tokyo. Akiyama agrees with her and the two decide to look into her death. Haruka also agrees with Horie, Yamaura and Christina that she will continue to participate in the Princess League finals, since she wants to fulfill her dream of stardom, which Ms. Park believed in so deeply. Consequently, Haruka competes in the second round of the finals and, despite having a disadvantage because T-Set have more dance training than her, she ends up winning.

The next night, Haruka and Akiyama search through Ms. Park's office for any evidence proving her suicide was staged, but they are stopped when they see Horie falling off the rooftop. The duo rush outside and see Horie bleeding in the alley and Ogita, the dance trainer, quickly climbing down the emergency stairs from the roof. Akiyama stops Ogita and fights him, demanding to know what he just did. After beating Ogita, Akiyama is attacked by a large, gruff yakuza who also descended from the roof. He's only saved from being shot by the yakuza due to Haruka attacking the man with a fire extinguisher. Despite Akiyama's best efforts, Ogita and the large yakuza manage to flee the scene, after which Haruka and Akiyama call an ambulance for Horie. He is taken to the hospital and treated, having survived the fall but remaining in critical condition.

Ch. 4 - Beyond the Dream[edit | edit source]

Akiyama and Haruka manage to track down the forger who'd made the fake suicide note found on Ms. Park's office after her death. As it turns out, he's a fan of Haruka's, so he tells them all he knows: Ogita and the large yakuza came to him on the night of Park's death and requested that he prepare the note immediately. He doesn't know the yakuza's identity, but he had seen him before, chauffeuring Naoki Katsuya, the President of Osaka Talents. Knowing this, Akiyama travels to Osaka Talents' offices and meets with Katsuya, who denies involvement in Park's death but nonetheless tries to bribe Akiyama into desisting from his investigation, which the moneylender rejects.

Yamaura takes over as Haruka's manager and helps her prepare for the third round of the finals. Haruka competes against T-Set in the final performance and wins once again, being crowned as the year's Princess League winner, thus earning her a major label record deal. The T-Set girls, impressed with Haruka's performance, apologize for their earlier cruelty and admit that she deserved her victory.

Meanwhile, Akiyama is visited by Detective Serizawa, who is back in Osaka. The Detective tells him that he's heard about Akiyama's investigation and warns him that the large yakuza he was looking for is Kamon Kanai, Captain of Osaka Enterprises, one of the top families in the Omi Alliance. He discourages Akiyama from pursuing the man any further, since he is exceedingly dangerous. Akiyama disregards the advice and tracks down Kanai's base of operations to a junkyard outside Sotenbori.

After fighting his way past Kanai's men, Akiyama finds a severely beaten Ogita within the junkyard. Ogita confesses to Park's murder: Ogita was heavily in debt to Osaka Enterprises and, after Park fired him, he couldn't pay them. Instead, Kanai offered to absolve his debt if he did a job for them. Apparently, Kanai is looking for the letter that Park's ex-husband had sent to her, so he offered Ogita a debt-cancellation if he stole the letter from her office. Park had caught him while he broke in and he accidentally killed her when he hit her on the head to stop her from running away. Kanai, who was there with him, proceeded to stage the suicide to avoid a police investigation. Something similar had occurred with Horie as well, on the night Akiyama and Haruka had caught him and Kanai.

The duo are interrupted by Kanai, who kills Ogita and questions Akiyama as to the letter's location. When Akiyama claims to not know, Kanai tells him that he will have to question Haruka about it instead, since he's certain Park's protegee would know. Akiyama fights off Kanai's men and flees, calling Haruka to warn her, but finds that she's already been taken.

Akiyama returns to Dyna Chair's offices and prepares to seek out Kanai once again with Yamaura and Christina's help. However, they are stopped when Katsuya of Osaka Talents arrives with Haruka in tow. Katsuya reveals that, on top of running his talent agency, he is also the Patriarch of Osaka Enterprises and Kanai is his second-in-command, who'd been acting without his permission to find Park's letter. As it turns out, Park's ex-husband is none other than Goro Majima, whom the Omi Alliance is trying to track down ever since he faked his death to throw them off in Sapporo. Katsuya apologizes for Kanai's aggression and says that he will not force Haruka to give him the letter with violence, but insists that if she does not, he will reveal her connection to Kiryu to the public, ruining her burgeoning career.

After Katsuya departs, Haruka sneaks out and calls him, arranging a meeting with him at the Osaka Central Station to deliver the letter. Christina overhears this and informs Akiyama, who follows Haruka to protect her in case the deal goes sideways. When Haruka arrives at the station, she is intercepted by Kanai, who tries to take the letter off her. Akiyama intervenes and beats the yakuza once again, fleeing with Haruka. The two decide to head to Tokyo to wait for Haruka's major label debut concert within Tojo Clan territory, where the Omi Alliance are less likely to attack them. Katsuya discovers that Kanai's rashness thwarted his attempts to obtain the letter and, as punishment, puts out one of his eyes with a cigarette.

Part IV - Tatsuo Shinada[edit | edit source]

Ch. 1 - Abandoned Glory[edit | edit source]

In 1997, Tatsuo Shinada makes his debut as a major league baseball player for the Nagoya Wyverns, playing against the Tokyo Gigants. He is placed up to bat against his long time minor league rival, Yuki Sawada. Against all odds, Shinada hits a homerun on Sawada's last pitch, winning the game for his team. The next day, however, while Shinada signs autorgraphs for fans, he is arrested on suspicion of being involved in game fixing and illegal gambling. Though he is eventually cleared of all charges, he is banned for life from professional baseball and his mentor, Coach Fujita, is forced to resign in shame as the team's manager.

In 2012, Shinada barely scrapes by a living as an adult entertainment writer in Nagoya and is heavily in debt to multiple people; including Koichi Takasugi, a loanshark with connections to the mysterious yakuza who run the city, the Nagoya Family. The only people from his baseball days whom he skill keeps in touch with are his teammate, Atsushi Sakai, and the team's massage therapist, Uno, whom Shinada is also indebted to. Coach Fujita refused to ever see him again after the scandal and retired from baseball altogether until recently, when he was suddenly made the new manager of the Tokyo Gigants.

On collection day, Shinada desperately needs money. He gets an interview out of his on-again off-again girlfriend; local sex worker Milky, after he helps her brother get out of trouble with Kubota; his boss in Kubota Security. However, the money he gets for publishing the interview is immediately confiscated by Takasugi, who'd been following Shinada to get his interest payments. Desperate for food, Shinada turns to his friend, restaurant owner Fumiya Ushijima. Ushijima offers to give Shinada some leftovers, but only if he can get a prize voucher from the local batting center for him. Though Shinada manages to win the prize vouchers, Takasugi confiscates those as well, threatening Shinada with sending Nagoya Family goons after him.

Ch. 2 - Confronting the Past[edit | edit source]

When he returns home, Shinada is confronted by a mysterious Masked Man. The Masked Man tells Shinada that he knows about him and that somebody framed him for game fixing 15 years prior. The Masked Man says he has a vested interest in discovering who was behind Shinada's framing and offers to pay him 20 million yen if he uncovers the truth. Though Shinada wants to move on from his past, he is forced to agree by Takasugi, who was still following him to collect his money. Shinada initially refuses and tries to convince Milky to flee from Nagoya with him. However, she convinces him that he can't run away from his troubles and Shinada ultimately accepts the offer.

Having no better leads, Shinada and Takasugi seek out Uno at his massage parlor and ask him if he knew anything about the game fixing. Though Uno doesn't know anything, he says that right before Shinada's scandal broke, another one of the team's players, Kanji Manabe, had been acting very suspiciously. Shinada and Takasugi seek out Manabe at his restaurant and he admits that he was involved with game fixing and illegal gambling back when he was in the Wyverns. Apparently, the Omi Alliance and the Tojo Clan both participated in baseball gambling back in the 90's and would frequently bribe and coerce players into sabotaging their own teams to fix games. However, after Shinada was expelled the game fixing became too risky and both yakuza clans had to stop it, eventually leaving Nagoya when their business there became unprofitable without it.

Regrouping in Uno's massage parlor, Shinada determines that the Nagoya Family must have been behind framing him, since they swept in and became the leading yakuza in town after the Tojo and Omi left. Shinada and Uno try to convince Takasugi to take them to the Nagoya Family's patriarch to confirm the truth, but Takasugi admits that he isn't actually a part of the Nagoya Family and had only been pretending to intimidate defaulting debtors.

The group is interrupted when somebody tries to set Uno's clinic on fire. Shinada chases down the arsonist and, after catching up with him, he's surprised to see that it's his only remaining friend from the Wyverns, Sakai. Sakai apologizes and says that he was only trying to injure him and his friends so they would stop their investigation. He admits that the Nagoya Family was behind framing Shinada but insists that they only did it for the good of the city. Shinada fights Sakai to force him to reveal who's in charge of the Nagoya Family, but the fight is cut short when an unknown party tries to push a cement mixer onto Shinada from a nearby rooftop. Sakai saves Shinada from the falling mixer but get himself killed in the process.

Ch. 3 - The Price of Truth[edit | edit source]

The following day, Shinada gets a desperate call from Milky, who says her brother has been kidnapped and taken to the city docks. He calls Takasugi and tells him to meet him there. When Shinada arrives at the docks, he is knocked unconscious and tied up.

After he awakens, Shinada is confronted by Ushijima, Milky, Kubota and various other business owners from around Nagoya. The group reveals that they are the Nagoya Family: The small business owners of Nagoya, who were constantly terrorized and extorted by the Omi and the Tojo back when they ruled the city. They claim that they needed to set somebody up for game fixing so that they could ruin the the two yakuza clans' gambling rackets and free the city from them. Shinada was chosen to be the fall guy simply because he was the newest, least-valuable member of the Wyverns. Ushijima insists that Shinada has to die because the truth can never be revealed, but neither he, nor Milky, nor any of the other business owners who knew him can bring themselves to kill him. Kubota ultimately tries to do so, since he insists he has orders from the Nagoya Family's true leader, but he is interrupted by Takasugi, who arrives just in time to free Shinada.

Shinada and Takasugi fight their way through Kubota's goons and eventually manage to flee from them. A betrayed and distraught Shinada wants to give up on the investigation, being disgusted by how he was manipulated by people he thought were his friends. However, Takasugi insists that if Shinada manages to discover who is the Nagoya Family's leader, he will not only be able to pay him, but he may also be able to repair his reputation and get another chance at being a pro-baseball player. Takasugi makes a confession: He was one of the fans who was at Shinada's autograph session when he was arrested and was heartbroken when it looked like he'd been fixing games. However, now he is a fan of Shinada's once more and wants him to redeem himself and become a pro again. Inspired by this, Shinada agrees to continue.

The duo are interrupted by the arrival of Manabe, who reveals that he was also a part of the Nagoya Family and their conspiracy. He attacks Shinada but is ultimately defeated. After beating him, Shinada convinces Manabe to reveal the identity of the Nagoya Family's leader: Coach Fujita, Shinada's old mentor.

Ch. 4 - Fleeting Triumph[edit | edit source]

The following day, Ushijima, Milky, Manabe and various other members of the Nagoya Family turn themselves over to the police, confessing to having framed Shinada for game fixing all those years ago.

Shinada contacts the Masked Man who hired him and reveals the entire conspiracy to him. Impressed, the Masked Man gives Shinada his 20 million yen and reveals himself to be Daigo Dojima. He says he already suspected the Nagoya Family of having masterminded a plot to drive the Tojo Clan out of the city 15 years prior, but needed a local to investigate and discover the Family's secrets, so he turned to Shinada whom he happened to know since they went to high school together. Daigo says he suspects that Fujita is working with somebody else behind the scenes to conspire against the Tojo Clan, so he needs to go to Tokyo to confront him. Shinada insists that he has to go with him as well but Daigo refuses. The two get into a fight and; after Shinada defeats him, Daigo agrees to take him to Tokyo to face his former mentor.

As the two are preparing to depart Nagoya, Shinada receives a message from Sawada, his old minor league rival against whom he scored his infamous homerun. The message tells him to meet him at the Nagoya Stadium to learn the truth about Fujita's return to baseball after all these years. Shinada tells Daigo to go ahead without him, saying he'll meet him in Tokyo later.

Shinada confronts Sawada at the field in the Stadium and Sawada reveals the truth. Years ago, the current Chairman of the Omi Alliance discovered Fujita's role in the Nagoya conspiracy and used it to blackmail him into using the Nagoya Family to start fixing games in Nagoya once more, but for his benefit. The Chairman used the money from this gambling scheme to finance his rise to the top of the Alliance. Recently the Omi Chairman has been plotting something big and needs all the money he can to finance his scheme, so he's arranged for Fujita to become the new manager of the Tokyo Gigants so he can fix games for the country's most popular team. Sawada was in on the conspiracy as well and has come to warn Shinada, since the Chairman of the Omi Alliance wants him dead for discovering the truth. The two players are then confronted by Omi assassins, who try to kill them, but together Shinada and Sawada manage to defeat them all. After batting a few balls together and reminiscing about their days in the minor leagues, Shinada departs, heading for Tokyo to try and put a stop to the Omi Chairman's plot to ruin his favorite sport.

In Tokyo, Fujita is assassinated by a mysterious man when he tries to reveal the Omi Chairman's blackmail to the press. Back at Nagoya, Takasugi goes to Shinada's place and finds it empty, save for a briefcase with all the money Shinada owed him and an autographed baseball.

Part V - Finale[edit | edit source]

Ch. 1 - The Legends Return[edit | edit source]

Kiryu arrives back in Kamurocho in search of Morinaga and he immediately notices that he is being tailed. He lures his pursuer to a deserted alleyway and confronts him, discovering it is Baba. The two get into a fight, which Kiryu ultimately wins. The two go to New Serena, where Baba introduces himself and explains how he'd been working for the people manipulating the Tojo and the Omi, until he met Saejima and decided to change his ways. However, he says he does not know who the mastermind behind the plot is, since he had gotten all his orders from Morinaga. Baba tries to dissuade Kiryu from staying in Tokyo, since Morinaga's plans were to lure Kiryu back to the city. Regardless, Kiryu cannot be dissuaded from uncovering the truth.

Elsewhere in the district, Saejima and Detective Serizawa meet up once again. Serizawa informs Saejima that Katsuya of Osaka Enterprises is in town and has been mobilizing his men to secretly arrive in the city. He suspects he may be the one behind the conspiracy, in an effort to take over both the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance. While Serizawa heads off to investigate Katsuya, Saejima travels to Purgatory to ask the Florist of Sai for information on Morinaga's whereabouts.

When he arrives to Purgatory, he finds Aizawa, who is inexplicably alive despite the fact that Morinaga claimed to have murdered him. Aizawa says that Morinaga simply vanished one day and that, after discovering his oath brother had betrayed the Clan, he had to come to Tokyo to discover the truth. The two consult the Florist about Morinaga's whereabouts and, after both of them fight in the underground coliseum as payment, the Florist reveals that Morinaga had been murdered several days prior by an unknown assailant.

Ch. 2 - A Hidden Past[edit | edit source]

Akiyama meets with Katsuya in his suite at the Kamurocho Hills Hotel. Katsuya offers him and Dyna Chair 300 million yen in exchange for cancelling Haruka's debut concert at the Japan Dome, but acts evasive about his reasons why. Akiyama turns him down, insisting that Haruka would not accept giving up on her and Park's dream.

Akiyama returns to Sky Finance, where he finds Shinada waiting for him. Shinada introduces himself and asks for a loan of 300 million yen, claiming that he needs the money as a cancellation fee to suspend Haruka Sawamura's debut concert. When a flabbergasted Akiyama asks why, he explains the Seventh Chairman of the Omi Alliance is planning something and, according to Sawada, part of it will involve an attack on that concert, so he needs to stop it. The two men explain to each other everything each of them had uncovered in relation to the conspiracy and decide to speak with the event organizer for the concert.

The duo find the organizer at his office, who reveals something to them: Katsuya and Park had actually been friends for a very long time and their supposed rivalry was just a stunt they put on to create buzz for their respective agencies. Haruka's debut concert will actually be a debut for a supergroup formed by Haruka and the T-Set girls, which both Park and Katsuya had planned from the beginning. Katsuya wants to suspend the event because he also knows that the Omi Chairman is planning something related to it, but he needed Dyna Chair to approve of the suspension as well.

Ch. 3 - The Survivors[edit | edit source]

Kiryu gets wind that Katsuya has been mobilizing his troops into Tokyo and decides to meet him at his suite in the Kamurocho Hills Hotel. Simultaneously, Saejima gets told by the Florist that Katsuya is the Tokyo PD's primary suspect in Morinaga's murder, so he decides to pursue him as well. A day prior, Watase had also learned of Katsuya's mobilization and decided to travel to Tokyo to confront his rival. All three men arrive at Katsuya's hotel room at about the same time and confront the Osaka Enterprises patriarch. Katsuya informs them that he intended to lure all of them there, since he believes that the mastermind behind the conspiracy is trying to get them all to kill each other. Since Katsuya knows he is being watched, he proposes that they pretend to fight to the death in order to trick the mastermind into revealing himself.

The four men gather atop one of the Kamurocho Hills towers. Kiryu defeats Watase, and Saejima defeats Katsuya. Kiryu and Saejima fight each other to a draw. As the mastermind still hasn't revealed themselves, Kiryu and Saejima are about to continue fighting, until they are both suddenly shot from across the other tower. The shooter is none other than Detective Serizawa, but as Watase and Katsuya reveal, that is not his true identity. Serizawa had only been pretending to be a detective, and is truly the Seventh Chairman of the Omi Alliance, Tsubasa Kurosawa. After shooting both Watase and Katsuya, Kurosawa reveals that he loathes yakuza like the other four who lead others through charisma and principles. His plan is to purge both the Tojo and the Omi of that sort of yakuza to pave the way for calculating, profit-driven criminals like him rather than men driven by what he perceives to be foolish idealism. To this end, he needed to lure the four most charismatic yakuza in both organizations to Tokyo so he could kill them in public.

Kurosawa attempts to shoot and kill Watase, but Katsuya takes the bullet for him and is critically wounded. Before Kurosawa can finish off the rest, Daigo Dojima shows up and holds Kurosawa at gunpoint. Daigo reveals he uncovered Kurosawa's scheme after initially being suspicious of his claims of being sick, and later going through Coach Fujita's records, and had been waiting for Kurosawa to make his move. Daigo gives him a chance to die like a yakuza by committing suicide, but he is stopped by the arrival of Kamon Kanai, Katsuya's now-former underling who had been loyal to Kurosawa the whole time. Kanai shoots Daigo, wounding him. Kurosawa and Kanai depart, but not before Kurosawa threatens Kiryu by telling him to "watch out for that little idol girl of his".

Ch. 4 - The Crossroads[edit | edit source]

At Haruka's rehearsal space for the debut concert, she and her team are approached by the T-Set girls and their manager, who tell them about Katsuya's intent for the formation of a supergroup between them: Dreamline. Haruka is thrilled by the prospect and agrees to form this new group and debut it at her concert. Their rehearsal is interrupted a short while later by the arrival of Baba, who claims he has a message for Haruka from Kiryu. Baba and Haruka have a conversation in private, where Baba relays Kiryu's message to her: "Don't give up. I'm rooting for you". Haruka departs and Baba recieves a call from Kurosawa.

At New Serena, Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama, Shinada and Kiryu's friend in the police, Makoto Date, gather to pool their knowledge about Kurosawa and his plot. They conclude that Kurosawa will make a move to take Tokyo from the Tojo Clan and then use the resources acquired from this takeover to wipe out his enemies within the Omi Alliance. They also believe that he intends to attack Haruka's concert, both to distract the public from his takeover and to split Kiryu and his friends' efforts to stop him by forcing them to protect the concert as well. In response, the team start to formulate a defence strategy, using Shinada's intimate knowledge about the stadium from his days as a baseball star.

Ch. 5 - Dreams Fulfilled[edit | edit source]

The day of the debut concert, Kiryu's team makes preparations to go to the Japan Dome, when a news broadcast shows that an unknown group has taken the Majima Family's offices in Millenium Tower and is holding Majima hostage. The team realizes that Kurosawa has started his move and head over to rescue Majima, while Date heads over to the Japan Dome to set-up police watchmen to control the entrances. Once outside the tower, the group is attacked by machinegun-wielding thugs posing as members of the Majima Family. These gunmen are then joined by reinforcements and the team splits up, with Kiryu and Akiyama staying behind to hold off the thugs, Shinada heading to the Japan Dome to help Date, and Saejima heading into the Millenium Tower to rescue Majima.

Atop the Millenium Tower, Saejima confronts Kurosawa and several of his men, who have Majima in chains. Kurosawa then reveals his plan to Saejima: He has a sniper posted in the Japan Dome, which he shows through a live-feed on a tablet he hands Saejima, set to kill Haruka if instructed to do so. Kurosawa instructs Saejima and Majima to fight to the death while he films them if they want Haruka to be allowed to live. Without any other options, both oath brothers start fighting each other in a no-holds barred duel to the death while Kurosawa gleefully watches.

At the Japan Dome, Haruka and T-Set begin their first concert as Dreamline, performing for an ecstatic audience of tens of thousands. At the other end of the stadium, the sniper, Baba, has his sights trained on Haruka. However, after some reflection, he decides he cannot continue working for Kurosawa any more and sets down his rifle. He is then confronted by Shinada, who deduced the likeliest position from which an attack would take place through his knowledge about the stadium. Despite the fact that Baba stood down of his own volition, Shinada insists that he needs some "straightening out" because of his actions and the two fight. Ultimately, Shinada wins. Repentant for his betrayal of Saejima and Kiryu, Baba tries to commit suicide by shooting himself with his rifle, only to be stopped by his friends from prison: Oshima, Himura and Warden Kosaka. Saejima had called them a couple days prior and told them that he suspected Baba was still working with Kurosawa and that he thought perhaps they could talk him down. Moved by their friendship, Baba agrees to return to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. Shinada laments to himself that he doesn't have anybody who cares about him as much as Baba does, only to then receive a phone call from Takasugi, Milky and Ushijima. The latter two apologize for having lied to him and Takasugi asks him to return to Nagoya, since they all miss him. Tearfully, Shinada agrees.

After seeing Baba surrender through the live-feed, Saejima and Majima stop fighting, prompting an enraged Kurosawa to order his guards to kill them. However, the guards are all shot dead by a newly arrived Daigo and Katsuya. Daigo tells Kurosawa that his plot is finished, but Kurosawa insists that he isn't done yet. He claims that several hundred men loyal to him will soon arrive in Kamurocho to take the district by force and that several dozen more are also headed to the Tojo Headquarters to assassinate all the clan's patriarchs, whom he has gathered there through a fake message from Daigo. Daigo calls Kiryu, who is still fighting Kurosawa's men with Akiyama, to inform him of this. Kiryu decides to rush to the Tojo headquarters to stop the assassinations while Akiyama stays behind to hold off the thugs still gathered in Theater Square.

After Kiryu departs, more thugs, now led by Kanai, show up and attack Akiyama. Though the moneylender beats them, Kanai claims Kurosawa's true army will arrive any minute. Soon, hundreds of yakuza approach Theatre Square and Kanai gloats about Kurosawa's impending victory. However, it turns out these men are not Kurosawa's reinforcements, but rather it's an army raised by Watase, consisting of his men, the Yamagasa Family and the Kitakata Family. Watase had gathered them all in Tokyo over the past couple of days to unite against Kurosawa for the crimes he committed against them. Together, they've already beaten Kurosawa's army. A defeated Kanai surrenders and begs for his life, while Watase thanks Akiyama for holding off Kanai long enough for he and his allies to arrive. Atop Millenium Tower, a dejected Kurosawa realizes his plot has been foiled and he sobs to himself about how charismatic yakuza have always eclipsed him, no matter how hard he's tried to surpass them. He then shocks Daigo, Majima, Katsuya and Saejima by revealing that, on top of revenge, he also wanted to leave a legacy for his son.

At the Tojo Clan headquarters, Kiryu arrives and finds the aftermath of a brutal battle between the Tojo forces gathered there and Kurosawa's assassins, with corpses from both factions strewn all over the place. At the Patriarch's Meeting Hall, he finds the leader of Kurosawa's assassins and the only survivor of the battle: Aizawa. It turns out that Aizawa was Kurosawa's illegitimate son, whom Kurosawa planned to leave in charge of the Tojo and the Omi after his plan succeeded. In spite of the plot's failure, Aizawa claims to not care about his father's schemes, since all he wants is to be the one to kill Kiryu, so that he can become more famous and legendary than he was. The two engage in a drawn out fight across the entire Tojo headquarters, culminating in the snowy courtyard entrance. Kiryu sustains serious wounds, but is ultimately victorious, and Aizawa is left knocked out.

At the Japan Dome, at the end of the concert, Haruka gives a speech to the audience gathered there. She says that, while becoming a pop star was always her dream and it's been more fun and exciting that she ever thought it would be, she cannot enjoy it if she can't do it with the people she loves. She reveals to the public that her father is Kazuma Kiryu; the infamous yakuza, and that if she can't enjoy her success with him and all her foster siblings from the orphanage, then she doesn't want that success anymore. With those words, Haruka departs from the stadium. She travels all the way to the Tojo Clan headquarters, where she finds a critically wounded Kiryu collapsing on the floor outside after his fight with Aizawa. The game ends with father and daughter being reunited before Kiryu passes out due to his injuries.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This time, the game features 5 main protagonists/playable characters. Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama, Taiga Saejima, and Haruka Sawamura made a return in this title. A new character named Tatsuo Shinada is introduced.

Gameplay is relatively similar to the previous games in the series, though with a few changes. Similar to past games, there are two components; being Adventure Mode and Combat Mode. The change between the game's Adventure Mode and Combat Mode is also said to be more seamless compared to previous games, thus involving a transitional change when encountering enemies.

Extra Content[edit | edit source]

Regular weekly updates of 'Extra Contents' are available from December 11, 2012 forth. There are currently a total of 8 updates of special item packages and missions for the game, via the PlayStation Network. It uses an automatic update method when the game is launched, as and when the contents are available. This service is free of charge.

Locations: The Five Big Cities[edit | edit source]

Battle System[edit | edit source]

Heat Action[edit | edit source]

"Heat Actions" has undergone further evolutionary additions. From powerful to comical techniques, a significant variation is reinforced, each symbolic to the 'Battle Style' of each playable main character.

  • Heat Climax A flashy showdown move in battle. Unlike the usual 'heat action', this is triggered by button input and when special conditions are met.
  • Revelation A significant story expansion mode power up. A power glim is suddenly triggered in the midst of a battle. At the second stage, where the character undergoes strengthening, you can also expect interesting outcome or response from the crowd around.

Special Techniques[edit | edit source]

A combat feature unique to each different playable character:

  • Kazuma Kiryu - Fury Dragon's Pride (怒龍の気位)
  • Taiga Saejima - A Savage Tiger's Experience (猛虎の心得)
  • Shun Akiyama - Airstrike (エアストライク)
  • Tatsuo Shinada - Streaming Meteor Tackle (俺流 流星タックル)

Dance Battle[edit | edit source]

Osaka is said to be the birthplace of Japanese Street Dance, and Sotenbori is no exception, serving as a hub for many dancers who polish their skills via the 'Dance Battle'. It is also a challenge and part of Haruka's training in 'Princess League'. Competitors are rife in various places of Sotenbori, where a conversation with a dancer could initiate a battle. 

Dance Styles
There is a genre of five styles applicable in 'Dance Battle'; namely:

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • House
  • Rock
  • Idol

Dance Battle System
Dance battle system is based on rhythm games, where the character basic moves are choreographed left, right,up and down that takes timing to synchronize with the flow of the Playstation btn triangle.pngPlaystation btn circle.pngPlaystation btn cross.pngPlaystation btn square.png buttons on the screen. The results would then be displayed; based on : Vocals, Basic Foundation, Performance and Charm.

Another Drama[edit | edit source]

  • Kiryu's Arc: Taxi Driver
    Destiny Mission - As a taxi-driver, Kiryū earns his own keep in this manner. For a time limit, he has to take his passengers to their destination and at the same time watchful of the 'obstacles' that could snare points away, e.g. ignoring traffic rules or pedestrians.
    Race Battle - This happens in the midst of "Destiny Mission". Kiryū's taxi can undergo customizations like for e.g. turbo, the car's paint, sticker, tyre enhancement, wheel, tune-up, etc. You can even change the BGM playing during this mode.
    There is also a possibility to encounter The Devil Killers, a street racing group.
  • Saejima's Arc: The Snow Mountain Hunter's Survival
    Using the "Law of the Jungle" to hunt, in order to survive. Dominate the nature of the snowy mountain and protect yourself from savage animals encounter. Experience ‘Real-Time Weather Changes' and the blizzard as well. Survival action in an extreme environment.
  • Haruka's Arc: The Road To Become An Idol
    Idol Lesson - A major record company's debut awaits the champion of the 'Princess League'. Haruka is the gemstone Dyna Chair talent agency From TV appearances to magazine interviews, Haruka is kept busy, as well as learning the basics of being an idol. Experience the entertainment field with performance, charm, agency's remuneration and fans are also something to look out for in this arc; while at the same time being a high school student.
  • Shinada's Arc: Batting Battle
    As a former professional baseball player, enhance his skills with his training coach, as he competes with his former high school teammate.

Playspot[edit | edit source]

  • Games Collaboration
    (Available at Club SEGA.)
    • Taiko no Tatsujin
      Songs available are "Mappy Ondo" (マッピー音頭), "Rainbow colours" ・ Dream colours ・ Taiko colours" (虹色・夢色・太鼓色) and "From The New World" (新世界より). The game's popular character Don-Chan also makes an appearance as a prize for the "UFO Catcher" game.
    • Virtua Fighter 2
      A two-Player option is possible through the PlayStation Network.
  • Local Mini Games
    • Snow Combat Sport
      (Tsukimino) Much like a competitive snowball game within a square area of pillars of different height and time limit.
    • Chicken Race Game
      (Nagoya) Use items, aim for the Grand Champion, claim victory and win the prize money.
    • Manzai Stand Up Comedy
      (Osaka)A certain programme held audition that Haruka has to get past.
    • Ramen House
      (Fukuoka) The shopkeeper has a strained back! Take over the ramen store for the shopkeeper, take up the challenge and receive customer specified orders of varying degrees of ramen firmness texture. When you level up, the order intervals become shorter and accurate.
  • Other Mini Games

Chapters[edit | edit source]

There are 21 chapters in this game, divided into 5 parts:

Part 1: Kazuma Kiryu

Part 2: Taiga Saejima

Part 3: Shun Akiyama / Haruka Sawamura

Part 4: Tatsuo Shinada


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yakuza 5 was released in the west on December 8th 2015; 10 years to the day after the release of the original Yakuza game in Japan.
  • Outside Japan, Yakuza 5 on PlayStation 3 was a digital-only release.
  • The Day One Edition of The Yakuza Remastered Collection includes a collectible Yakuza 5 PlayStation 3 Amaray case.

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