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"How far would you go for family?"

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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (龍が如く6 命の詩。, Ryū ga Gotoku 6: Inochi no Uta., lit. "Like a Dragon 6: The Poetry of Life") is an open world action-adventure video game developed and published by SEGA for the PlayStation 4. It was originally released in 2016 in Japan, later localized in 2018, and on March 25th, 2021 was released on the PC and Xbox One.

The game is the seventh main entry in the Yakuza series of action-adventure games. Unlike the previous three main entries, Yakuza 6 only features one playable character: series staple Kazuma Kiryu. Yakuza 6 is the conclusion to Kiryu's story arc; it is the final game to feature him as a playable character, as the next game in the main series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, features a new main hero, Ichiban Kasuga.

After Yakuza 6 was released, Yakuza Kiwami 2 was released. Its engine, graphics and combat system are largely borrowed from Yakuza 6.



Yakuza 6 begins immediately after the events of Yakuza 5, with the events of the main story beginning in December 2016. The game features an open world set in the universe established by the Yakuza series. It focuses on the red-light district of Kamurocho, Tokyo, a fictionalized version of Kabukicho, Tokyo. The other location the game mainly takes place in is Jingaicho, Onomichi, a fictional rendition of a district of Onomichi, Hiroshima.

Story Summary[]

There are 13 chapters in this game:

SPOILER WARNING: Major plot details for Yakuza 6 follow. (Skip)


Main article: Yakuza 6/Prologue

In 2012, immediately after the end of the previous game, Kazuma Kiryu is found wounded in the street by his adoptive daughter, Haruka Sawamura, after she's revealed their connection to the crowd in the middle of her debut idol concert at the Japan Dome. Kiryu is taken to a hospital, where he is treated for the injuries he suffered while fighting Masato Aizawa, but is soon after visited by police officers who seek to arrest him. According to his friend, Detective Makoto Date, the Tokyo police wish to prosecute him to seem proactive in the face of the very public conflict between the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance which had just unfurled. Kiryu pleads guilty to charges of assault and disturbing the peace in exchange for a lighter sentence, hoping that after he's released from jail, the media storm around him and Haruka will have died down enough for them to return to their normal lives in Okinawa, and that he would no longer be associated with the Tojo Clan.

Six months later, Haruka has returned to living with her foster siblings at the Morning Glory Orphanage and visited Kiryu in prison. However, the still-ongoing media harassment has now involved the orphanage and she fears that it will start to negatively affect the lives of her brothers and sisters. Haruka departs the orphanage in the middle of the night after falsely assuring Ayako that she will move closer to Kiryu.

In 2015, the Little Asia district of Kamurocho burns down in a sudden fire. Though the public and the police come to believe the fire was accidental; it was caused deliberately by a mysterious group of men who seek to profit from it.

Ch. 1 - The Price of Freedom[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 1: The Price of Freedom

In December 2016, Kiryu is finally released from prison after almost four years behind bars. He travels back to Okinawa and reunites with his foster kids, only to learn that Haruka had departed three years prior. The children never made any inquiries about it, since Haruka would periodically call and she pretended to be in Tokyo, regularly visiting Kiryu. Feeling responsible for her disappearance, Kiryu departs for Tokyo a few days later to search for his daughter.

In Kamurocho, Kiryu reunites with Detective Date, who fills him in on how things have changed while he was on the inside: After the Little Asia fire of the previous year, a new Chinese mafia called the Saio Triad have moved into Tokyo and have been at war with the Tojo Clan. Due to the escalating violence, many top Tojo officers (including Daigo Dojima, Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima) have been arrested and await trial. Since Date hasn't heard anything from Haruka, Kiryu decides to seek out Shun Akiyama, since he's the other person in Tokyo whom Haruka trusted most.

After finding out that Akiyama had closed Sky Finance a few months back due to trouble with the Saio Triad, Kiryu begins trying to track down his old friend throughout the city and eventually finds him living in a small homeless camp in the sewers. Unfortunately for them, Kiryu was followed by Ed; a Saio officer, who proceeds to attack them. The two men manage to beat Ed and his goons, and then catch up with each other. However, Akiyama reveals that he also hasn't heard anything from Haruka.

After leaving the sewers, Kiryu gets an urgent call from Date: He's found Haruka but unfortunately, she'd been the victim of a hit and run and is interned at Touto University Hospital in critical condition. Kiryu travels to the hospital to see his daughter and, once there, Date shows him something that had been found with Haruka at the scene of the accident: Her nearly year-old son, Haruto.

Ch. 2 - Life Blooms Anew[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 2: Life Blooms Anew

Kiryu goes to the scene of Haruka's accident accompanied by Jiro Honjo, the police detective in charge of the case. Based on street camera footage, Detective Honjo tells Kiryu that he suspects the driver was a criminal fleeing from the scene of a confrontation between the Tojo and the Saio. When Kiryu inquires about the conflict, Honjo tells him that hostilities between the yakuza and the triad escalated into a full-on war after the murder of Jimmy Lo, the son of the Saio's leader, which the Chinese believe was a Tojo hit.

While investigating the scene, Kiryu notices a man covertly filming him. After questioning him, the man claims to be part of the Someya Family, a Tojo clan subsidiary, and that he was instructed by his boss to keep tabs on Kiryu while he's in Tokyo. Kiryu travels to the Tojo Clan HQ and meets with the young Someya patriarch, Takumi Someya, and with the acting chairman of the Tojo while Daigo is in prison, Katsumi Sugai. Both men insist that the spy was only there to ensure Kiryu was not attacked by the Saio while he's in town, but Kiryu rebuffs this and insists that he does not want to be involved with the Tojo anymore, so they should stop protecting him. Kiryu also inquires as to whether the Tojo had any role in Haruka's accident, but both men deny this.

Kiryu gets called back to Touto Hospital by Akiyama, who tells him that an employee from child protective services wants to take Haruto into government custody while Haruka is unconscious, since she has no living blood relatives who can take care of him. Kiryu goes to the hospital and tries to persuade the employee to leave Haruto in his care, but the CPS worker is unswayed. Not willing to let Haruto go to an orphanage, Kiryu surreptitiously takes the baby from the hospital, in spite of Akiyama's attempts to stop him. Fortunately for Kiryu, Date uses his connections in the police to keep the employee from reporting Kiryu as a kidnapper and instead gives him custody over Haruto. Additionally, while speaking with Kiryu in New Serena, Date tells Kiryu that he's gotten a lead as to where Haruka had been during the previous three years: A photo which the police recovered from Haruka's broken cellphone was taken a few months back in Hiroshima. Determined to discover what Haruka had been doing for the past few years and to track down the father of her baby, Kiryu travels to Hiroshima with Haruto.

Ch. 3 - Foreign Influence[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 3: Foreign Influence

Kiryu arrives to the Jingaicho district of Onomichi, Hiroshima with Haruto and starts inquiring about Haruka with the locals. While doing so, he befriends Kiyomi Kasahara; the owner of a small bar, and she finds him a place to stay while conducting his search for Haruto's father. Kiryu also runs afoul of Tsuyoshi Nagumo, a yakuza captain who's in love with Kiyomi and mistakes Kiryu for a romantic rival. When Kiryu and Kiyomi attend a baseball game to ask various locals if any of them knew Haruka while she was in town, tensions between him and Nagumo escalate into a brawl.

The night after the fight at the baseball game, Nagumo gets into a third fight with Kiryu outside Kiyomi's bar, but they are interrupted by Koji Masuzoe, the patriarch of the Masuzoe Family, to which Nagumo's yakuza family is subordinate. Masuzoe had ordered Nagumo to extort protection money from Kiyomi's bar, since it's in his territory, but Nagumo had secretly been letting Kiyomi operate without paying protection. When Nagumo still refuses to threaten Kiyomi, Masuzoe's men kidnap him. After getting Kiyomi to look after Haruto, Kiryu pursues the yakuza and finds them atop a nearby hill, where they're beating Nagumo for his insubordination. Kiryu interrupts and fights Masuzoe and his men, quickly defeating them all. After the other yakuza have fled, an impressed Nagumo apologizes to Kiryu for his mistreatment and pledges his eternal friendship, much to Kiryu's chagrin and amusement.

Ch. 4 - Deception[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 4: Deception

Nagumo takes Kiryu to the Hirose Family office to meet his fellow yakuza. There he introduces his lieutenant, Takaaki Matsunaga; the family's soldiers, Yuta Usami and Naoto Tagashira; and their boss who took them all in as his own children after they were all orphaned, Patriarch Toru Hirose. Though the family's members are initially cold to Kiryu because of his previous enmity with Nagumo, they warm up to him after he helps them drive away some rowdy customers from the family's bar, Moreno. Kiryu shows the Hirose men a picture of Haruka, to ask if they knew her while she was in town. When all of them react oddly, Kiryu realizes they know something but they are hiding it from him.

The next night, Kiryu goes to Moreno to try to get information out of Matsunaga. While the two talk, Yuta and Tagashira arrive in a panic and tell their boss some bad news: The clients they got into a fight with the previous night were from Iwami Shipbuilding, the single biggest employer in Hiroshima, and word of the fight has gotten to the Hirose family's bosses, the Yomei Alliance. Now, the Alliance's captain is at their office waiting for Matsunaga, to punish him for picking a fight with high-ranking members of a company so vital to the city's economy. Matsunaga decides to go face the consequences and Kiryu follows after him, to try and stop him.

Outside the Hirose Family office, Kiryu is confronted by Patriarch Masuzoe, who wants revenge for the beating Kiryu gave him. Despite having more goons with him, Masuzoe gets beaten up again. After the fight, the Yomei Alliance captain, Kanji Koshimizu, emerges from the office and claims to be impressed by Kiryu, saying that he lives up to his legend. When Kiryu takes responsibility for the fight, Koshimizu decides to spare Matsunaga from having to cut off his pinkie in atonement. Once Koshimizu is gone, Kiryu tells the Hirose members that he knows they lied about Haruka. Nagumo later confesses and says that they didn't tell Kiryu the truth because they wanted to protect Haruka from what she was running from, not knowing the specifics because they never brought up the subject. He admits that Haruka had met and befriended them when she came to town 3 years prior, but insists that they don't know who Haruto's father is, since Haruka didn't appear pregnant when she left town a year and a half prior. However, he says that Kiyomi probably knows, since she was Haruka's closest friend and employer when she was in Onomichi.

Ch. 5 - Masked[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 5: Masked

Kiryu meets with Kiyomi to speak about Haruka, but they are interrupted by Someya from the Tojo Clan. Someya says he's in town for a meeting with the heads of the Yomei Alliance and he just happened to run into the two while out for a stroll. He also reveals that he and Kiyomi were once married, back when she lived in Tokyo for a few years. Someya asks to speak with Kiyomi alone and Kiryu agrees to speak with her about Haruka later, before departing.

That same night, Kiryu tells the Hirose Family members about Kiyomi and Someya's relationship; something which Nagumo does not take well. However, word reaches the group that Kiyomi's been kidnapped and taken to a nearby hotel by Someya's men. Immediately, Kiryu and the Hirose men organize themselves to go rescue her; while wearing masks to avoid being identified, at patriarch Hirose's suggestion. The rescue party raid the hotel and Kiryu eventually confronts and fights Someya at his luxury suite on the top floor. Once he's beaten, Someya shows Kiryu to the penthouse's dinning room, where Kiyomi is attending a dinner between himself and the Yomei Alliance leadership. Present at the meeting is Heizo Iwami, the owner of the Iwami Shipbuilding Company and Chairman of the Yomei Alliance, who is also there with Captain Koshimizu; who is the heir to the Yomei Alliance, and with his son Tsuneo Iwami; the heir to Iwami Shipbuilding.

Chairman Iwami reveals that he engineered Kiyomi's kidnapping to get Kiryu to meet with them, since he hopes to get Kiryu's formal approval of an alliance and business partnership between the Tojo and the Yomei. Since Kiryu has the respect of yakuza all over the country, his approval would prevent other yakuza groups, like the Omi Alliance, the Yamagasa Family or the Kitakata Family from opposing the alliance and going to war over it. Despite the Chairman's request, Kiryu refuses to approve of the deal currently, since it would mean going over Daigo Dojima's head while he is in prison.

Back at the Hirose Family office, Kiyomi tells Kiryu what she was going to say before Someya interrupted them earlier. She doesn't know who Haruto's father is for sure, but she suspects it might be Shu Tatsukawa, a former member of the Hirose Family whom she overheard talking to somebody on the phone about aborting a baby shortly before Haruka left town.

Ch. 6 - Footsteps[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 6: Footsteps

Soon after, Someya stops by the Hirose office to speak to Kiyomi, but gets turned away by her. Before leaving, he tells her that their daughter is doing fine and that he can visit her if she wants, but only by coming with him to Tokyo. The members of the Hirose Family, especially Nagumo, are shocked to learn that Kiyomi had a daughter. Since Tatsukawa left the Family to become a host in Tokyo almost a year prior, Kiryu decides to search for him there. Yuta decides to tag along since Tatsukawa used to be his closest friend, and Nagumo chooses to go as well to put some space between him and Kiyomi.

The next night, the trio arrive in Tokyo and go to Stardust to inquire about Tatsukawa, but they find that the club has been bought by the Jingweon Mafia, who are trying to re-establish a presence in Tokyo. Kiryu and his friends soon run into Yuya, Stardust's former manager, who's become a company manager since the club was bought out. While discussing Tatsukawa over dinner, Yuya, Kiryu and the Hirose men are interrupted by Joon-gi Han; the Jingweon's new regional leader in Japan. Han heard that they'd inquired about Tatsukawa at Stardust and; in an effort to show the Jingweon no longer bear Kiryu any ill-will, he offers to tell them what he knows if Kiryu accepts his invitation to visit the new Stardust.

Kiryu and Yuta go to Stardust and see Han has turned the host club into a male striptease bar. Han offers to tell Kiryu Tatsukawa's address if he fights him in front of Stardust's audience of excited women, as a symbolic "final battle" between Kiryu and the Jingweon. Kiryu initially refuses, but ultimately agrees after Yuta fights Han in his stead and quickly gets beaten. Kiryu and Han have a one-on-one battle in a lavish boxing ring, which Kiryu ends up winning. Though angry at being bested, Han honors his deal and gives Kiryu Tatsukawa's address. Unfortunately, when Kiryu, Yuta and Nagumo travel to Tatsukawa's apartment, they find his dead body along with that of an unknown Chinese woman; both murdered.

Ch. 7 - Heihaizi[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 7: Heihaizi

After contacting the police, Kiryu is informed by Date and Honjo that, based on the weapon and the type of kill, Tatsukawa's murder was likely committed by the Saio Triad. Back at Serena, Date tells Kiryu about Haruka's condition and how he had her transferred to a police hospital for more protection due to receiving suspicious calls from unknown men inquiring about her. Since Tatsukawa was his only lead, Kiryu decides to question Ed, the Saio Officer he fought alongside Akiyama, to learn if Tatsukawa's murder was in any way connected to Haruka. Kiryu gets in contact with Akiyama, requesting his help to sneak into Ed's office in Little Asia, since Akiyama is familiar with the Saio's territory.

The next day, Kiryu, Akiyama, Yuta and Nagumo sneak into the Saio Triad's base in Little Asia. While the Hirose men and the moneylender hold off some Saio goons who spotted them, Kiryu confronts Ed. The Triad Officer admits to murdering Tatsukawa, but claims that the murder was unrelated to Haruka. Tatsukawa was actually a heihaizi: a Chinese person born in violation of the Chinese government's one child policy, and the Saio had smuggled him into Japan as a child and forged him Japanese papers at the behest of his family. This "people laundering" of heihaizi is one of the Saio's primary businesses, which they do in collaboration with the Yomei Alliance. Tatsukawa had been a member of the Saio all along but had at some point betrayed the Triad, so Ed killed him in retaliation. Kiryu and Ed have an extensive fight, which is soon joined by Kiryu's friends and many of Ed's goons.

However, after Kiryu and his crew defeat the Saio, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Saio's ringleader, Big Lo, and Patriarch Masuzoe, who is revealed to also be a Saio infiltrator within the Yomei Alliance. Though Masuzoe wants to kill the intruders to protect his secret and Ed wants to kill them to compensate for his defeat, Lo insists that they be spared. In exchange, Lo requests that Kiryu meet with him alone at the ruins of Shangri-La the following night, since he has a proposal for him. Kiryu agrees and the group departs. Once they're safely back in New Serena, Yuta tells the group about something which Lo said to Masuzoe in Chinese, which Yuta understood since he was taught to speak the language: "There is a secret in Onomichi, which cannot be discovered, no matter what. We must guard it with our lives".

Ch. 8 - Conspiracy[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 8: Conspiracy

While speaking with Date and Akiyama at New Serena, Kiryu and the Hirose men discuss a theory floated by Date and Akiyama's informants: Apparently, Acting Chairman Sugai caused the Little Asia fire that allowed the Saio to gain power in Tokyo, in order to cause a war which would make the police crack down on Tojo leadership, thus letting him to rise to power. However, after Big Lo's son Jimmy Lo was killed, the Saio broke their deal with Sugai and the war between them and the Tojo became real. The conspiracy discussion is interrupted when Someya visits the group with a proposal for Kiryu: His spies have let him know that Kiryu will meet with Big Lo the next day and he wants to go with Kiryu to the meeting to try to negotiate a ceasefire with Lo. Though begrudgingly, Kiryu agrees to take Someya with him.

The next night, Kiryu and Someya go to Shangri-La, where they fight their way past the gang that has been squatting in the ruined building before coming to the room where Big Lo awaits them. Once there, Someya draws a gun and tries to shoot Big Lo, since his talk of negotiating was a ruse. Kiryu stops Someya and the two fight once again, with Kiryu ending up victorious a second time. A beaten Someya admits that Akiyama's theory was correct: Sugai did conspire with the Saio to remove Daigo, before the murder of Lo's son broke their truce. However, he denies that the Tojo killed Jimmy Lo, insisting that it was their secret financial backer who ordered his death: Tsuneo Iwami, the Yomei Chairman's son and heir to Iwami Shipbuilding.

After Someya departs; his life spared by Big Lo, Kiryu asks him what betrayal led to the Saio killing Tatsukawa. Lo refuses to answer, but insists that it is none of his concern, since Tatsukawa was not Haruto's father. He also warns that Haruto is far more significant to the ongoing turmoil in Tokyo and Hiroshima than Kiryu realizes. Immediately afterwards, Kiryu receives a distressed call from Yuta: Word has reached them that back in Onomichi, Patriarch Hirose took Haruto from Kiyomi and disappeared.

Ch. 9 - Disappearance[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 9: Disappearance

Kiryu, Yuta and Nagumo return to Hiroshima and go to meet with Kiyomi, Matsunaga and Tagashira at Bar Moreno. En route, they have trouble with members of the Koshimizu Family, who are also searching for Hirose and Haruto on their patriarch's orders. At Moreno, Kiyomi recounts how she briefly left Haruto in Patriarch Hirose's care, after which he vanished, leaving his phone behind.

Kiryu and the Hirose men split up to search for Patriarch Hirose. After some searching around, Kiryu learns that he is hiding out in the Ryunan Shrine. While heading there, he is stopped by Captain Koshimizu, who demands to know where Hirose is hiding Haruto. After Kiryu refuses to tell him, the two fight in the middle of the street. The fight concludes when Nagumo arrives and knocks out Koshimizu by hitting him in the back of the head with a bottle. Both men are then approached by Patriarch Hirose, who'd been watching the fight from afar.

After gathering the other members of the Hirose Family at the Ryunan Shrine, Patriarch Hirose explains that he fled with Haruto to prevent him from being taken by members of the Yomei Alliance. Just as Big Lo implied to Kiryu, Haruto is of great significance to the ongoing yakuza conflicts due to the identity of his father. Much to the shock of those gathered, Hirose reveals that he knew who Haruto's father was all along, but kept it a secret because Haruto's father is tied to a larger, dangerous secret involving the Saio Triad and the Yomei Alliance. After Kiryu insists on knowing who Haruto's father is despite the danger, Patriarch Hirose reveals that Haruto's father is Yuta.

Ch. 10 - Blood Law[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 10: Blood Law

A flashback to two years prior reveals that Haruka had started to develop feelings for Yuta after he drove away a paparazzi who had been stalking her, and after she learned he'd known about her identity all along. Yuta confesses they briefly dated and only slept together once, but she left town without saying why soon after. Yuta suspected he might be the father, but when Kiyomi told them she overheard Tatsukawa speaking about an abortion, he assumed he was the father.

Kiryu asks Hirose how he knew about the identity of Haruto's father and the Patriarch says that someone else needs to explain that. Just then, Patriarch Masuzoe walks in and reveals the reason why the Saio Triad had sent him and Tatsukawa to Hiroshima: Their job was to watch over Yuta, since he is the second-born son of Big Lo. In order to prevent internal conflict, the Saio Triad is governed by the "blood law", a code which demands that only the son of the ringleader may succeed him as the next ringleader. To fulfill this requirement, Lo had his first son Jimmy, but he also conceived Yuta as a "back up" in case Jimmy died. In order to avoid the risk of bloody internal conflict over the claim to the Triad throne, Yuta was sent into hiding and kept unaware of his heritage, and Masuzoe and Tatsukawa; in addition to being spies planted in the Yomei, were also tasked with watching over Yuta and grooming him in case he became the proper heir.

Since Masuzoe and Tatsukawa were constantly spying on Yuta, they realized before anyone else that Haruka had become pregnant and they tried to pressure her into aborting to preserve the Saio's Chinese bloodlines; thus the phone call Kiyomi overheard. Wishing to keep the baby, Haruka turned to Patriarch Hirose, who helped her go into hiding in a nearby small village. Tatsukawa eventually tracked her down, but out of fear that the Saio would kill him for letting her escape in the first place, he made a deal with Tsuneo Iwami to hand her over to him, since Iwami wanted the baby for some purpose. He lured Haruka to Kamurocho with the promise of a safer place to hide, but she saw through his ruse when she met with him there and tried to flee. He tried to catch up to her in his car, but he accidentally ran her over. The Saio murdered Tatsukawa after discovering his deal with Tsuneo; and fear that a similar fate awaits Masuzoe is what encouraged him to betray the Saio by revealing all of this, in exchange for Hirose and the Yomei's protection.

The group's conversation is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Joon-gi Han and the forces of the Jingweon Mafia, who've come to kidnap Haruto. Kiryu fights Han and his men to hold them off while the Hirose Family members flee with Haruto. In the chaos, Masuzoe escapes alone. After beating back the Jingweon, Kiryu re-groups with the Hirose men, only to learn that the Jingweon managed to snatch Haruto and take him away on a boat. Patriarch Hirose has his contacts with the local coast guard follow the Jingweon boat while Nagumo procures a boat from a local fisherman. At the office, Yuta is immobilized with shock and is unwilling to help save Haruto, but he has a change of heart and acknowledges his responsibility as a father after Kiryu reprimands him (and punches him through a door). The group travel to the floating cargo storage barge where the Jingweon boat fled to avoid the coast guard. On the way there, Hirose explains that the triads and the Yomei have a long relationship, with the Yomei helping the triads smuggle Heihaizi children into Japan to give them new lives.

Kiryu and the Hirose men fight their way past the Jingweon goons they encounter on the barge. Eventually, Kiryu receives a call from Han, where he reveals why he and his men came to Hiroshima and kidnapped Haruto: They've been paid by Tsuneo Iwami to do so. Tsuneo had learned Yuta is Big Lo's son and he wants Yuta to use that link between them to assassinate Lo, since the Saio stand in the way of his secret plans. If Yuta doesn't agree to do this, Han will kill Haruto. Kiryu tells the Hirose men to stay behind while he sneaks past the remaining Jingweon to get to Han, hoping to take him by surprise. Kiryu manages to reach Han and the pair have a third fight, which again ends in Kiryu's victory. Once defeated, Han reveals that Tsuneo wants to take over Tokyo, thus why he is using the Jingweon, who were the ones that murdered Jimmy Lo on Tsuneo's orders. The Jingweon have been trying to kill Big Lo as well, but they've been unable to locate him, which is why they tried to use Yuta. Han also says that Tsuneo is looking to expose the secret of Onomichi but, before he can elaborate any further, he is suddenly shot dead by an unseen assassin. Elsewhere, Patriarch Masuzoe's body is seen floating in the Onomichi bay with a bullet between his eyes.

Ch. 11 - Father and Son[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 11: Father and Son

The following day, Kiryu and the Hirose men are shaken by everything that unfolded. Kiryu has a chat with Yuta and both of them decide to travel to Kamurocho together to meet with Big Lo; hoping to convince him to cease targeting Haruka and Haruto. The pair take the baby with them, reasoning that he's in danger regardless of where he is, so they might as well keep him close for easier protection.

After arriving in Kamurocho, the pair meet with Date in New Serena and ask him to look after Haruto while they go to Little Asia. While Date and Kiryu discuss details about the Saio, Yuta sneaks out and heads to Little Asia on his own. Kiryu eventually notices and follows him. Once he gets to Little Asia, he is shocked to see that the Saio headquarters are on fire: Yuta had shown up at the building pretending to be drunk and demanding to speak with his father. Once he was allowed in to meet with Lo, he used gasoline he'd smuggled into the building in a bottle of alcohol to set the building ablaze.

Kiryu fights his way past multiple Saio members, including Ed, to make it to Big Lo's office. There, he finds Yuta standing over a wounded Lo. Yuta intends to kill Lo and himself in the fire so that the Saio will have no reason to target Haruka or their child. However, Kiryu refuses to let Yuta throw his life away needlessly, since he wants him to be there for Haruka and Haruto. Both men fight briefly in the burning office before Kiryu manages to wear Yuta down and gets him to leave the building. The pair also carry an injured Lo out with them, hoping to question him further.

Once safely outside the building, Lo asks both men if it was Hirose who told them about Yuta's true parentage. When they answer affirmatively, the Saio leader tells them that Hirose has betrayed them: Hirose is part of Chairman Iwami's conspiracy to guard the infamous secret of Onomichi and he deliberately told them the truth to get Yuta to kill Lo, since Lo knows about the secret. Before they can interrogate him further, Lo passes out from his injuries.

Ch. 12 - The Sleeping Giant[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 12: The Sleeping Giant

Kiryu and Yuta take Lo to New Serena to rest. After he recovers, he tells them and Date the whole story about the Saio's role in the conspiracy. Lo's father had been involved in the creation of the secret of Onomichi in conjunction with Chairman Iwami of the Yomei back during World War II. On his deathbed, Lo's father told Lo about the existence of the secret, but did not tell him what it was; instead only giving him a code which he claimed would lead to the secret's hiding place. Lo never managed to learn the secret but pretended to know of it to blackmail Chairman Iwami into helping out with the Saio's heihaizi smuggling business. Eventually, Tsuneo Iwami learned from Jimmy Lo that Lo did not know the secret and used that to blackmail Lo into taking part in his plan to displace the Tojo Clan leadership, so that he could install Sugai and Someya as his puppet rulers. Tsuneo wants to take control of the Tojo Clan so that he can overthrow his father and Captain Koshimizu and inherit the Yomei Alliance as well as his father's shipbuilding company. In order to facilitate that coup, Tsuneo wants to expose the secret of Onomichi, since it is the source of his father's political power. In order to prevent the secret from being revealed, Hirose revealed the truth about Yuta's parentage to him, to get him to kill Lo.

Yuta refuses to believe Patriarch Hirose would manipulate him like that, so Lo tells him that they must expose the secret of Onomichi, since doing so would make Hirose try to stop them. Kiryu agrees with Lo and asks for the code his father had given him. Yuta tries to go with Kiryu, but Kiryu tells him to stay in Tokyo with Haruka and Haruto at the hospital. When Yuta insists, Date takes him into custody to keep him from leaving.

The next night, Kiryu arrives in Hiroshima and tells Nagumo, Matsunaga and Tagashira what he's learned. The three refuse to believe their patriarch would betray them but, after members of the Yomei's main family attack them to force Kiryu to leave town, they agree to expose the secret to see if Hirose stops them. Using the code that Lo gave Kiryu, the team follows a series of clues throughout the city and eventually discover that the secret is housed in an underground bunker beneath the abandoned Iwami Shipyard across the bay from Onomichi. The group travel there and end up having to fight their way past dozens of armed Yomei men who are guarding the compound. Over the course of the fight, the group becomes separated from each other and only Kiryu and Tagashira end up making it to the entrance of the bunker.

When they're about to enter, they are suddenly attacked by Hirose, confirming what Lo had said. Tagashira pleads with the patriarch to stand down, but Hirose insists that he cannot let anyone learn the secret. Kiryu fights with Hirose to keep him distracted while Tagashira enters the bunker. Patriarch Hirose proves to be an incredibly skilled fighter despite his advanced age but is ultimately defeated by Kiryu and Tagashira is able to reach the secret. Inside the bunker, Tagashira pulls on a large lever, which opens a massive submerged gate beneath Onomichi Bay and causes the secret to rise up from the waters for everyone in the city to see: The secret of Onomichi is a gigantic World War II-era battleship, dubbed the Yamato Mark II.

After the secret is exposed, Chairman Iwami makes his presence known, having come to the compound with Hirose. Chairman Iwami explains what the secret entails: Towards the end of World War II, national hero Admiral Minoru Daidoji refused to surrender to the encroaching American army, so he embezzled massive amounts of military funds to finance the construction of the world's most powerful battleship in a desperate bid to turn the tide of the war. To build the ship, he used a nascent Iwami Shipbuilding and the cheap labour provided by Chinese workers illegally smuggled into the country by the Saio Triad. Despite Daidoji's efforts, the war ended with Japan's defeat just as the battleship was being finished. Since the battleship ended up being a massive waste of illegally misappropriated funds, Daidoji ordered Iwami to destroy it. Instead, Iwami kept it hidden and used it as blackmail material to force Daidoji to give his company privileged military contracts and, when Daidoji later became one of the country's most prominent politicians, extensive political favours as well. It was through this blackmail that Iwami built his vast fortune. However, it's also forced him to spend his entire life guarding the secret of the battleship, since its revelation would mean the end of his power over Japanese politics.

Incensed over the secret's public exposure, Iwami orders Hirose to murder Kiryu, Nagumo, Matsunaga and Tagashira. Unwilling to kill the children he'd raised as his own, Hirose refuses and, in anger, Iwami fatally shoots him before fleeing. Nagumo, Matsunaga and Tagashira mourn their patriarch as he dies in their arms. With his final breaths, Hirose confesses that the reason he adopted all three of them was because he was the one who killed their parents after they learned the truth about the secret in the 1970's. Hirose begs his boys for forgiveness before finally passing away.

Later on, at his office back in Yomei headquarters, Chairman Iwami tries to get in contact with his political allies to strategize about how to deal with the exposure of the battleship. However, he is interrupted by his son, who mocks him for trying to salvage political ties that no longer have any need for him. When the Chairman questions his son as to why he's betrayed him after all he did for him, Tsuneo berates his father for refusing to let him inherit the Yomei Alliance as well as Iwami Shipbuilding. Tsuneo summons Koshimizu and orders him to execute his father; which the Yomei Captain remorsefully complies with.

Ch. 13 - The Unforgiven[]

Main article: Yakuza 6/Chapter 13: The Unforgiven

At Tokyo's police hospital, Haruka finally awakens from her coma.

Elsewhere, Tsuneo Iwami meets with a bedridden Minoru Daidoji. Tsuneo informs the dying military officer about his father's death and tells him that he's already worked out a plan with his subordinates to pin the responsibility for the battleship entirely on his dead father. In exchange, he requests that Daidoji and his allies provide him with the same benefits they'd provided his father. Daidoji agrees, but on the condition that Tsuneo kill Kazuma Kiryu for exposing the secret.

In Hiroshima, the Hirose Family, Kiyomi and Kiryu hold a small funeral for Patriarch Hirose, when Kiryu gets a call from Yuta and learns Haruka has awakened. After the ceremony, Kiryu is approached by Someya, who warns him that Tsuneo and Sugai intend to assassinate him. Someya requests Kiryu's help in disposing of both men and installing himself as the new Tojo Chairman, but Kiryu refuses to partner with him.

Kiryu travels to Tokyo with the Hirose Family men and has them wait at Serena. He goes to the hospital and has a tearful reunion with Haruka. Father and daughter spend some time together catching up before Kiryu tells her that he and Yuta must go deal with their enemies in order to guarantee their safety. While leaving, Kiryu is approached by Akiyama, who also offers his assistance in dealing with Iwami and his thugs.

Kiryu, Akiyama, Nagumo, Yuta, Matsunaga, and Tagashira go to the Millenium Tower to confront Sugai in his office at the building's summit. Along the way, they encounter resistance form the acting chairman's cronies and the group ends up getting separated, with only Kiryu reaching the top floor. Inside Sugai's office, Kiryu is surprised to find only Someya, with Sugai, Tsuneo and Koshimizu being elsewhere and watching through a live-feed. On Sugai's orders, Someya attacks Kiryu and both men fight each other once again. Ultimately, Kiryu ends up winning. Only after Someya is too beaten to continue fighting does Sugai reveal why Someya is suddenly working for him again: He and Tsuneo have taken Kiyomi hostage and threatened to kill her if Someya did not comply. Tsuneo offers to spare Kiyomi if Kiryu kills Someya before he counts to three. When Kiryu cannot bring himself to do so, Someya commits seppuku with his own sword to appease Tsuneo. Despite this, Tsuneo orders Koshimizu to kill Kiyomi anyway, before he and Sugai leave and shut off the feed. With his dying words, Someya begs Kiryu and Nagumo (who'd arrived just as Someya cut into himself) to take care of his and Kiyomi's daughter.

The group gathers again in New Serena, where they decide to go into hiding for the time being and re-group later on to deal with their foes. After everyone else has left, Kiryu and Nagumo plot to attack and kill Tsuneo and Sugai at the funeral that the Yomei Alliance will be holding for Chairman Iwami the following night.

During the funeral, just as Tsuneo is about to proclaim himself the second chairman of the Yomei Alliance, Kiryu and Nagumo attack the proceedings. Tsuneo orders Captain Koshimizu and his men to kill the interlopers, but the Captain is unable to stop them. After Koshimizu is beaten, Tsuneo and Sugai reveal that they'd found Haruka and Haruto were in the police hospital and have taken them hostage through their connections in the force. Tsuneo tells Kiryu and Nagumo to allow themselves to be killed in exchange for Haruka and her baby being spared.

However, while Tsuneo is beating Kiryu; Yuta, Matsunaga and Tagashira arrive and rescue Haruka. The remaining Hirose men had learned that the funeral was taking place and correctly determined that Kiryu and Nagumo would raid it. Now with nothing holding him back, Kiryu attacks and brutally beats both Sugai and Tsuneo, easily defeating them. While Tsuneo begs for mercy, Sugai reaches for a discarded gun and tries to shoot Haruka, but both Kiryu and Yuta dive in front of the shooter, with Kiryu taking the bullet for Haruka and her new family. When Sugai realizes that he only has one bullet left and the Hirose Family will beat him to death for what he's done, he instead chooses to shoot himself.

A wounded Kiryu lies in Yuta's arms and tells him to take care of his new family, before thanking Haruka and asking her to make Yuta and Haruto happy like she did for him. Then, he collapses.


Main article: Yakuza 6/Epilogue

One month later, Nagumo meets with Kiyomi and Someya's tween daughter, Hiromi, at her mother's bar in Onomichi. Nagumo tells her that father loved her deeply and asks her if she remembers her mother, since she'd left when she was very young. Hiromi says that she only knows her from pictures and the stories her father used to tell her. Then, Kiyomi enters the bar and greets her daughter. As it turns out, Captain Koshimizu had been moved by Someya's sacrifice, so he decided to only pretend to kill Kiyomi and then hid her away so that Tsuneo and Sugai didn't find out she'd been spared. Kiyomi thanks Nagumo and he acknowledges that, even though she'll never love him like he loves her, he still wants to be around to help her. Outside the bar, Matsunaga and Tagashira bid Haruka and Yuta goodbye, as they'll be moving together to Haruka's orphanage in Okinawa. The couple promise to visit as often as they can.

In Tokyo, Daigo Dojima is released from prison and he is met by Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima, who'd been released a few weeks prior. Daigo's advisors tell him that the Tojo Clan is on the brink of war with the Yomei Alliance due to their role in Kiryu's death, and he needs to decide whether to move forward with an invasion of Hiroshima. Even though Sugai is dead and Tsuneo has been arrested for his father's murder, Majima and Saejima advise Dojima to move forward with the attack. They claim that the Yomei are in a vulnerable position due to the chaos of the past month, and their new chairman, Koshimizu, is still settling into his new role. However, Daigo decides against going to war. Before his final battle, Kiryu had written a letter to Daigo, who shows Majima and Saejima that Kiryu had requested that he not seek revenge in the event of his death.

At New Serena, Akiyama visits Date to tell him that he will be re-opening Sky Finance now that the Saio are gone. He also asks him if Kiryu is truly dead, since Date was the only person who supposedly saw his body. Date tells Akiyama that Kiryu is really gone, but Akiyama does not believe him and hopes that Date will someday tell him the truth.

In a flashback, Kiryu is seen awakening in a hospital bed the day after he was shot. Beside him is an unnamed politician who identifies himself as Minoru Daidoji's successor. He informs Kiryu that Daidoji has died, so he and his allies will not pursue Kiryu or his loved ones anymore, as long as he tells nobody about Daidoji's role in the secret of Onomichi. Kiryu says he has two conditions: First, all charges against Dojima, Majima and Saejima must be dropped. Second, the politician must use his connections to help Kiryu fake his death. Kiryu is tired of having his legacy constantly drag his loved ones into peril, and wants to bury his old life so that Haruka and everyone else he cared about will be left alone. At this point, Date enters the room, having heard everything from the outside. Kiryu's friend tries to dissuade him from this, but he cannot be persuaded. The politician agrees to his terms and departs.

In Okinawa, Haruka and Yuta have moved into Morning Glory Orphanage, where they live with her foster siblings and raise Haruto together. In the story's closing moments, everyone is teaching Haruto to walk by himself while Kiryu watches from a distance. Haruto sees him and tries to reach towards him. Before Haruka or anyone else can see him, Kiryu walks away to parts unknown.


Port Differences[]

There are slight differences between the original PS4 version and the PC/Xbox One ports. While the graphical options accessible on PC are enhanced ala The Yakuza Remastered Collection, pre-rendered cutscenes are locked to 1080p and 30 FPS.

  • The memories of previous games are revised, with Yakuza 2 using Yakuza Kiwami 2 screenshots and Yakuza 4 using the Remastered render of Masayoshi Tanimura.
  • The physics of the Dragon Engine are slightly altered, with most downed enemies and bosses freezing in place, or rarely spinning uncontrollably.
  • Trouble missions involving Haruto as well as several minigames have revised controller inputs to account for the lack of a touchpad.


Complete 5 different Trouble Missions Complete 5 different Trouble Missions
Complete 10 different Trouble Missions Complete 10 different Trouble Missions
Complete all different Trouble Missions Complete all different Trouble Missions
Complete Akaushimaru Eat everything on the menu at Akaushimaru
Complete Bantam Eat everything on the menu at Bantam
Complete Café Alps Eat everything on the menu at Café Alps
Complete Gindaco Highball Tavern Eat everything on the menu at Gindaco Highball Tavern
Complete Fuji Soba Eat everything on the menu at Fuji Soba
Complete Ikinari Steak Eat everything on the menu at Ikinari Steak
Complete Jumangoku Chinese Soba Eat everything on the menu at Jumangoku Chinese Soba
Complete Kanrai Eat everything on the menu at Kanrai
Complete Kyushu No. 1 Star Eat everything on the menu at Kyushu No. 1 Star
Complete La Pente Eat everything on the menu at La Pente
Complete M Side Cafe Eat everything on the menu at M Side Cafe
Complete Osaka King Eat everything on the menu at Osaka King
Complete Oyster Shack Eat everything on the menu at Oyster Shack
Complete Quadra King Eat everything on the menu at Quadra King
Complete Ringer Hut Eat everything on the menu at Ringer Hut
Complete Smile Burger Eat everything on the menu at Smile Burger
Complete Sushi Gin Eat everything on the menu at Sushi Gin
Complete Sushi Zanmai Eat everything on the menu at Sushi Zanmai
Complete Wild Jackson Eat everything on the menu at Wild Jackson
Complete Wette Kitchen Eat everything on the menu at Wette Kitchen
Complete Yonetoku Eat everything on the menu at Yonetoku
Complete Yoronotaki Eat everything on the menu at Yoronotaki
Dine at eateries 5 times Dine at eateries 5 times
Dine at eateries 10 times Dine at eateries 10 times
Dine at eateries 20 times Dine at eateries 20 times
Dine at eateries 30 times Dine at eateries 30 times
Discover 3 types of menu combinations Discover 3 types of menu combinations at eateries
Discover 10 types of menu combinations Discover 10 types of menu combinations at eateries
Discover all types of menu combinations Discover all types of menu combinations at eateries
Drink 5 types of vending machine drinks Drink 5 types of vending machine drinks
Drink 10 types of vending machine drinks Drink 10 types of vending machine drinks
Drink all Mystery Drinks from the vending machine Drink all Mystery Drinks from the vending machine
Drink all types of vending machine drinks Drink all types of vending machine drinks
Drink from vending machine 10 times Drink a total of 10 drinks from the vending machine
Drink from vending machine 30 times Drink a total of 30 drinks from the vending machine
Drink from vending machine 50 times Drink a total of 50 drinks from the vending machine
Earn a total of ¥200,000 Earn a total of ¥200,000
Earn a total of ¥500,000 Earn a total of ¥500,000
Earn a total of ¥1,000,000 Earn a total of ¥1,000,000
Earn a total of ¥3,000,000 Earn a total of ¥3,000,000
Earn a total of ¥5,000,000 Earn a total of ¥5,000,000
Earn a total of 1,000 EXP Earn a total of 1,000 EXP
Earn a total of 10,000 EXP Earn a total of 10,000 EXP
Earn a total of 100,000 EXP Earn a total of 100,000 EXP
Eat 5 food items Eat 5 food items
Eat 15 food items Eat 15 food items
Eat 30 food items Eat 30 food items
Give an offering to the Jizo statues 5 times Give an offering to the Jizo statues 5 times.
Give an offering to the Jizo statues 10 times Give an offering to the Jizo statues 10 times.
Open 3 safes using keys Open 3 safes using keys
Open 10 safes using keys Open 10 safes using keys
Pull 5 fortunes Pull a total of 5 fortunes
Pull 10 fortunes Pull a total of 10 fortunes
Pull 30 fortunes Pull a total of 30 fortunes
Take 10 photos Take 10 photos with your smartphone camera
Take 30 photos Take 30 photos with your smartphone camera
Take 50 photos Take 50 photos with your smartphone camera
Talk to people 10 times Talk to people in the city 10 times
Talk to people 30 times Talk to people in the city 30 times
Talk to people 50 times Talk to people in the city 50 times
Travel 2 km by dashing Travel 2 km by dashing
Travel 5 km by dashing Travel 5 km by dashing
Travel 10 km by dashing Travel 10 km by dashing
Travel 20 km on foot Travel 20 km on foot
Travel 50 km on foot Travel 50 km on foot
Travel 100 km on foot Travel 100 km on foot
Travel by taxi 5 times Travel by taxi 5 times
Travel by taxi 10 times Travel by taxi 10 times
Travel by taxi 20 times Travel by taxi 20 times
Use 5 medicine items Use 5 medicine items
Use 15 medicine items Use 15 medicine items
Use 30 medicine items Use 30 medicine items
Use a total of ¥1,000 at the offering box Use a total of ¥1,000 at the offering box
Use a total of ¥5,000 at the offering box Use a total of ¥5,000 at the offering box
Use a total of ¥10,000 at the offering box Use a total of ¥10,000 at the offering box

Acquire 10 different gear items Acquire 10 different gear items
Acquire 20 different gear items Acquire 20 different gear items
Acquire 30 different gear items Acquire 30 different gear items
Defeat 5 people in Extreme Heat Mode. Defeat 5 people in Extreme Heat Mode.
Defeat 10 enemies using a weapon Defeat 10 enemies using a weapon
Destroy 10 objects during battle Destroy 10 objects during battle.
Defeat 20 people in Extreme Heat Mode. Defeat 20 people in Extreme Heat Mode.
Defeat 30 enemies using a weapon Defeat 30 enemies using a weapon
Defeat Sega 1 Time Defeat an enemy with the rare last name "Sega" 1 time
Defeat Sega 5 Times Defeat an enemy with the rare last name "Sega" 5 times
Destroy 30 objects during battle Destroy 30 objects during battle.
Defeat 50 enemies on the street. Defeat 50 enemies on the street.
Defeat 50 enemies using a weapon Defeat 50 enemies using a weapon
Destroy 50 objects during battle Destroy 50 objects during battle.
Defeat 50 people in Extreme Heat Mode. Defeat 50 people in Extreme Heat Mode.
Defeat 100 enemies on the street. Defeat 100 enemies on the street.
Defeat 150 enemies on the street. Defeat 150 enemies on the street.
Defeat 200 enemies on the street. Defeat 200 enemies on the street.
Use Heat Actions 10 times Use Heat Actions 10 times
Use Heat Actions 30 times Use Heat Actions 30 times
Use Heat Actions 50 times Use Heat Actions 50 times

Haruka's Biggest Fan Complete Haruka’s Biggest Fan
Hey, It's Me! Complete Hey, It’s Me!
The Kabedon Prince Complete The Kabedon Prince

Become friends with Akiyoshi-san Become friends with Akiyoshi-san at the New Gaudi bar
Become friends with Ando-san Become friends with Ando-san at the New Gaudi bar
Become friends with Gen-san Become friends with Gen-san at the New Gaudi bar
Become friends with Hatakeyama-san Become friends with Hatakeyama-san at the New Gaudi bar
Become friends with Kaneko-san Become friends with Kaneko-san at the New Gaudi bar
Become friends with Mama Become friends with Mama at the New Gaudi bar
Complete 5 baseball missions Complete 5 baseball missions
Complete 10 baseball missions Complete 10 baseball missions
Complete all baseball missions Complete all baseball missions
Complete all Beginner Challenge Courses Complete all Beginner Challenge Courses at the batting center
Complete all Intermediate Challenge Courses Complete all Intermediate Challenge Courses at the batting center
Complete all Advanced Challenge Courses Complete all Advanced Challenge Courses at the batting center
Complete Erina's profile information Complete fill out Erina's profile information
Complete Hikaru's profile information Complete fill out Hikaru's profile information
Complete Riona's profile information Complete fill out Riona's profile information
Complete Saki's profile information Complete fill out Saki's profile information
Complete Sora's profile information Complete fill out Sora's profile information
Earn 100 hits on a player in baseball Earn 100 hits on a single player in baseball
Earn double-digit hoe runs on a player in baseball Earn double-digit home runs on a single player in baseball
Earn double-digit wins on a pitcher in baseball Earn double-digit wins on a single pitcher in baseball
Entertain yourself 5 times Entertain yourself at an entertainment venue 5 times.
Entertain yourself 10 times Entertain yourself at an entertainment venue 10 times.
Entertain yourself 20 times Entertain yourself at an entertainment venue 20 times.
Entertain yourself 30 times Entertain yourself at an entertainment venue 30 times.
Gather 3 baseball team members Gather 3 baseball team members
Gather all baseball team members Gather all baseball team members
Get a score of over 90 at karaoke Get a score of over 90 at karaoke
Obtain a high rank in 3 bar conversations Rank "Good Listener" or higher in 3 bar conversations
Obtain a high rank in all bar conversations Rank "Good Listener" or higher in all bar conversations
Rank high at the Cabaret Club 5 times Rank Very Good or higher 5 times at the Cabaret Club
Rank high at the Cabaret Club 15 times Rank Very Good or higher 15 times at the Cabaret Club
Raise Erina's Rank to Diamond Raise Erina's Hostess Rank to Diamond at the cabaret club
Raise Hikaru's Rank to Diamond Raise Hikaru's Hostess Rank to Diamond at the cabaret club
Raise Riona's Rank to Diamond Raise Riona's Hostess Rank to Diamond at the cabaret club
Raise Saki's Rank to Diamond Raise Saki's Hostess Rank to Diamond at the cabaret club
Raise Sora's Rank to Diamond Raise Sora's Hostess Rank to Diamond at the cabaret club
Visit New Gaudi 5 times Visit the New Gaudi bar a total of 5 times
Visit New Gaudi 20 times Visit the New Gaudi bar a total of 20 times
Win a total of 10 victories with the Warriors Win a total of 10 victories with the Warriors
Win a total of 20 victories with the Warriors Win a total of 20 victories with the Warriors


  • Yakuza 6 is the first new story title since Yakuza 3 to only feature one player character. It is also the last game chronologically to feature Kazuma Kiryu as the main protagonist.
    • In every other game to have Kiryu as the only playable character, the final chapter in the Japanese version would have its chapter number written rather than "Finale". In Yakuza 6, the Japanese text in the final chapter has "Finale" written in it.
  • Yakuza 6 is the first title to have add-on purchases.
  • Yakuza 6 is the only game to have two credit rolls.
  • Yakuza 6 reuses several previous bosses' movesets for minibosses:
  • Yakuza 6 is the only mainline title to not feature any version of the series' main theme, Receive You. However, the original version from Yakuza is present in the game files as "other background music" along with looped themes from other Yakuza games.
    • However, the acoustic guitar riff from Recieve You can be heard in the final boss theme, The Way of Life.







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